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  1. car has been doing this a over a week now,replaced battery same problem. anyone got anymore ideas
  2. going too work this morning started car no problem, 5 sec later car just stalled without me doing anything then wouldnt start again and started to flattern the battery jump started and went to work, 10 hours later finished work got back too the car and exactly the same thing happened again
  3. sort now folks, cheers for the advice was a big help took the rear motor out was quite wet,sprayed it with wd40 and left it on a window ledge above a radiator for the night,put it back on today and works perfect
  4. driving it today and noticed the rear wiper on so switched it off 5 minutes later come back on permanantly and now i cant switch it off could this have something to do with my electric wing mirror being smashed off a couple of days ago,(electrical short of somekind)
  5. car seems to make this noise every 20 seconds,does not matter if i am stationery or moving so dont think its the clutch fly wheel cause it does it when the clutch is not used, i know this is a common problem with them, is there any other common problems with this model i.e water pump, cam pulleys etc car only done 68k and only had a cambelt fitted 8k ago
  6. does this have a rear washer tank and were is it thanks
  7. left my car for 10hrs as i was in work,returned too find it had rolled back about 50ft with the hand brake on and hit another car, how can i adjust this cheers
  8. got 10 litres off this in my garage was wondering if i could use it on my 2001 2.0 d4d castrol gtx diesel 10w-40 b3 sae 10w-40;api cf vw 505 00;mb approval 229.1 thanks
  9. dont do one for d4d model
  10. anyone got any tips to speed things up for me thanks
  11. were and what do i look for too see if my car has an oil cooler fitted thanks chris
  12. has anyone got the above for sale
  13. my rav 4 has been out of action for a while now because if fails to start ,the car has power as i have replaced battery but it wont even try to turn over,when you turn the key all the lights on the dash go of and nothing happens other than the hazards flash and a bleeping noise when putting the key in please help as this has been sitting on my drive fot 9 mths now
  14. no it does not turn over,it does have a immobiliser+alarm controled by a key on the main alarm box and it will start with jump leads thanks for reply
  15. hi anyone out there had a problem when replacing a battery on their rav 4 i replaced mine and now the !Removed! thing wont start
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