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  1. You can buy LED bayonet type parking lights from a number of suppliers but are they strictly legal? Shouldn't they have an 'E' or an 'e' mark or something? I did a bit of research and it seems MOT testers can fail some on their colour or their brightness. Both are subjective to the examiner. Do we have any Police officers here who know if there are any 'construction and use' regulations, or MOT testers who know about VOSA rules or any E regulations for lights? After all they have been around for years now.
  2. PopDorset

    Leaky Boot!

    For us and ours, it was the high level brake light, which was replaced under warranty. The new ones don't bow outwards as much. Water was dripping in and running to the left when the car is parked in the gutter, soaking the carpets on the left under the lights...I immediately thought it was the lights which were to blame, but no. The funny thing was that I only discovered this on a frosty morning when the carpets were completely rigid and had to be lifted out like a solid sheet of hardboard!!!!
  3. Matthew, After a lot of umming and ahhrring we went for Thule, yes, but a different model. This one... http://www2.thule.com/Thule/ProductPage____44303.aspx It folds up when not in use. It hasn't had what I would describe as extensive use yet, but I took my son's bike on a couple of 2hr trips down to Uni in Devon from Dorset, and there was no windage noise, no movement, no wear of parts and complete visibility of the lights, so no silly lighting bar. We used to have an ali one made by Fiamma for a Sharan, and by comparison, this steel one is heavier, but it still hangs nicely in the garage
  4. Have a look at the attached photos on the installation of the Ring drls on the Verso. I was disinclined to take apart the front of the car again, but if required, I could do this and post some more detailed photos. There is some text annotation on some of the images, and some interesting observations. Pop
  5. Check the boot...my high level stop light was leaking around the seal. With the car parked, small amounts of water tend to run towards the left and down towards the lights leading me to think it was those. The high level stop light is a poor design. It's fastened with a couple of screws at each end but nothing holds the plastic moulding down to the metal of the car in the central area, hence the leaks. This morning, the boot carpet was wet but with low overnight temperatures the whole lot had frozen. I'm putting some additional sealant around the high level brakelight gasket before reasse
  6. I ought to add that the switching for the Ring Aurora drls is done electronically and the control unit is sensitive to the supply feed voltage. In the instructions it states to take the feed off the battery, (via a fuse) if you do this, it causes the unit to switch off the drls when the revs rise to about 2000rpm. I phoned the company, and they said to take the feed from a switched source instead. I used a connection inside the fuse box. There are no longer any problems.
  7. Does anyone know how to mask the headlights for continental driving? There aren't any lens mouldings like other cars. I have noticed a little dimple in the very centre...is this something?
  8. I found this company selling black rubbery looking bumper protectors... http://www.rearguards.co.uk ...they advertised in the Avanced Motoring magazine but they don't yet do a bumper protector for the Verso. When I phoned they said they have had a number of enquiries for this car, are considering starting production and would email me when they are available. Perhaps you guys can all get in touch and do the same!!! People power???!!!! PopDorset.
  9. We just bought a secondhand Verso. (55 reg D-4D T3) and in the middle between the two front seats is a kind of bin. When you peer into it there's the heads of two shiny hex bolts at the bottom, but nothing covering them.. Is there supposed to be something in this bin, like a liner or something, or are the two bolt heads supposed to have some kind of plastic cover to them? It looks kind of unfinished... Thanks. PopDorset
  10. roadsterstu, I bought some Ring Aurora drls, and I have fitted them successfully (and painlessly) to the Verso. I have the rectangular ones with a row of 5 leds. They fitted after a bit of shoe horning, into the black, rectangular, plastic moulding next to where the foglights are installed on the Verso. I have a diesel, so the port side one is cut out anyway, and the starboard one I simply cut out with a Dremel. I was worried about how they would look and decided that this may be the most aesthetically pleasing position, but retaining full functionality, and in a completely legal position
  11. Jan, I should have bought those Cibie ones when I had the chance...the site doesn't exist any more. Hella has just brought out a line of LEDs called "LEDayLine" daytime running light. Quote from LEDGB.com "LEDayLine has a similar design to the standard light Hella uses for original equipment, and thus it fulfils maximum professional demands. The bright white light of the high-power LEDs ensures a highly recognizable vehicle in daylight and gives it a striking front-end design that can also be retained at night. The LEDayLine is also available in a 24 V version. According to EU Commission pla
  12. Good pictures, Jan. And Steve, I popped down yesterday but Peugeot said that it could be any one of three types, all of which would suit a diesel: 6106 SP £105.55 6106 SJ £104.00 6103 CJ £105.00 A Google search brings up nothing. The Peugeot dealer can't get one on approval, I'd "have to buy one and see"...very helpful... These wouldn't be just different colours do you think?
  13. What about fitting to an Aygo D4D ...is there special one for this car?
  14. PopDorset


    The reason I have just bought an Aygo diesel is for the economy, but I also wanted to put my money where my mouth is, for the environment. It does nearly twice as many mpg than my old P reg Nissan Micra!!!!!! However, I could be doing more for the environment by switching fuel... My options are: *Try a mix of biofuel and traditional diesel *Try to make a batch of BioDiesel myself from old cooking oil and take a deep breath as you put it in the tank. *Ask first to see if any other reckless but like-minded earth person has done it before!!!! ...erm...I decided on the last one...
  15. I've only had the car one day!... Part of the fun of a new car is getting used to driving it. But how have you found the handling habits of the Aygo? If you push it does the steering remain neutral? Does it understeer? (I had one car which used to suddenly go from understeer to oversteer as you increased the speed round corners). The reviews say the car rolls slightly...have you had this?
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