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  1. I got my Whiteline rear antiroll bar from Fensport You could also try Co-ordSport - give them a phone - really good people to deal with Just found fensport alot of stuff on it Cheers for that Can ya get a lower strut for the corolla e11.
  2. I got my Whiteline rear antiroll bar from Fensport You could also try Co-ordSport - give them a phone - really good people to deal with Just found fensport alot of stuff on it Cheers for that
  3. doughal

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  4. Hi Just wondering where ya got the whiteline anti-roll bars from i'm looking to upgrade me suspension too, if ya know any good websites also be great. Cheers
  5. Hello I own a 2001 facelift SR, have to say they are a good car I'm normally a VW man and still am, The SR corolla is well kitted out as standard, Mine was a Northern Ireland import, Has the 6 speed box. 6 cd chager standard, A/C, Sunroof, the lot. They do handle very well on the road without doing anymore to it but i do want to upgrade the suspension as some boys here have done. I'm told the vvti engine is a good engine even tough there's no timming belt they have a hydraulic tensioner which very rarely go and you will hear a clinking sound or a rattle some i was told, They do use a bit of oil mine did until i upgraded the oil. I service it at least every 5k miles wouldn't let it past that, Haynes manual recommends that also. Have had no bother with mine upgraded the struts to bilistein made a big difference, and they are a nippy wee car!
  6. Hi ya doin I was lookin for a key too for me car went into the dealer said it would round €220 i think. My car is from NI. Would say if you rang a dealer in the north, Charles Hurst Toyota in belfast you'd prob get a key alot cheaper, Especially with the exchange rate the way it is. be chaeper than in the south flippin rip off for everything here, VRT dont get me started!!!! :D , most likely cost around €100-150 mark i'd say. Best o luck!!
  7. Hi folks I have pressed one of the buttons in too far and its jamed and need to get in behind it to free it. Have an 01 e11 facelift corolla that is that all the radio/cd control is built into the dash Was also thinking of putting in a better head unit to replace standard radio. Can i remove it easily enough without breaking something Thanks for any help
  8. Hello folks :D I have an 01 e11 facelift 1.6sr. Have only one key tat operates alarm an central locking. Have bought a blank key fob that will house the 2 button chip. If i got this chip on ebay from another cars keyfob would i be able to reprogramme that chip to my car so that to operate alarm and central locking????? I think i would have to change immobiliser chip for car to start. Thanks for any help
  9. Thanks for all feedback have a Weitec Kit ordered 35mm shocks an all will see how we get on
  10. Thanks for feedback, Wat do u mean by alloy offset of 40 how do i know if alloys are set at 40?? Cheers
  11. Cheers for the feedback folks will have to thread tis one carfully, 30-35 will do the trick did ye up-rate the shocks, i wouldn't change the springs without doing so. Maybe the firmness might minimise rubbing. Cheers all Anyother feedback welcome
  12. I'm sure theres no limit to wat can b done, wat branch manifold do u have
  13. Hello If your looking for power, should port and polish the inlet and exhaust manifold but be carfull should be done by someone wit experience you could destroy it altogether. Also going to have more emissions so brain may have to be remapped.
  14. Hello folks I'm new on tis, looking for some advice have 2001 corollaE11 SR and want to lower it cause its like being ina bounching castle. I also want to put 17" rims on 205/40/17. Has anybody had problems wit rubbing when lowered 40mm? Another Question: Where could i get lowering kit including struts and springs? Cheers for any help!
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