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  1. daveh_rav4

    Interior fuse box location

    Pleased to hear that you have it sorted... as I stated, not the sort of thing you want to have to search for. I have come across this before... it must be a generational thing because we rarely had this problem years ago! It's a mindset... "I designed the 'thing', I know where it is/how it works, why should I explain it to people who don't know!" Perhaps designers with this mindset are hoping for an addional fee for explaining what should be a given? LOL
  2. daveh_rav4

    Interior fuse box location

    So, the fuse that controls the lights has blown... It's the middle of the night on a cold and rainy pitch black country road. Any vehicle manufactuer would have that fuse box in an easily accessable place with a large label on the cover stating 'Vehicle FUSES'... just so any driver not familiar with the vehicle could find it in double quick time. It's Health & Safety... you can't be stuck out in the middle of the night playing... 'guess where the fuse box is?' when you have no rear lights! Perhaps I could get a job with Toyota @ $50,000 a year suggesting the obvious!
  3. daveh_rav4

    Road noise, rear of cabin

    Thanks Scott... 🙂 my last comment was a bit of a sarcastic swipe at Toyota; but probably all manufactuers are keen to reduce the service life of there vehicles by making the sparesexpensive or non exsistant! How else will they sell new vehicles if everyone keeps them going as long as I do! Thankfully, I am not blessed with wanting the latest shiny new toy every five years... 🙂
  4. daveh_rav4

    Road noise, rear of cabin

    Yup, those two stop rubbers have a habit of dropping off (as stated earlier, good idea to glue them in) Where to get them? Well, when I ran a Ford... my first port of call for spares was my local main dealer; I would suggest you obtain them from there or possibly our very own 'Parts King', you will get yout Toyota Forum discount then 🙂 It is strange... but I notice quite a few people on here requesting where to obtain spares for Toyota... makes me wonder if there is a spares supply problem? DaveH
  5. daveh_rav4

    Road noise, rear of cabin

    LOL... I must have got so used to the in-cabin 'drone' I just don't notice it... mind, mine is a SWB ,so perhaps not as pronounced as a five door. Wow... that must have been some sound-proofing kit for that amount of dosh ! I did throw some extra lagging and felt into an old Ford I ran some years ago; but that was a lot cheaper; worked quite well t5hough and worth the effort. Yeah, Wynford... get some heavy blankets and experiment and see if you get any improvement. I don't have a luggage cover in my SWB 4.1... so don't know about that, but if it's missing than you probably need it! !
  6. daveh_rav4

    Road noise, rear of cabin

    Hi, welcome to the forum. Well, depends on what kind of a nose it is... a rattle, knocking or drone/grinding? A few things to check, make sure that the rear door stop rubbers are present that fix to the body.... these stop the door rattling; they have a habit of falling off (best to use a bit of glue to hold them in). Adjust rear door striker plate adjustment to make sure the door is closed tight against them stop rubbers. Also rear diff support bushes can wear... this is normally a clonk though when on/ff throttle. Diff bearings? Obviously check exhaust for blows or broken support rubbers/knocking. Also check for noisy wheel bearings (jack each wheel, spin and listen for any rumbles and or slack... or if worse when cornering can also be a clue. Could even be a brake shoe or brake pad hanging up (if yours is rear discs), even a stone trapped behind brake disc/backplate. Else get it up on a ramp and check for anything loose under ^ Good luck. See you at the next Toyota South coast meet 🙂
  7. daveh_rav4

    Drivers door window winder mechanism

    Without taking the door card off... you could try lubricating the window channels with silican spray. Any motor or mechanism will struggle if the window channels are hanging up. Worth trying first if you have not already done it.
  8. daveh_rav4

    Dimming lights

    Thanks Scott... my old school ways shows through again! A 65 plate in my day meant it was a 1965 reg... simple eh! Probably when the frigged around with the regisration dates it got screwed, d'oh!
  9. daveh_rav4

    Dimming lights

    65 reg ? is that a 1965 registered 2.0 ltr. diesel? Or is that some new fangled way of dating number plates? Rav4's were not around in 1965. If that is an old vehicle, it probably has a dynamo? Please confirm the vehicle/age that you are refering too? Sudden dimmimg of lights can be caused by several things... a bad connection, i.e. battery terminals, a cell going bad in the battery when extra load is applied, bad earth to the chassis somewhere; even a faulty light switch or wiring. I would check as many connection points, including fuse holders etc. Then have a load test done to the battery... you need a high current discharge test to see if the battry is holding up. Also have the dynamo/alternator checked for regulation and current output ; you may need an auto electrician to do these checks if you can't do this yourself or don't have the correct test equipment. A fan cutting in should not take enough current to sink the battery or charging system unless it is faulty (put an ammeter in series to check the current draw). I remember years ago I had a total lights failure on a car when driving at night down a very dark winding lane... I had to pull up with just a memory of the last site of the road I had; most disconcerting and a wonder I did not end up hitting a tree or a ditch LOL
  10. daveh_rav4

    Rav4 Freesport 1999 model

    Yup... it's a fantastic car, I've had mine for twelve years now; best car I have ever had... only ever put brake pads and discs and a couple of front brake hoses (nothing wrong with them but the MOT chap insisted he could see cracks in the rubber; I couldn't!), plus the usual oil and filters... bit thirsty with the fuel if you boot it though! 🙂
  11. daveh_rav4

    Rav4 Freesport 1999 model

    Are you sure they are not there still, mine sun-faded and you can barely see them now against the metallic silver finish. I think they are just water slides under the laquer coat... glad to see them go south to be honest; they look kinda naff anyhow. I am sure your Freesport will go just as fast without them... 🙂 Because of the age of the vehicle... Toyota does not have much specific to it. Some motor manufactuers sell off remaining spares to third party suppliers sometimes... so it might pay you to do a google for spares and see what pops up. It's generally not in the interest of vehicle manufactuers to support older vehicles... they want you to buy a new one 🙂 Just hope it's not an MOT requirement to have the logo showing!
  12. daveh_rav4

    Warning message

    Yup, watch out for the message... "Time to buy a new Toyota" The vehicle will then go into 'slow mode'! This happens when Toyota's profits have slipped by 5%
  13. daveh_rav4

    2008 DCAT problems not yet solved

    Sell it... move it on and get a vehicle without all this digital junk and sensors that are are driving you crazy!
  14. daveh_rav4

    Parking sensors don't like rain

    Blimey, how much extra did all you guys pay on top of the vehicle price for these finicky parking sensors? I have parking sensors and I have never had any problem with them in years of motoring; also, they come on automatically... I just have to keep my eyes open and use my brain for distance measurement and that's it! As I say... they have never failed me and I never paid any money to Toyota for them! You guy's need to upgrade to these... they are brilliant. 🙂
  15. daveh_rav4

    How to separate 2.0 Diesel engine & gearbox

    Probably what 'G' has suggested... however, if this is a manual g/box with a clutch assm., many years ago whist working as a mechanic I had an instance of a vehicle that had been stood for a few years unused and the g/box spiket shaft had rust-welded itself to the clutch center plate splines... we had the devils own game getting the g/box housing to seperate off the engine back plate. We had to use wedges, tyre levers and bars to force the spiket out of the clutch plate center splines (normally free sliding) totally distroying the clutch plate in the process. Just offering this as an alternative thought... but as I say, 'G's recomendations seem to be the favourite ^ Dave