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  1. What is the difference between snatch and judder? The best way I can describe the issue is, a sort of thud, thud, thud, jerky noise. This is most likle to occurr when pulling away on a steep hills, or slipping the clutch when using second gear at a slightly too low speed. There is a heavy squeky noise from the clutch pedal. I have noticed that the pedal itself almost sticks for a moment if pressed hard to the floor. Grease spray on the shaft under the pedal definatly make the snatch/judder better, but this is only a partial and temporary fix. Thanks Rickjhns
  2. Hi have an ongoing judder problem when releasing the clutch. This is especially bad when starting on a hill, or when releasing the clutch in second gear at low speeds. I had a new clutch fitted last year at a main dealer. I have been advised that under the warrenty if they find the judder is caused by clutch misuse I will be liable for all labour and parts costs. I have noticed that if I spray the piston underneath the clutch pedal with grease spray the clutch judder is greatly reduced. This makes me think the problem is caused by the clutch master cylinder. Any advise of this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hi, The clutch pedal in my 2004 petrol Avensis is squeky. This can be improved slightly by lubricating the mechanism from the pedal as it enters the bulkhead, however, the noise always returns. The clutch operation is also often rough and sometimes juddery especially when engaging at low revs. I had a new clutch fitted by Mr T a year ago, however, the judder is still there. Mr T always say they cannot detect a judder. I have been advised that the squeke is from the slave cyliner. I would like to know if this is attached to the bulkhead adjoining the clutch pedal. If so, is replacing this likely to improve rough clutch performance. Many thank.
  4. There are spares for this and contain cylinder slide pins and bushes and boots. Fitter The most likely problem will be the pins and bushes but you can test for movement with the wheel removed and a helper lightly applying the brake while you rock the disc. I am attaching a dia of the front brake and you can judge whether or not you are competant to do it. Fitter Thank you very much for the information and the attachment. Rickjhns
  5. Many thank for the reply. Which part/parts would I need to order improve (reduce) the noise from the pads? From what you say, I think it would be a job best dealt with by a Toyota dealer rather than an indpendant garage. Thanks Rick There are spares for this and contain cylinder slide pins and bushes and boots. Fitter
  6. Hi, I would like to know if there is such a thing as a brake caliper slider kit for a 2004 Avensis. The reason I ask is I have a (the very common rumble among Avensis owners) noise over rough ground due to movement of the front brake pads against the calipers. I have improved this my fitting brake pads with anti rattle shims (basically rubber backing plates), however the rumlbing sound still persists. My mechanic has suggested I need to fit a new caliper slider kit which might should the noise. Howwever, when I mentioned this to a Toyota mechanic he was not aware of this part.
  7. Hi, One year ago I had my clutch replaced my a main dealer. Ever since I have had intermittent clutch judder. This is most likely to happen when pulling away, especially up a hill, but also when chaning up to second gear if the revs are low. Sometimes it can be so bad the whole car shakes. There does not seem to be any way to stop it, slipping the clutch just makes it worse. I have taken the car back to the dealer everal times now and they keep on saying they cannot find anything wrong. Does anyone know of the likley cause/solution for this problem? Thanks Rick
  8. Hi, the fan in my heater (2004, 1.8VVTi) has stopped working, therefore I have no heating or ventilation. I have checked the fuse and this has not blown. Does anyone know if this is likely to need a new fan, or is there a common fault which can be repaired? If it needs replacing, does anyone have any idea of the price for supplying and fitting. Many thanks Rick
  9. Agree with Kenny1000, sounds like a faulty contact in the lighting switch. The problem has now been solved. It was the relay.
  10. Thanks for the replies. Where would I check the eaths for the rear light? I had to replace a rear bulb recently and I know the unit is very hard to access. As far as I am aware the sidescreen has not been replace. As an update, I have now notices that the lights seem to work fine if they are switched on slowly, clicking the lights to parking first, and then main beam. But they normally do not work if I quickly switch them on to main beam!
  11. Hello Rick, if you are ok with circuit diagrams click on this attachment as it might help you may be able to trace where the fault lies Regards Pete. Thank you for the replies. The reason I thought it may be a replay rather than a brake light wiring issue is that the loss of lights also affect the low (parking) beam on the front headlamps, and dashboard lighting. In addition, there is a clicking sound when the lights do not work which comes from around the fuse area where I think rekays are located. Any further opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Rick
  12. Hi, I am having internittent problems with the lights (rear lights, parking lights and also dashboard light) on my Avensis. I have also just blown a parking light. Sometime these lights work fine, but other times they do not. All other lights including the headlights and the brake light work all the time. I have checked the fuses and the bulbs and they are ok. I have noticed an audible clicking from behind the glove box when switching the lights on. I think this may be a relay. Does anyone know if this could be the cause. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Rick
  13. Hi, I have just had my clutch replaced by a Toyota delaer on a 2004 1.8 VVTi Petrol. Now I am getting occassional clutch judder/vibration when I pull away in first gear, or when engaging 2nd gear a low speeds. The only way to avoid this is not use the throttle at all when engaging the clutch. I have taken the car back two times to the dealer and they say they cannot find anyting wrong with the clutch. In addition, the car has twice made a thud noise ( and I think jumped out of gear) when reversing up a very steep hill. I am not sure if this is related. I am starting to think the issue could be something to do with other transmission components rather than the clutch. I would appreciate any advice on what could be causing this judder and vibration which sometimes shakes the car. Many thanks
  14. Hi, I have also experience the creaking pedal. The Toyota dealer stripped down the master cylinder to clean and lubricate the internals, however, this only stopped the noise for a few weeks. At the moment the creak is not there, however, it will probably return as soon as the weather gets colder. I think that ultimatley I will need to have the master cylinder replaced. Does anyone know the cost of the parts and labour for this?
  15. Hi, I have a niggly clutch related noise which I would like opinions on please. The noise is best described as a heavy squeak. It appears when the clutch pedal is pressed. It appeats to be coming from the clutch pedal area, however, I have sprayed all sorts of lubricant in this area without lessening the noise. The noise normally disappears if the outisde temperature goes over 15c. The noise is at its worst when the atmosphere is damp. I recently had the clutch replaced at a Toyota dealer as there was clutch judder (and according to the dealer the clutch was starting to slip. At the time the dealer stated the noise was most likely to be the slave cylinder. They were going to dismantle this and clean it internally (half an hour's labour). However, for some reason this was not done. I am now taking the car back for this work, however, I still have some doubt if this is the cause of the noise, and with the temperature rising the noise might not be there for the dealer to hear. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  16. Hi, The main (dipped) bulb unit of my head light appears to have misted up, resulting in a very dim light. The misting has spread slightly to the whole headlamp unit. I am aware of the misting issues on headlamp having read many of the threads on here. However, I still have some questions and would appreciate advice. I am just outside the extended warrenty period for this known fault as my car is just under 5 years old, however, it has just done over 100,000 miles. Has anyone succeeded in getting a free of charge replacement over 100,000 miles? Or does anyone have advice as to best achieve this? I have already contacted my dealer and they have said Toyota will not pay for a new unit after 100, 000 miles. It seems strange there has not been a general recall seeing as this is a safety issue. If I do not have any luck with Toyota replacing under warrenty what are my best options? I have read of people drying out the unit, however, it seems really hard to even get access to the bulb. Is there any worthwhile fix short of replacing the entire unit? One final point, I noticed the bulb was misting up a few days after collecting the car from the Toyota deler for some other work. The car had been washed by the Toyota dealer. I have read the misting can be caused as a result of jet washes. I am now wondering if the dealer actually caused the problem. I also think it strange this fault was not noticed when the dealer had the car as they undertook a safety check. Maybe prior to the wash it had not occurred yet? Thanks Rick
  17. Hi, I recently had my fromt brake discs and pads replaced by Mr Clutch. Soon after I began to hear a rattling noise when driving at low speed over rough roads. This was diagnosed by a Toyota garage as the non-Toyota brake pads moving slightly within the calipers. I was informed the solution was to fit sticky plastic linings (a type of shim available from Toyota at £10) to the back of the brake pads. I took the car back to Mr Clutch who lubricated the calipers, opened up the spring loaded shims and reapplied copper grease to the back of the pads. The noise disappeared, however, I think it is reappearing. Has anyone had similar experience with non genuine brake pads?
  18. Hi, I had the work done at Mr Clutch and I was pleased with their service. However, I have gradually become aware of a rumle noise at low speeds over rough ground. The Toyota garage advised this is rattle from the brake pads. I believe this is the case as the noise stops when the brakes are applied. So, whilse I thought I had got a good deal with Mr Cluthc it now seems I have noisy brakes. The Toyota garage advise that the non standard brake pads are a slightly different size and require shims to stop the rattle noise. Has anyone had a similar experience with non genuine brake pads?
  19. Hi everyone. Toyota agreed to replace my short engine. The work took 3 days, I was given a courtey car. I took the car in just short of 100,000 miles. After 500 miles the oil was check, and I was told no oil had been used. After another 500 mile, I was told the oil use was suffient for Toyota to change the engine!
  20. I also am hearing a noise from the rear of my 2004 Tourer. I can best describe the noise as a rumble. The noise is present at 10-20mph, especially on rough tarmac. However, the noise does not respond to actual bumps, for example, speed bumps. Does anyone have any suggestions of the cause?
  21. Hi, Has anyone had any DIY experience of regassing the A/C system? I have seen DIY kits in Halfords that are about £10-£15. I have also seen antibacterial kits to clean the A/C system. These are priced at a fraction of the price charged by most garages.
  22. Hi, I would like to know if any service maintenance work is required on the variable vale mechanism of a 1.8vvi petrol engine (2004). The top end of the engine makes what I consider to be a lot of mechanical noise. I have read in the log book that an audible test should be carried out at every 65,000 miles. Thanks
  23. Hi, I have a 2004 1.8vvi Tourer. Lately I can hear a noise from the rear (I think) of the car when driving slowly over rough roads. The car does not make the noise when going over speed bumps etc, instead it is caused by rough tarmac. I can best describe the noise as a regular rumble (rather than a knock or clunk). It sounds like it could be a loose exhaust, however, this has been checked and seems fine. Any suggestions or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  24. Does anyone have any experience of having work done at Mr Clutch? Does anyone know the make of brake parts they use?
  25. Hi, I have just been told I need new front brake discs and pads for my 2004 1.8vvti petrol Avensis. Nationwide Autocentre in Sheffield has quoted my £270 for parts and labour. This seemed too expensive. A Toyota deler in Sheffield has quoted less, £235. I am very surprised the deler is less than Nationwide Autocentre. I also now have a quote from Mr Clutch, this started at £195, but was reduced to £155 when I informed them of a lower quote from an independent garage in Sheffield. Nationwide is refusing to even consider the matching the Mr Clutch quote as they state the parts will not be of the same standard. Does anyone have an opinion on this? Or does anyone have experience of using Mr Clutch. Nationwide is checking the quote with the main dealer before confirming they will lower their price. Thanks
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