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  1. Just wondering if a 1.6 4afe will ping its valves if its cambelt snaps? The internet does not seem clear on this.
  2. Just bought a 2004 T3. The car only has one, black key with remote central locking. Good bargaining point. I don't think there's an alarm. How much will it cost me to get a 2nd key cut and where from?
  3. It's not going anywhere near Mr Toyota, don't worry about that!
  4. Hi guys, it was just a cracked elbow in a pipe so all fixed now. Sadly a front caliper looks like it's seized today. Sounds like the missus continued driving with is binding and I reckon there's a bill for pads, discs and a caliper heading her way!
  5. Thanks for all your help guys. 4afte - The other half (it's her car now) is hopefully getting it repaired today at the radiator place. If that's unsuccessful then I'll let you know and maybe we can sort something out. Cheers.
  6. I'm after a new oil cooler for a 1.6 ae111 but can't find one anywhere other than Toyota who want £200 for the part alone. My mechanic thinks that a radiator reconditioner may be able to fix it so fingers crossed. If not where else can I get an oil cooler from? The local parts places have proved fruitless.
  7. Cheers for the replies guys. Hello again John, I've not been active on this board much as the gf uses the car more than me now. Apparently the car isn't unsafe or anything so I'm going to have it looked by a toyota specialist when I'm back West next month. Depending on what he says I may be in touch with either Kevin or WMC. Cheers, Phil.
  8. Well after 5 years of not even having to change a bulb or fuse my Corolla has finally gone a bit wrong. The steering has gone very heave and inconsistent. I took it to my local garage in Whitchirch, Cardiff and fair play, they didn't rip me off. They told me that I joint at the bottom of the steering columns has seized up. They lubricated it and it's eased it up a bit. However, it may need a replacement rack which will cost hundreds. Not good!
  9. Are you going to turbo it too? I'd love to see someone in the UK turbo their afe. If I ahd the money I'd buy a g6r and do it.
  10. well i haven't had much in the way of money since i started this project so the whole thing has been done on a shoe string my most expensive single purchase were the highlift cams and they set me back £100, so in all i've spent around £350 - £400 in total Interesting site you have there. I considered tuning the afe but lost interest to be honest! Glad someone out there is doing it though. So what exactly have you done and what are you going to do to it?
  11. I can't answer all your questions but I'll do my best on a few of them. Personally I wouldn't bother modifying the SR for performance increases, I'd save up and buy a faster, better handling car. I've fitted a custom exhaust on my car and it sounds nice, but not on the motorway. I've also debadged mine and it doesn't leave any holes, the badges are stuck on with glue. I've fitted Eibach springs to mine too, improves the handling but at the expense of ride quality.
  12. That's pretty much what I've done with mine. Custom stainless steel exhaust and a K&N panel filter. I've noticed an increase in performance but not much. Was thinking of a Dastek Unichip but then my gf stole my car for work!
  13. I think they are Compomotive MO's. As to where you can get them from, I'm not sure. Try Deamon Tweekes. I'm sure someone will be along with clearer advice soon enough.
  14. I think it'll have to be superglue for now.
  15. Anyone who has seen my car will tell you I'm not a wash and polish type of person, my car is covered in scrapes and does 80 miles a day (by my gf!) so there's no point in being precious about her! I might try sellotaping them down for now until I can get time/weather to fix it properly.
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