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  1. I was wondering if anyone knew if there happens to be a switch box that can just fit in place of the ashtray (which i dont use). The ashtray pulls out and it would be ideal for me to have a switch box there for my neon lights/ radar detctor etc... I might have to just make my own custom box for it.
  2. Okay....anyone else with tips? :-p
  3. I go to my car in the parking lot and find a small dent on the driver side door. I was wondering if It can be fixed by just taking the door panel (door dash?) off and pushing it out....Any help is appreciated, thanks. Oh btw, 2003 celica gt
  4. Hi, I just bought a new 2003 Celica GT. I was wondering what small changes I can make to add a few horse power (just a few). My friend suggested cold air intake system, but I have heard that these systems can ingest water and it can ruin your engine. I also heard that in the winter time that it is bad. I've heard a variety of answers ranging from filter changes to turbo (turbo is expensive? probably voids my warranty). Any suggestions will help, thanks.
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