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  1. they will keep up with a 1.6 16v saxo...but i doubt you'd be able to overtake one :P ← I dont agree mate. I had no problem with Saxo's A work mate of mine had a go in mine and he has a Saxo 1.6 16v and said the corolla was quicker. But I bet the gears help.
  2. Its quicker then quite few cars on the road. But its no Type R. Its the quickest Corolla that toyota did at the time in the UK.
  3. MY GOD... I didnt know I was so popular.... Or is it parts that my old girl could produce? Thanks for all your PM's guys...the car has been taken away by the insurance company and is in storage with a very large insurance salvage company. Blue circle, I think they then auction the cars off to breakers. I havnt been paid out for the car yet so I could in a way request it back by paying Blue circle the salvage value. However I dont think the parts that I could get from the car to sell on will be cost effective for me with the recovery of the car and the hassle of it being on my drive to srtip and then to dump whats left again. What I will do for you all is to try and trace its progress. Because the breaker who ends up with the car could find them self with a long list of customers for parts
  4. They're becoming even more rare The best car I have owned to date May not have the biggest power pant in the world but nippy and fun all the same. The 6 speed box was great, helping with the fuel mpg. The spec is good with spot on safety features! I like to think my old girl saved my life last week If I find one it's mine so keep your hands off Only joking...you see one..get it or at least tell me.
  5. Well I've got into property developing as a side line so a larger car would help a little. But its just the case of wanting a bigger chunk of metal around me, anything smaller than what I was in I fear it would be a worse story. Claims direct..er..well my full time job is a PI claims handler in a insurance compensation bureau. So I kinda know what route im gonna take. But lets just say Im ready to come out fighting big style! :ffs: Nobody mess with an upset Cactus! Springs..Yep no problem mate. I guess with xmas id better wait until everyones payday in January before advertising them. Might give Ebay a try. But will let you know
  6. Feeling a bit better today... Not so stiff. What I cant get over is the fact that none of the windows went or the wing mirrors. When it rolled it cant have touched the ground much at all. The main safety cell of the car has worked well. The airbags didnt go though The Ford?...hmm well just dont know. I was thinking in 12 months a Lexus IS200 and that the Mondeo would be quick fix for a bit. I hate cars that blend in and are boring so I always take ages in searching for the right car. But I dont have much choice this time around. I do like the Corolla's and I would have another but unless it was very much better than the last i'd always compare it to the old one.........Plus knowlson wont drop the price on his beast :ffs: Just dunno...all depends on how much I get for this one from the insurance. Parkers on line value it at £2500 of which they can :censor: right off if they think im taking that! Id take between £3000 £3500 for 75k on the clock.
  7. Yes mate, I do work in Insurance Off work with my injuries at the moment but I'll be calling in some help with a few contacts in the game. Be rest assured Im going after the f :censor: er for personal injury compo!
  8. I've sent an e mail to Knowlson with the pictures. He's gonna put them on for me. I'm a bit green when it comes to computers. Ive got no details about the other driver yet. I was taken away in an ambulance. From what I did see of him he didnt look too good either..blood all over his face. The Police are coming to see me tomorrow to take my statement. So with some luck I'll have some more news then. Just got to find my self a new car now <_< Id like a larger car now...just dunno what.....would you all be in shock if i was tempted by a Mondeo 2.0 Zetec, on a X plate at £3495 ??
  9. I may seem calm but if it wasnt for the chunk of tongue I bit when I hit the pole Id be yelling like mad...Damn its sore I am very up-set to be honest......Eveyone who knows me comment on how I loved my car. It wasnt a modded beast with bhp blistering through its tyres...but my little baby There isnt a single pannel on the car that hasnt taken a pounding. The only thing that can be used is the interior. But having said that the car is in a Police compound and I doubt the insurance compnay will allow a visit to strip it.
  10. I'm so gutted 1 Country lane 1 Loved and Cared for G6R 1 Volvo 850 Estate 1 Telegraph Pole 1 Hell of a head-ache! I was driving along a country lane that leads you to Santa Pod, on my way home from work, to find a my tail gating volvo driver decide to over-take. The road is only just wide enough for 2 cars. As he over-takes he hits my off side rear wheel arch. Pushes me side on, I clip the grass bank role the car on its nose and hit a telegraph pole side on between 50 and 60mph. He hits a gate post and caught fire. He got out ok I got out with some help from passers by. Road got closed along with my happy motoring in my faithful rolla :( I have knocks and bumps all over and feel like the brown smelly stuff, but will get over it. If anyone can tell me how too, i'll put some pictures up for you all. SO, does anyone want a set of Fensport Springs? They where to be fitted in January! Still in there box un-used. John I dont think I will have much use for your spare exhaust now either...sorry. Oh and does anyone know of any G6R's that have been on the market up-for sale? I'm expecting a tussle with the write off value!
  11. Yep mine does it too Ive done 77k now, my previous GXI had it from about 50k until 120k when i exchanged it for my G6R Its in damp cold starts i find more.
  12. Well all my money is going into the my side line of developing property. Working Monday to Friday and doing up a house at the same time takes up loads of spare time and cash. Though next Friday I will have sold a flat which will give me some serious cash injection. :D Though it will go towards the next place i buy. The rolla? Well she's doing just fine had a service the other week, got new plugs etc and pads. Seems to have a bit more perk to her, plugs must have been a bit worn. She has a set of fensport springs waiting to be fitted, but just never get around to fitting them But when she's serving 20k a year for me do I want a harder ride?
  13. Looking good I must get around to fitting my springs!
  14. I go to lots of different meets at Santa Pod. Its all of 4 miles away from my house. But I have to say this show is the worst for chavs. This type of show us yocals keep well away from the near by roads. Its street racing weekend for :censor: going to and from the site all weekend. So if anyone is going be warned its been bad in the past. If your a chav, you will love it.
  15. With all this talk of off sets and lowering etc....You've got me thinking... I have a set of Fensport springs which i think are 30mm drop. I was told with my 15" wheels I wont need to do any further mods other than the fitment of the springs... With what you guys have all just said about rubbing rear wheel arches etc, does that mean mine will when I get the springs fitted?
  16. Get a G6R mate! Got everything that the face lift sr has and the ability to mod easier!
  17. I had fun and games with this and in the end made my own. Got a rubber grommet from motor factor, job done.
  18. I'll be there! Finally got the front bumper painted so she looks far more show ground suitable
  19. I have some Fensport springs sat in their box new and un used at the moment. They are a 30mm drop so im told. Not yet fitted them yet and not sure if i ever will. Cant make up my mind Life if some what very hetic these days and im trying to move house too. Pm me if your interested.
  20. Not me this time, though i do go to Scotland/ Edinburgh a couple of times a year to see friends. Kendo...Its not me you see is it around Northampton? As I have never seen anoth Red G6R on the road other than mine, let alone local to me. If its me I have St Georges Flag on the number plates.
  21. Well Ive just paid, so I will see you all on the Sunday!
  22. Not a great deal. Last time it did it too me was when i was sat at 55 mph. Though it could have been just as i started to increase power a little. Its like when a old manual miss fires and you can dip the clutch and rev it a little to stop it but because its auto you cant. Its only when the engine is nice and warm. Its a :censor: because it will only do it when driving. ?????????????????
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