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  1. Thanks everyone... sat down last night and had a quiet drink.... or 6 ;)
  2. Over 12,000 hits, So someone is reading them :) Well.. you never know.. one day you might post a funny one
  3. Depends... How many square inches do you have? ;)
  4. Went out today and bought some car care products... The new Turtle Wac Ice range... thought I'd give it a try. Before.. After an hour or so of hard graft (well.. wasn't really that hard as this stuff was quite easy to work with) I didn't seem to have to work as hard as Davy makes it look useing the Meguiars, the wax went on really smooth with very little effort. I don't think it gives quite as good a finnish but on the whole a good finnish for little effort... far less effort that 3 stages of meguiars lol.
  5. Happy Birthday :yahoo: Have a wonderful day
  6. I still work nightshift. 12 hour shifts and yes it is hard to begin with but i have been working nights for the last 3 years. Now I am used to it, it no longer bothers me. :D
  7. Please wait a few seconds for Video to load! I find myself listening to this quite a lot at the moment.. and another good Scottish singer :)
  8. Happy birthday Anne. Have a wonderful day
  9. I must be his bestestest friend cause i driving it first :D Les we wont pop over we should fly over B)
  10. Yes Les... IT'S, - ALL, - YOUR, - FAULT!!! You are to blame! :P I know today he probably won't stop playing with it
  11. Will pass on your messages to him tomorrow. Doctor doesnot think its bad and fingers crossed depending on how everything goes overnight and tomorrow morning he might get out Mrs Davy is a little tired but apart from that will be ok.
  12. Davy is in hospital found a lump last night has now had surgery. He says he will talk to everyone once he comes home.
  13. Thanks all Just a day older than i was yesterday
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