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  1. I took out a two year service planafter one year of ownership and had the 30000 mile service done today. However, the paperwork states it was the 20000 mile service. The vehicle has only done 18000 miles. Which are 'big' full service mileages? It feels like I have been shortchanged.
  2. Assuming the rear seats remain upright, an even cheaper solution that is completely free, is to simply fit the seatbelt into its anchor point as if someone was wearing it.
  3. Well, there must be another reason that we drive an iQ in stead of , for example, an Aygo. You raise an excellent point and it would have satisfying to see you qualify your statement with that other reason. Having owned both Aygo and iQ, the winner in terms of practicality and performance is clear.
  4. That's very enlightening and I am very happy for Ruud to be in possession of the answers to my questions. However, this is a forum where like-minded individuals exchange information and the object of asking questions is to receive a response that satisfies gaps in knowledge. Therefore, having left the clairvoyant's course after the fifth week due to commitments in my levitation evening classes, my ability to read Ruud's mind has been greatly compromised, so how about he just answers the questions?
  5. Saw and cut in the original dash? What does this do to your warranty? In the event of an electrical fire, how would your insurance company view your claim? Did you tell them of the mod?
  6. I use my iQ for commuting to work and everything I do on both journeys (there and back), is designed to maximise fuel economy. To get a reasonable return from a gallon of fuel, you have to leave your ego at home when driving the iQ. Practically speaking, this involves a very light right foot, free-wheeling on gradients and taking it out of gear early if junction lights are not in my favour. This is the only method of attaining anywhere close to manufacturer's published figures. When the wife has driven the kids to school on my mid-week days off, it displays an average MPG in the mid-forties. When I leave it, the average MPG is 58-62mpg. The question of MPG centres firmly on driving style.
  7. Is it normal for two dealers selling the same vehicle, in the same geographical region albeit 12 miles apart, to offer the same part at such different prices? Wouldn't they buy them in at the same price?
  8. What legal action have you ever instigated against them due to questionable goods?
  9. Isn't this a trifle misleading? I thought that the automatic version has higher C02 output? So this would only apply to manual versions?
  10. What happens at such an event, I drive a couple of hundred miles to look at nine other peoples' iQ's? Don't you people realise that the final episode of Lost is on tomorrow and I have a huge party to arrange, eggs to boil for the sandwiches, nuts to open and Hurley T-shirts to wash?
  11. This is ****** me off, (not the post, the mpg of this !Removed! small engined 65mpg piece of japanese crap thats sitting on my drive) ....................... Oh, and the bars are so annoying, 1st - 100miles, 2nd - 26.5 miles, 3rd - 40miles the rest, i didnt see any point. Totally agree, the disparity in the way the remaining fuel is displayed is unacceptable. A fuel gauge should increment down in direct relation to what is remaining, so if the first quarter of the tank gave you @ 100mpg, then so should the last quarter - it clearly doesn't. Horrible, thoughtless design.
  12. But is the local constabulary?
  13. telecasterisation

    Tow Bar

    I bought the iQ 1.3 so I can tow a caravan down to Cornwall, mind you it's only a small six-berth. There's an increasing amount of black smoke when going up steep hills, but it's mostly all motorway, so as long as you keep the power on, there's no real problem. I change the oil every 2500 miles to keep the engine happy.
  14. I have had considerable problems with the aforementioned handle too and had to remove mine. When I first started smacking my head on it, I contacted the dealer and they said they had had no similar reports from anyone else - but it is obviously something not just limited to me.