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  1. Indeed, the dealer will know what model year the car is. As a side, the 20.5MY all wheel drive models now come with an 'AWD-i' badge on the back!
  2. Just looked under the car, the catalytic converter is a bit exposed. However, as has already been said, it has no scrap value. The more complicated catalytic converter is located along with the GPF in the engine manifold.
  3. For those not aware, you can change the two smaller boxes on the Home Screen by going to the 'Customise home screen' on the Setup menu. You can have the Audio, ECO, Phone or Clock in the smaller boxes.
  4. Yes you can do it yourself, you'll still be in the 3 year free update period so you'll get it for free. The current software is 6.15.0L 👍
  5. I managed to update the car without issue, a couple of tips for those wanting to do it.... The web address has a space in it after '_Latest', remember to close the space before trying to download! The MEU update is bigger than the DCU update, I found that the car preferred the bigger update first. When I initially tried it the other way round, the DCU went back to its old software level (?). Finally, extract the file out of the folder and into the USB, if you extract the folder onto the USB it wont update, also put the USB in with the power off. Big thanks @Devon Aygo for posting the link, I suppose the only thing I would question is how do we find out about further updates?
  6. To quote gov.uk.... "The only vehicles that do not have an emissions test as part of the MOT are: vehicles with fewer than 4 wheels vehicles with 2-stroke engines hybrid vehicles quadricycles hydrogen fuel cell vehicles electric vehicles" I would imagine that if testing hybrid vehicles becomes part of the MOT in the future, VW will be the ones to find the 'software solution'!!
  7. Thanks! I might have a go at the mother-in-laws car, what's the worst I could do?!
  8. Do you need to update the DCU/MEU in steps of release, or can you go straight to the newest version?
  9. It'll be interesting to see how Toyota price this model.... too high and you may as well buy an X3/Q5/XC60. It does seem that prices of the 'mainstream' makes like Toyota are creeping up to the 'premium' brands!
  10. Thankfully, no. I think the dealer is still hopeful that the demand will still be fairly high once 'normality' resumes.
  11. I think this is the key part... "The parties agree that, although certain Toyota vehicles have been found to be equivalent to a Paice patent, Toyota invented, designed and developed the Prius and Toyota’s hybrid technology independent of any inventions of Dr. Severinsky and Paice as part of Toyota’s long history of innovation." There's probably only so many ways you can design the hybrid system, hence why they are all similar!
  12. Never had a problem myself, the Auto setting has 3 speed settings - High, Medium, Soft. We put in on High when the weather is very warm but the rest of the year we tend to leave it on Medium. The car will adjust it's fan speed accordingly and begin to slow the fan down when the car gets to temperature, we keep ours at 18c as it seems to work for us.
  13. The Design, Excel and Dynamic trims all have the same system (technically the Icon has the same but without sat nav), silly question - have you done more than the minimum for the My Toyota site (120 miles rings a bell?) Firstly you need to register the multimedia on the My Toyota part of the website - Once you've done that you should see the above, although you'll probably see yours as 19MM as you have CarPlay etc. After that you can now log in with your My Toyota log in to the sat nav (unfortunately the car is with my mother-in-law so I can't show steps). Once that bit is done you can now go to the e-store online Once there you can now download the latest map update (although you may want to wait for 2020 v1 which will be available soon) I also connected the mother-in-laws' car to my WiFi so I can start doing downloads straight to the car via the e-store app (which may need downloading!) If I'm honest, it's a proper headache trying to get all that to work, thankfully it's only done once!
  14. Silly question, have you gone back to the company who fitted the windscreen to complain?