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  1. Due to the Covid restrictions I have to sit in my car whilst my Sons' do their weekly kickboxing. I leave the car in Ready mode and put the drive mode into Eco. Their class lasts around 45 minutes and the longest I've had the engine running for is 5 minutes (I sad enough to note the time!) during Winter months. I've always been impressed at how little the engine will turn on when parked.
  2. The BEV is a model year '22 vehicle, so I'd expect it to be available in Europe before December....
  3. Would it also be worth checking to see if the car needs a multimedia software update? I know Toyota did issue an update for the MM19 system to avoid battery drain, worth checking for the MM17 system too?
  4. The current shape models have them on the Excel and Dynamic trims as they are bi-LED headlights. Surprised my Wife the first time they went off - "there's something leaking from the front of the car"!!
  5. Looking at your original message, have you tried formatting the USB to FAT32? FAT32 and exFAT are two different formats, the Toyota system requires FAT32 and will not work with exFAT.
  6. Strangely, I've found the Dunlops fitted to mine are noiser if they are under inflated?! I run mine at 34psi as I have an analog dial and cant be bothered to work out where 33psi is! They are definitely quieter at the right pressure.
  7. Mine has an 'AWD-i' badge under the Hybrid logo on the back - model years 20.5 onwards have this badge. How do I know the motion sensor works? I've got a mechanic friend who has the 'tools' to test it!
  8. That's the same for all keyless entry Toyota's. MY 20.5 included the motion sensor in the key - it definitely works!
  9. The 19 inch wheels look good! @Devon Aygo does the Black Edition include a digital rear view mirror? The press releases earlier in the year stated it did, but the website makes no mention of it.
  10. It's the same engine in the hybrid, plug in and non hybrid RAV's (we dont get the non hybrid option from Toyota GB). It's a 178 DINhp engine, the 2WD hybrid is 218hp, 4WD is 222hp and the plug in is 302hp due to the bigger battery. Confusingly, Toyota Europe no longer offer the 2.5 ltr engine in non hybrid format, you now get the 2.0 ltr engine out of the Corolla/C-HR hybrid but with an output of 175hp. In the hybrid it delivers 152hp 🤷‍♂️ In America and Australia you can get the 2.5 ltr engine rated at 204 hp, so there is probably the ability to 'chip' the current hybrid close to
  11. Clearly it's possible for the seat sponge to go softer over time, however on a two year old vehicle I would expect that to be caused by a manufacturing defect. I've never known a Toyota seat to 'go soft' unless the car has had serious miles on it. I would make contact with your local dealer to see what they say.
  12. I've noticed that Toyota have trademarked 'Toyota BZ Series' plus 'Toyota BZ' in all main territories. They've also trademarked - BZ 1 BZ 1X BZ 3 BZ 4 BZ 4X and BZ 4X concept RZ 450e The last one looks like a Lexus model, but at a guess, it looks like Toyota may be following VW by having a separate model identification for the BEV range.
  13. Sorry, maybe I was unclear. You can change the sensitivity of the warning rather than the system itself (page 347). The PCS will always do its best to avoid a collision within the limits of the system.
  14. Is there any way of knowing how often the DCU/MEU updates are released?
  15. Out of curiosity, I decided to press the brake pedal and the accelerator pedal at a decent speed (around 50mph). It was 5am and I was on a long straight road. The car came to a stand with a picture of both pedals being pressed and a message "accelerator and brake pedals are being pressed at the same time" (or something like that!). For obvious reasons, I was unable to get a photo of the screen.
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