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  1. Indeed, but there is nothing stopping Toyota from providing a link the WLTP figures! Land Rover (for example) provide a link from the NEDC figure to the WLTP on their website.
  2. Rather than start a new thread, I thought I'd bump this one.... There is now an ongoing legal case in the USA regarding the issue of not being able to completely fill the car up. I wonder if this is the same issue that has caused some owners to experience low range in their cars? https://www.carcomplaints.com/news/2020/2019-2020-toyota-rav4-hybrid-fuel-tank-issue-lawsuit.shtml
  3. Petrol engines are being fitted with DPFs to comply with Euro 6 d emission regs. As petrol burns at a lower temperature than diesel, I would imagine that there would be less 'left over' from the combustion cycle and as such there is less chance of clogging. You could always put the car into power mode and give it a good thrash.... 😈
  4. Welcome to TOC 👍 We've had something similar on one of the new RAV4's which share the same drive train. Hope that is of use.
  5. I'm sure every penny will be put back into the transport network... 🤥
  6. It's a nice little tax fiddle for the Government! Raise the CO2 of the cars by changing the test procedure, but keep all the bands the same! The RAV4 sees a £60 rise in it's first year VED and moves up 6 bands on the company tax....
  7. They do, but it is clear that the thieves are targeting hybrid vehicles as they know that they have their cats in the best condition. I'm wondering if I can buy some D-CAT badges like my old T180 used to have and really confuse them!! 😂
  8. Indeed it does, I'm thinking that just removing the actual hybrid wording should be enough. I'm not too concerned with the blue background on the Toyota badge 👍
  9. Just spent my £3 on the Toyota Tech site and there are two 'cats' (is that normal for other cars?)! Over in the Auris section someone has removed their Hybrid badges, might be tempted to do that myself when my one turns up in May...
  10. There is a thread on the Lexus Owners Club discussing this about the NX (same drive-train as the previous RAV4 hybrid) and someone used the Lexus Tech site to check the location of the cat and found that it was well enough hidden within the engine to make it almost impossible to steal from below (never say never!). It would seem that the current generation of hybrid drive-trains have mostly sorted the issue of cat theft (again, never say never!) but the Auris was sold as new right up to 2019 with the 3rd gen Prius hybrid engine which first came on sale in 2009.
  11. That sounds about right, orders were quoted to me as end of May/early June on the AWD and September for the 2WD when I enquired on Friday last week.
  12. Have you been to the Toyota Tech site? https://www.toyota-tech.eu/Menu/Repair For €3 (about £2.60) you can gain access to the maintenance schedules for the vehicle
  13. Is the usb stick at least 8GB and formatted to FAT32? Edit: beaten to the question!
  14. As such, it will be better to lease the car as that cost is absorbed into your monthly cost. It's amazing how many 'normal' cars are now hitting the £40k mark!
  15. Indeed, I would think that this is a 'halo' model in the range. Still decent value when compared to a top of the range Outlander, just a shame that they won't offer a lower trim level (like Design or Icon).