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  1. Hello and welcome! The answer to your questions are no and no I'm afraid.
  2. Average works well for Toyota! Easy to forget that the EV6, GV60 and 2023 Ioniq 5 all have a bigger battery than the bZ4X (77 vs 71 kWh) so you would expect them to go further.... What will be interesting is how the bZ4X does in Winter - the EV6 / Ioniq 5 have struggled with range / charging speeds during last Winter (plenty of videos on YouTube).
  3. My Wife and I looked at the Tucson recently, might be our imagination, but we found the front seats to be a bit narrower than the RAV4? It has to be said that both Kia and Hyundai are killing it at the moment with their new models, indeed Kia are the top selling manufacturer for the first quarter!
  4. Maybe it's just me, but I don't ind it that complicated.... Press the cruise control active button (little white car symbol) and then move the switch next to it down towards 'set' - this sets the speed right there and then. If you want to go straight up to the speed limit then hold the '+res' button for 3 seconds, if you want to go up or down in increments of 5mph use the switch up or down. The distance button has 3 stages - far away, just right, German saloon driver (!) and the button next to that controls the lane keeping. If it is set with cruise control, and the car picks up the lane markings, then the car will auto steer to keep you in lane - works very well on A roads and Motorways. You can adjust the lane keeping/steering and it's force in the menu, but I might keep that for the next lesson!
  5. Definitely! The magazine is very well informed! Toyota need to update a few things for MY23 to meet forthcoming regulation changes, hence what will be a mid life update.
  6. This is MY2023 updates - I've had it confirmed by Kinto as my lease offer is likely to change by the time the car is actually produced! MY2022 orders have now stopped to allow the factory's to catch up with the back log in orders - apparently there is over a thousand orders for the PHEV model to fulfil in this country alone!
  7. Posted it on page 29! It's also on bestcarweb.jp - if your Japanese is a bit rusty, try Google Translate!
  8. Afraid so, on the plus side it'll be a face lifted model with improved sat navigation and Safety Sense 3.0.
  9. The AWD drive models in Europe come with Panasonic batteries (as far as I'm aware) so they will be 150 kW charging. The CATL batteries are for American markets due to a lack of supplies.
  10. Here is the 'free' wall box offer on Toyota's website - https://www.toyota.co.uk/electric/home-charging
  11. I'm off to the one near Oxford on Easter Monday, gets me out of going to the Mother-in-laws!!
  12. It's interesting that Toyota have extended the free charger offer until June. I imagine there will be quite a few people in your boat before long!
  13. Bestcar.jp has a story on their website and KINTO confirmed it to me this morning.
  14. Get ready for some long wait times again! Toyota have stopped taking orders for MY2022 PHEV models due to the current order backlog. All orders from now on will be for the MY2023 model - it will have T-Mate 3.0 and the cloud based navigation system now on the Corolla, CH-R and Yaris. Quoted lead time is last week of January 2023 - just the 10 months!! I believe the Hybrid model will follow suit in April - so get your orders in now!!
  15. Yeah, it's the 18' vs the 20' tyre. Also, all models come with a heat pump so your Winter range won't reduce as much as the ID.4/Ioniq 5/EV6 etc.
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