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  1. Great, love snow... last time I drove in snow was in a Triumph Dolomite, brilliant fun.
  2. We are lucky round here, theres not too many of them, but the ones there are really pi** me off... theres a place in Poland just right for the to**ers... Auschwitz; see how Chav they behave when put in there!
  3. bluepaseo

    New Wheels

    sorry, really dont like them they dont suit the MR2 IMHO.
  4. yes, that looks amazing, really nice wheels and car.
  5. thats great to hear, amazing how quickly they can send you home now after such an op. get well real soon Kimi.
  6. mine sits in its garage while my Panda gets used for work, the reason for this is simple.... there are so many idiot drivers that use our carpark and just cant help denting other peoples cars! I couldnt bear to see it dented and scraped by a load of inconsiderate plonkers As for buying new, bought a total of four brand new cars, I hate dealers and depreciation and seeing my new toy deteriorate so thats why back to buying used!
  7. night night, btw never underestimate a small Fiat with a determined driver B)
  8. you said it PP, it would be a dull place indeed if we all liked the same things maybe in a few years time youll look back and say why on earth did I buy a mk3, they look horrid! carry on posing, me I dont pose as Im too ugly!!! just off to peep in the garage and admire the gorgeous curves on my Mr2, then off to work in the morning in the not so gorgeous, but loveable Panda... now theres dated!
  9. Ahhh, but dated is good, otherwise we would all hate anyone who looked older than 3 or 4, 30 year old malt whiskey wouldnt exist, good music would have been lost forever, decent TV would never be repeated... its not about something being dated or not; its whether you actually like it or not so please dont say Mk1s and 2s are dated, they arent, its just that you prefer, like many people, ugly cars TBH the Mk2 is very 90s in its appearance but the Mk1 is timeless. I think the Mk3 will go out of fashion quicker than its forebearers and wont achieve the same desirabilty in the future, just my 2 pennies worth and tongue in cheek!
  10. I dunno, those Mk3s just look... well... horrible :D maybe thats too strong but they never make me go oohhh like the Mk1 and 2s do
  11. All the best for a good recovery, you must be so very frightened right now. All the very best Kimi.
  12. mk 3s...... rather have me teeth pulled out! :!Removed!:
  13. even if he fixes it, he might just bodge it.. find another one.
  14. hello and welcome, only just got my 2 as well.
  15. Thats awful, but very common when you take a car in not supplied by themselves
  16. The 80s... oh happy days! Loved them, only wish I was a bit older at the time, say 4 years older. Id also go back to meet Mrs. Bin Laden and get her steralised
  17. Thanks guys, just been over to my mates in her, he loved it and reckoned it was in superb condition. Shame I cant do Jap finale tommorow... work!
  18. To be invincible and travel back in time with anything, for instance, go back to say the Battle of Hastings in 1066 with a helicopter gunship on our side... cool! You could go and save the Titanic if you liked.
  19. never mind, it will make you look for a new car faster!
  20. bluepaseo

    New Mod

    need some of those clear lights for mine now! your car looks sweet Tegan.
  21. Got my J Tuner delivered today and there is a feature on the Reading meet, and on page 73 are two small pics with my old Paseo in! A fitting tribute as she went today :( will miss her too.
  22. Picked her up this afternoon, here are a couple of pics... no sun though so you cant see the gorgeous green sheen! Well pleased with it so far, only moan is that one wheel has been repainted and looks a bit dull, nothing some laquer shouldnt cure.
  23. No, the dates dont tie in at all! Its registered Nov 96 but according to the chassis info the rev3 finished way before P reg cars. However, I suppose there were lots of Rev 3s to sell after the Rev 4 came out. In fact, seen two P reg rev 3s this week!
  24. Yeah, do it now if never been done. The belt is quite pricey as its unique to the car, around £45 from Toyota and been told the only pattern ones are blueprinted ones anyway so wont be a lot cheaper. But, its a fairly simple job on the Paseo. Great price BTW!
  25. Cheers guys, thats what Im thinking, sounds better than being a demo and ragged around for a year!!!!
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