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  1. Are 2002 corolla headlights the same as 2005? Ie can i buy the ones from an '02 and fit them to my 05' anyone?
  2. The Metal clips that hold the actual bulbs in place within the headlight. Long story short, I lost these while trying to fit spare bulbs in pitch black darkness after both bulbs went. Phoned Toyota.. they can't be bought separately apparently. Other than scrappies, could I get these anywhere? Thoughts and ideas welcome! Thanks
  3. Cheers for all that folks So what fuel is best in the T sports? Tesco 99ron or Shell v power or sainsburys or whatever else...
  4. Got a rolling road day with mates in a few weekends time, and I obviously want the car to get the best results. Got the typhoon waiting to go on, what fuel should I stick in the day before? (Im normally on the plain old stuff) Anything else? Cheers
  5. MOT, Labour and Cost of Service Apparently, which = roughly a pile of *****e
  6. Next service is cheaper, this was a big one apparently. MOT & Service Remember. Parts - Oil, Gearbox Oil, Pollen Filter, Brake Fluid, Air Filter, Screen Wash (WTF!), Air Con cleaner, Engine Flush. 140quid in labour! Ill pull my pants back up now I think
  7. Service, MOT and the parts and labour for this
  8. 4 Year Service & Mot by Dealer, guess the price - £340!!! Is that reasonable for the work or is it just me that thinks I got bummed?
  9. Looks good! Back wheels are crying out for spacers though!
  10. I take it the stance is right? Car doesnt sit lower at the back than the front? etc Cheers for the info, will get these on the shopping list.
  11. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/TOYOTA-COROLLA-T-SPO...14#ht_500wt_956 :thumbsup:
  12. 50 & 24? Ill pass, thanks anyway Look forward to these pics, does the car sit pretty level stance wise? and the ride? Ive had rock hard suspension before, just want to know what im expecting. Cheers all
  13. Seen a few of you guys have them, Pictures, Prices & Comments please :D Cheers Simon
  14. yeah i never even knew they existed before i got offered this and i've never seen another in the flesh, now i've got one i keep seeing them but not tsports there usually 5 door vvti's ;) oh and alsace grey... best colour too :P B) Likewise, I've only seen another two on the road ever. Though before I got mine I probably wouldn't have noticed them. Enjoy it
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