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  1. Hey Guys, Anyone got a set of these they are not using and want to sell. Please PM me. Rich
  2. Between 350 and 380 miles to a tank. I can get 350 with a mixed commute. My one averages 34.5 mpg according the my phone app. Mathpac, I can beat the compressor.I've got an old BMW E34 535i Sport. Last trip 10.6 MPG.
  3. Even if the next car isn't modified and gonna skip these comparison sites and go straight to a broker. Best I could get on a standard T Sport was 1150 with a £500 excess on gocomparethemearkat's , with sky my excess is 250.
  4. Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I ended up going with SKY insurance this year, 7 NCB protected, legal cover and hire car in the event of an accident= £742 GBP. Mearkats etc couldn't even get close. So if anyone insurance is up soon may be worth giving them a ring.
  5. When my car is fully warmed up it sticks around 97'c. The fan kicks in and out at about that mark. Air intake temp is about 30'c, this is when the outside temp was 15-16'c . Car is standard. Was your car fully warmed up when you ran that scan??
  6. You were spot on with the admiral tip. £100 more than the standard premium for an unmodified vehicle. £200 more than last years premium with morethan. Ill shop around and see if I can get any better deals but I could live with that.Thanks for your help. Once again if anyone has their car modified and insured correctly please give your in put.
  7. Yes I just updated that now, that location has been out of date for some time. Currently the car and I are located in North West London. I believe we met once up near Milton Keynes many moons ago.
  8. I bought that JML back support thing for the office/car. Im not a fan of the seats in the corolla, my old mondeo was much better but that improved things a lot. Worth 7 quid any day of the week.
  9. Wrong..... It fully depends on the insurance company. High street insurers , Swift, More Than etc tend not to like any mods Specialist insurers ie Adrian Flux, take the view that lowering your car improves the handling therefore making the car safer and will cover the mod without any increase to your premium That's great! I must try and get a quote from them. Thank you for your reply. If anyone knows of any more companies please speak up. All in put is appreciated and Im sure it will help other members who want to go down this route as I see many more posts about modifying the corolla than when I joined 4 years ago.
  10. Regardless of which Insurance company you are with, lowering suspension will normally result in an increased premium as you are altering the handling characteristics of the standard car. If the modification is not declared, your insurance will be null and void in the event of a claim Thank you for your reply. I can assure you it is my intention to declare this modification and I am fully prepared, within reason of course, to pay the extra amount required to ensure I would be fully covered in the event of an accident. Not all insurance companies will insure a car with this modification, in my case More Than will not cover a car if it has been lowered. Maybe I haven't been clear enough with my original post. If this is the case then I am sorry and I hope you accept my apology. I shall clarify the question. If you have lowered your car, whether this by your corolla or a previous vehicle and declared this modification on your policy what company are/were you with and roughly how did this affect the insurance premium?
  11. I have no evidence to back up my argument but common sense would tell be using something like this would probable leave scratches on the paint work.I wouldn't put it anywhere near my car.
  12. Hey Guys, For a long time I have been having a debate as to whether I will lower the corolla. The last time I decided I would go ahead and do it my insurance companies ( More Than) said I would not be covered in the event of an accident if the vehicle has been modified in that way. I had just taken out the policy so I decided I would just leave it standard rather than take any risks. My policy will be up for renewal soon and the though of lowering it has been rolling round my head again. So on to my question. As you can imagine it is directed at the guy and girls who have lowered their car. Have you declared your modification to your insurance company, if so what company are you with (this is so I can ask them for a quote in the next month or two) and how much did you premium go up because of this modification?
  13. Well turns out it was the Lamda. I changed it shortly after my first post and the light has been off since. May help some other people if they ever come across the same problem.
  14. I have a problem with over fuelling also. You can look at a previous thread of mine. Only mod is a K & N panel filter. Changed the pre cat O2 sensor today so waiting for a couple of runs to see does the code flash up again. If it does Ill take out the K&N and clean the AFM to see does that do anything. I guess new AFM after that. My code is PO172. Ill let you know how I get on.
  15. One wheel dirtier than the other? Id guess a seized calliper only cause I've had two in the last month, one a the front and now one at the back.