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  1. Those figures for selling privately than px right? Credit crunch, cost of fuel (is creeping up again), road tax increases in April, insurance on the up, job insecurity, a lot of people are now looking to downsize or get more economical cars with lower annual costs. Higher performance cars aren’t selling as well as they did. People just can’t afford these type of cars at the moment :( Hmm true about the credit crunch & all but dont think the CTS is bad on fuel compared to lot cars out there, so what would the prices of cars like skyline GTR & Supras' be worth?lol i know the CTS is worth less than some other cars out there though i dont think the CTS is only worth whatever someone is prepared to pay for them!!! + cars like honda integra DC2 people seem to sell for more than £3000 some cases much more & thats for like 97/98 ones with quite high mileage Nice CTS though same colour as mine ;) Gd luck with sale though if u decide to sell
  2. Nope it wouldnt, jst saying the headlight housing + the chrome reflector (headlight bulb area) bit is 1 piece making it bit harder so need to mask it accurately, need more time masking it, i wanted to do on my old lexus is200 Altezza as u can remove the the housing from the chrome reflector on them cars once headlight lense is off, had to sell the car at the time so didnt :(
  3. Yeah it will be! lol I got put off painting them when i looked at them headlight, the chrome reflector bit (headlight bulb area bit)& headlight housing is 1 piece so gotta mask carefully what bits to spray & what NOT to spray other wise u said it be useless in dark lol, would of loved to get them done, i had black headlights (standard fit) on my 323f 2.0 sport as i remembered the chrome bit is removable so only headlight housing is painted without affecting the brightness when lit. if the corolla was like that it be much easier, shame i would of liked this JDM styling on mine. Dont know how else its done but dont you need to sand it down first ?
  4. I knew that got feeling not gonna like the sound of it, give it a try later jst to see what the prices are lol I was thinking prob about £300 in UK even thats way to expensive imo but £600, :o hope the UK be damm cheaper, i like white dials they were fitted standard in my 03 Mazda 323F 2.0 sport & thats 135bhp reason why i upgraded to a Corolla t sport! lol
  5. There are people that changed them to f/l dials saw a 02 T-sport on pistonheads with them dials & converted to a f/l stlye CTS with the f/l rear bumpers, lights & fron end, i like to get them dials too, wonder what the price of a new one costs? i never seen them on ebay so not really much chance there
  6. What products should i use to clean car seats apart from water? a while ago i fitted a sun visor ones stuck from the inside the glass & i used soapy water(as recommended when fitting these sun visors) so it left some 'patches' that made it look someone 'wet' themselves which i or no one has lol, was when soapy water got spilt onto the seats, there standard cloth material seats. Thanks if anyone can help but i never cleaned car seats since getting a driving license !!
  7. I might get that door pillars bit covered if real carbon fibre film is better & not tacky, the driver side piller is slightly scratched nothing bad, since i got window visors so rest of the door frame wont need doing & not look out of place, i had this on my old Altezza with window visors & that looked gd imo. although the carbon pillers was made for the altezza/is200 JDM Toyota item they dont do them for the 3dr corolla. The BMW looks ok i guess as in nicely applied it suits a 3 series coupe more than a 5 series or any 4dr sedan, not something i do though. OT do some BMW's come with LHD wipers like that pic? sure most RHD cars dont have wipers like that?
  8. I might go since i didnt last yr & love to meet some u lot esp CTS owners too lol however £25 per person is expensive even £20 is imo is for what it is, dont get me wrong JAE was a good car show once upon a time best in UK & poss europe? but recent yrs it gone dwn abit, i last went in 07 was very disappointed misleading & told per car not per person so me & 3 others had to pay £20 each maybe £15 cant remember, wasnt worth driving back since we were there, yet were told it was a certain price per car not per person few days before going! as for food places & trade stands say no more!!! at the time i did email the organisation LOTS of times after we went but no response, i understand i couldnt get some our money back(nor was i expecting it) but no apology or explaination at the time?what sort service is that? come on! so too early to say as yet if i can make it
  9. The Corolla u got is facelift, it seems like the clear lense got bought for you is for a prefacelift like the one on the pic below But dont quote me on that as these lights for the corolla sedan are slightly different too
  10. Thinking exactly same too, althoguh not college bit as im no longer a student for long time!! play harder, you only live once so why not eh....
  11. New yrs eve = Big Party ! i be out somewhere with my buddies drinking lots & lots, bring it on :)
  12. OK i found this sentance on the first post on this link club 323f forum that states 'and here's the best one....apparently its new legislation and is going to catch a LOT of people out i reckon 007 - Exhaust noise is clearly in excess of that emitted by a similar vehicle fitted with a standard silencer in average condition' Does anyone know about it? a new rule for exhaust noise levels ? i had the MOT last week, with my HKS exhaust, its quite loud but it was fine & passed the mot.
  13. Thanks, the MOT is due sooner than i thought, oops! lol so getting that done nxt week, so i be fitting the sun visor after the MOT, well even being fitted for 1 year is better than 1 week if worse comes to worse that it need removing lol its stuck on the inside not sure if that makes any difference but i never had any problems with it getting in the way or obstruction of anything & im 5 ft 10 only obstructiion is stupid drivers out of nowhere that makes me brake hard
  14. Does any one know if it fails MOT if you got a sun strip on the front windscreen ? im talking about one with lots of holes that is still 'see through' & lets alot of light in still like this one on pic below which i fitted on my old car in 2007, it went through MOT ok back then & most my other cars, on the pic you can see the drivers visor, now i bought one from Hong Kong i havent fitted yet but might wait till after the MOT in jan.
  15. nah a flat aerial fits behind the flat screen TV, the indoor ones that is, its somthing like this though not sure if indoor ones got good reception or i should settle making use with the outside aerial.
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