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  1. JoeP

    Wing mirror glass

    thanks both. the pics helped as I could see the spring clip on one of the pictures. All fitted now and it feels secure this time.
  2. Hi All, Wonder if anyone can help. I have to replace my wing mirror glass but I can't workout how it clips back in. I have a metal clip which I can't workout how it works. When I clip or back in it all fits but I can't workout what is supposed to hold it in place. Wondered if anyone had any picture or tips Thanks In Advance
  3. JoeP

    Heat sheild

    Well here is toyotas reply which in my opinion is poor. They are not interested Reply They also mentioned that with the corrosion on the heat shield, that the low mileage on the vehicle suggests that the car may have been stationary for significant amounts of time allowing for moisture to settle on the thin heat shield material and accelerating the corrosion.
  4. JoeP

    Heat sheild

    Thanks I will contact them now
  5. Well you saved a good amount of money. Toyota want in the region of £950 to fix. Thats apparently discounted as I have a service plan with them. They can't replicate the problem but its definately slipping for me when I accelerate hard in 4th. Need to decide what to do with it.
  6. JoeP

    Heat sheild

    Hi All, I have a 2012 avensis tourer. Its been rattling at idle around exchaust area and I have been told its the heat shield thats rusted through and I need to replace at a hundred and odd quid. Car is still under warranty but this isn't covered as its corrosion. Car has only done 33,000 miles. I was wondering if anyone else has had this and if it sounds right that its not covered under warranty. Surely a 5 year old car shouldn't have problems with things corroding
  7. Hopefully that's an easy one to fix. Was it £450 including clutch or 450 plus clutch. I would expect plus otherwise seems very good price.
  8. My car is going for it annual service next week and I have asked Toyota to estimate on it. I would be interested to know the cost of doing it your way if you don't mind sharing. I will feedback the Toyota cost
  9. My last t25 2.2d never needed a new clutch and it had done 140,000 when I sold it. This one however has done less than 40k. Maybe its just had luck. I suspect from Toyota they are around £1k to replace. Mr clutch is about £700. There is probably little chance of the warranty covering it
  10. I too would be interested. Are the clutches week on these
  11. I hope someone can help. I have a 2006 55 2.2d tspirit avensis. I am trying to find a replacement alloy It has 16" wheels with 205/55 R16 tyres. There seems to be some suggestion that the 2.2 has a different stud layout. Is this true for all 2.2d. As far as I can see most 2.2d have 17" rims.