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  1. Lets hope you have a good spell of troublefree motoring in 2012 Many thanks dervdave. I'll miss the Toyota but I must admit I'm really liking the civic in the short time I've had it.
  2. Totally. I really liked driving the Corolla so I'm a bit upset to see it go. The wallet will be smarting for a while. The car I had previous was a 1 year old Nissan Almera and I hated it. I kept it for a year and when trading it in as a two year old I had 1.5K negative equity which the Corolla then had to bear. I really needed to get another year out of it which is why I put £800 into it three months ago. That was my limit - I couldn't get into chasing this problem down. It had the same symptoms it had three years ago which a new maf fixed but my mechanic said he could only be 80% sure it would fix the problem.
  3. Not German also not Diesel. I've gone for a Honda Civic 1.8 I-VTEC. I told the dealer about the intermittent power-loss the corolla was suffering from. I also disconnected the MAF and cable tied it out the way so that a concious decision to cut the ties and reconnect the MAF is required. Finally I put a sticker on the air box saying intermittent power loss when MAF is connected. Hopefully it'll go to a trader who puts it right or to the breakers who reclaims all the new part I've just put onto it.
  4. Well - the mechanic wobbled a bit on the diagnostic of MAF. While he says he is 80% certain a new MAF would fix the problem he couldn't guarantee it. Its recently cost me £700 mainly on wear and tear items and I can't keep throwing money at it so I'm trading it in as a car with a unconfirmed MAF fault.
  5. Since I've had the car I regularly use a diesel treatment. At least twice a year I treat with forte diesel treatment. I used BG244 earlier this year. The car passed it MOT two months ago and the week prior to it I ran some wurth diesel treatment. I often use Millers additive also. In the 80K I've put on the car its had 4 fuel filters and two or three time a month I stay in the lower gears for extended periods to burn out the crud in the exhaust. I do use ASDA fuel but that is because the car seems to drive better on it. Where I live there are a Morrisons, ASDA and a Shell garage all within throwing distance of each other and the price is the same for diesel but like I say the car seems to prefer ASDA.
  6. They said when the problem occurred the only thing they noticed on the diagnostics when a big change in the MAF reading. The MAF was changed three years ago.
  7. Garage just been on the phone - They took it out again with diagnostics and got a spike in the MAF sensor reading when the power dropped. They ran the car with MAF disconnected and there was no occurrence power loss. They reconnected and the power loss happened again. Its looking like a new MAF again.
  8. Hi, I've had my Corolla E12 2.0 D4D for four years now. About three years ago I had a week where at random the car would not accelerate and would kick out a load of black smoke. It almost always happened pulling onto a roundabout or away from a junction. the were no light and no stored codes. The garage replaced the maf and also at my request the fuel filter. Problem gone. A year later while on a dual carriageway it happened again. I eased of the throttle as I came up behind a car and when I went to reapply there was no response and black smoke was again being kicked out. I pulled over turned the car off then after a few minute I started the engine and pulled away fine. In the next five miles I had to do the same thing another two times. I took it to my garage and they hooked up the diagnostics but could find nothing they test drove it and it was fine. Its been fine for the last 15 months until Tuesday when I did it again while I was driving homes. I had to slow to pass a fallen tree and the car wouldn't pick up after for about half a mile. It was fine for the rest of the journey and was fine for my wife. The next morning it did it again just as I pulled onto a dual carriageway. It cleared itself until I got to the other end and had to pull onto a roundabout. It only just pulled away and limped all the way to the garage throwing black smoke out the whole way. This time the garage experienced it. Still no codes are stored and no dash lights. The car is still with the garage but hasn't did it since. Sorry for the 'war and peace' post but has anyone any ideas as to what may cause this?
  9. You could try one of the online breaker searches like this one; Breaker While nrgizerbunny is probably right about a complete unit. You might get lucky and find a breaker who has a broken unit that will sell the cover. Just be clear in your description of the part you need. Also note the link I provided is just an example and not an endorsement of this particular site.
  10. I seem to remember my owners book telling me it was 60K or 6 years. Age never comes into it with me. My 53 114ps has done just shy of 127k so I've had the belt done twice now. Touch wood the car is solid. Only issue I've ever had was the engine refusing to rev past 2k. It's happened to me three times in four years. the first time it happened randomly for a week. The other twice it happened on a single journey. Never really found the cause. First time I replaced the MAF and fuel filter. Now I just throw in a bottle forte and drive the b#ll%cks off it by staying in first and second longer than normal.
  11. You say you know your pads are low - it could be a wear indicator on the pad. Basically when a pad reaches a certain wear level a wear indicator is released and this makes contact with the disc. They make a sort of metal on metal grinding sound which stops when you apply the brake.
  12. I had a noise like the one you described - it came out of nowhere just one day it was there. With mine I only really noticed it when idle. If I rev'd the car as the needle fell past 1000 rpm the noise would happen and then at 900rpm it would stop. In my case it turned out that my under tray had come loose.
  13. Even one failed glow plug should bring the MIL on. My D4D had three glow plugs fail and the car started no bother on its one remaining even in the dead of winter.
  14. When I had problems with mine I disconnected it. The car won't run as it would with a good MAF - but if your MAF is playing up you should notice the difference. NOTE: Disconnecting your MAF will bring the MIL light on. So you'll need a code reader to reset it or disconnect the battery. Alternatively pull the ECU fuse.
  15. A cocktail stick is also good for applying touch up paint. I've had good results mixing a small amounts of paint and lacquer together before applying.
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