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  1. Hi, I've been away from Toyota for a couple of years but am thinking of returning to the fold. I have noticed however that the power output of the Avensis 2.0 D4D isn't quite up there with the best. I don't want to remap/chip a new car so I was wondering if anyone knows of any plans by Toyota to up the power output of the 2.0 D4D engine. Thanks in advance :)
  2. I understand that the flywheel issue relates to a certain number of cars - you may be able to find a range of engine numbers that will help you choose when you actually go to look at a car. I'd buy on condition and service history rather than equipment - if you're going to keep the car for a while then its nice to know that the previous owner invested in its future. As far as navigation is concerned, mapping upgrades occur reasonably regularly and its cheaper to go out and buy a new TomTom with up to date mapping than to update an in-car navigation system. You really should drive both petrol and diesel models and decide if you prefer the torque of the diesel or the revability of the petrol - you've got to enjoy the car and the nature of diesels and petrols is quite different. There's no doubt that the potential expense of diesel repairs can be huge. If you're fussy about where you buy your fuel and change your filters at regular intervals then you can minimise the risk. I drive a diesel Corolla (25k miles a year) and know that the extra fuel economy will easily offset the risk of any repairs that it might need in the future. The extra fuel economy is a fact, the additional repairs are a risk - even if something goes wrong, I'll have saved enough on fuel to pay for it.
  3. Hi there send Parts King a pm asking him about it ,include your chasis number and he will tell you if its possible ;) Thanks - just did that.
  4. Hi, Is it still possible to retrofit air conditioning to an E12 Corolla? Dealers in Ireland used to do it but don't supply the kits any more. Has anyone here done it and if so approx how much did it cost for the kit and where did you get it? Thanks as always.
  5. Thanks for the advice - sounds like the voice of experience! I'll give it a go next weekend.
  6. I agree - especially in the Toyota context with shorter service intervals - Halfords have the fully synthetic Castrol on special at the moment so it's worth my while this time. My wife's Peugeot 207 HDi has 20K mile service intervals so synthetic is well worth the extra cost in that case (probably a must).
  7. The 5W30 is fully synth and is on special offer in my local Halfords so defintely worth a go - I suspect that the bulk oil that my Toyota dealer has been using might not be anything fancy and is probably used on both petrol and diesel models...
  8. Hi, I've checked the handbook and it looks like Magnatec diesel 10W40 is ok for the 1.4 D4D - I'm not really comfortable using 5W30 non-diesel as the second recommendation on the Castrol site (first recommendation is Edge Turbodiesel 0W30) - can anyone think of any reason why I shouldn't use Magnatec diesel 10W40 over the summer months? Thanks.
  9. I always wondered if the direction of rotation makes any difference - if they're spun in one direction when balancing and fitted to rotate in the opposite will they still be properly balanced? I know that in theory they should be but I've driven a few cars (crocks) in my younger days where a steering wobble was fixed by swapping the two fronts so that they rotated in the opposite direction...
  10. The sedan/saloon pictured is currently available in Ireland (with UK spec engine options apart from 2.0 litre which'd probably conflict with the Avensis as it's similar body size). See www.toyota.ie. It could be available in UK (no right hand drive conversion issues). Perception is that smaller saloons are less popular in the UK with hatchbacks preferred. Mail Toyota UK and start a campaign if you reckon that it should be otherwise....
  11. Here in Ireland the quality of diesel is very mixed. My car runs far better and economically on some brands over others. Try the reputable brands one by one and see if you notice any improvement. Mine runs best on Shell with Esso a reasonably close second. The only other suggestions that I have are to give it a good hard burst of acceleration through the gears at least once a week especially if driving gently the rest of the time. Make sure that you have the correct air filter and that its not blocked (it shouldn't be after 16k miles but worth a look). Make sure that your tyres are at the correct pressure (32 psi all around when cold). Don't carry a roofbox unless its necessary and get it serviced at a reputable garage who'll use the right oil, filters etc. Apart from that I don't know what to suggest. There are other cars in the class that'll use less fuel but if you look at the lifetime running costs of the car you'll be well ahead with the Corolla - a few mpg don't really matter. My fuel guage is very pessimistic and gives the impression of a limited range - I've never had the courage to run the car too far on 'empty' but there's always been at least 15 litres left in it after the needle has been at Empty for a while. Make sure that you're calculating your mpg on litres/gallons used, not the distance travelled between refills as it will otherwise appear short. Apologies if some of the above is stating the obvious.
  12. Hi Paul, You have the 1ND-TV engine. You should use ACEA B1, API CF-4 or CF. You may also use API CE or CD (according to the manual). Something along the lines of Castrol Edge 5W 40 should suffice. My car is similar to yours. The oil level drops to about half between services but most of my driving is cruising on country roads. Some oil useage is normal but it shouldn't need constant topping-up. With easy driving I can get up to 70 mpg but motorway driving will reduce that figure. My average is between 58 and 65 depending on my mood. You could try resetting the average fuel economy reading before each drive and try to see if you can modify your driving style to improve the average figure without other road users being inconvenienced. Having a lighter right foot might not necessarily decrease your speed but might reduce your fuel consumption. The quality of the fuel that you use has an impact. Experiment, and see if you can notice a difference in the rattle at idle, the power produced, the smoke in the headlights of the car behind when accelerating (at night, hopefully!) and your fuel consumption when using different brands. Cheapest isn't always best and some brands are markedly different. Hope this helps...
  13. Hi, It does seem like a lot - my Corolla D4D has 35,000 km since new (last January) and needs to be topped up once between 15,000 km services - maybe 0.25 litre or so - a little more when it was new. Sometimes new engines use more oil than usual and then settle down after a little while. Regardless of what the manual says, I'd see it as a warranty issue if it continues past 10,000 km. I'd also be very careful to keep it topped up in the meantime.
  14. You'd need to find out the specification of the oil that they used. From what I remember, GL5 spec gear oil (the most commonly used nowadays) has anti-friction additives which work superbly in a modern manual transmissions and diffs but would not be good for an auto box. You might want to get an independent assessment on the situation from a qualified technical person. The additives coat the components and won't be removed by a simple fluid change.
  15. Thanks for all the responses. Its my first diesel so I'm used to seeing clean oil on the dipstick - good to know that black is not unusual. Guess I can just relax and enjoy it. Thanks again.
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