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  1. Ha – that was the second rear box, I ripped the first one off on a massive kurb less than a day after fitting it! You could loose those wheels, I always planned to fit Starlet SR rims on it. Looking forward to seeing it put right (@ Jappy ) ha ha!
  2. Damn! You've got your work cut out there! I'd have had it back for £200 for the plate alone! Guy at work always thought it said 'PISED'. Glad it's in good hands though, still got that super loud exhuast on it then, that was a bit too much really!
  3. Ha ha! Clio Came with the job on new mag I'm afraid sold the 'Rado as didn't need 3 cars! Still want a Mk1 Celica badly…
  4. So it's still alive then – sort of! Not sure if I want to see pics of it smashed up!! It was pretty mint when I sold it. Ah, who am I kidding, bring 'em on! Here's some how it was when it went, must have been 2004/2005? Can't remember!
  5. As per title, the standard 15" or 16" five-spokes as apparantly they came with both? Check attachment ;)
  6. Hey Fizz – how's it going? J – yep still down there, it was off the road for a while, still needs a paint job badly!
  7. :D :P Would you believe the front door was wide open! How's it going? What you bowling around in these days?
  8. Oi oi, that was a good 'un, sorry to hear about the crash :( Anyone seen anything of my old one on their travels? Can't believe I drove it around this high (or on those rims) :!Removed!: Bad pic of current motor, can't remember if I ever posted it? 'Rado VR6 on Audi rims amongst other mods & the 'other' project, Mk1 Jetta de-bumpered on Porka rims:
  9. :D ha! Yea I'm still alive. Seen the ZX around, my old flat was on the high street so caught it out the window a few times! Guessed it must be you, not many around are there!! Have to keep an eye out for the ST Everything's cool, apart from being broke with two project cars on the go. The Dub scene is unreal, so off the wall - you guys would love the shows the European ones are like nothing else, it does hook you in, just means loads of traveling around, Belgium then Leeds last two couple of weekends, Northampton next week and don't get much time to get online but it's all good.
  10. Oi oi! Still around. 'Rado's off the road for painting (not sure on a colour yet), and I've got some cool wheels to go on (16s), should have it dropped on the deck too which will be nice. Bowling around in a pretty standard Mk1 Jetta at the mo – quite a laugh if you're in to ugly 5-doors and 1983 vintage cassette players! Anyone seen any sign of my old Paseo (P7SEO)? Wonder how it's doing. J you still got the 300ZX? It's not yellow is it?
  11. I'll be there working n hangin with the Dub boys. It's a good show, small but some wicked Yank metal and hot rod flair.
  12. 97paseo


    True – bad memory! Rado isn't gonna be much fun compared to that little beaut!
  13. 97paseo


    Look what happens when you stop driving an Audi :P Didn't realise you'd finally got yourself one man – that's wicked! Tyres are a bit chunky though huh!
  14. Sorry to see it go in the end. What you got planned for the A6? My flatmate has one in silver, they look wicked decked on splits.
  15. Blimey everyone's having a crack at this thread! :D Can't believe that's being sold – hope it goes to a good home. I never thought the Seo handled at all well to be honest – but then it all depends on how you get it set-up and which bits and pieces you use I guess... Btw: Is it really that quick? 5.5 to 60?
  16. In the High Street - thick of the action... maybe. It's actually quite quiet isn't it! Carina's not bad - my mate had one they go on forever!
  17. Used to go through back roads from motorway to Otford but I'm living there now so it's usually up and down the high street. Just had coilovers and Audi rims fitted so it looks a bit more distinctive! ;) What you driving daily now?
  18. Think I've seen that about as well J. You spotted my 'Rado around yet? :D
  19. 16th – cool – will aim to make it!! Sevenoaks coz thats where work is. ;) Anyway gotta run – mail me. B)
  20. :D :P It's goin alright – just off to Edition 38 show, should be a good weekend – come up if you're not doin' anything ;) As for mags I'm lazy! But I'll send ya some. Beers: Yep, need to do that really don't I?! Living in Sevenoaks now if you're ever about.
  21. What's all this about then? BMW? :P Get a Supra – you know you want one! B)
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