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  1. brad

    St164 Parts

    neone from australia need st164 parts nething at all ill have... im in brisbane... email me at P_I_M_P_I_N_G@hotmail.com
  2. this is manily directd to ppl in australia.. just bought the ssv front bar 2 days b4 it arrvied i smashed my front end written off.... neone wanna buy it lol
  3. brad


    need a front bar a decent looking one... i can get one from ssv its alrite but id like sumfin that stands out a lil more ne suggestions?
  4. brad


    a m8 works at a parts warehouse can get me a rebuild kit for cost price.. i can get the pistons rods n crank for 200 bucks...
  5. on toymods theres a few ppl that have used the 4wd box through fwd u need to weld sumfin and this and that go to the site and find the post .... it tells u everything and if u dont know he will give u step by step details sought of likc lockin a diff
  6. im from aust but i got a 4th gen with 280k on it and its still runnin fine... toyota make good engines... should be sweet for a wile yet
  7. brad


    just wonderin if u can drop 3sgte pistons rods and crank into the 3sge .... and can u drop st185 internals into a st164??
  8. brad


    just wonderin if neone knows... i got the option of buyin the gt4 internals pistons rods crank etc... putin em in my engine can pikc up a turbz manifold dump etc cheap... will the 3sge ecu run stock boost or wotn it like it or wat its nto long term just so it runs neone know?
  9. brad


    after slappin the old man for about 3 hours turnd out he disconnected half my wirin harness from the ecu and that was the reason took me 4 hours of :censor: ing round b4 i figured too look near the ecu
  10. brad


    alright car wont start windscreen wipers wont work... niether will the horn.... battery is fine all the fuses r fine wires look to be fine... can neone help? indicators do work
  11. brad

    St165 Heart

    its the turbo version of yours... get one out fo a st185 or up
  12. can neone give me a website that gives me detail of the celica sx 88 st162 convertin over to 3sgte... i know i need the mr2 gear box so would it be easier to just buy mr2 rearcut or what loans approved waitin on a bit more knowledge the old man knows enuff to get us through just any help would be good thanks
  13. looks pricey lol.. but well worth it
  14. brad


    oh and jack the car up its easier from underneath.. this was done on a 4th gen.. dont know bout the others i imagine they will be similar
  15. brad


    just incase ne of yous wanna put this guage in. the o2 sensor is pretty much smak bang underneath ur inlet manifold.. it has 4 wires comin out of it 2 black a white and a blue... bout 10cm's above the sensore theres a clip.. its a real (censored) to get undone.. splice the blue wire(signal wire) join the (usualy purple wire) that comes from ur guage to that.. plug the clip back in.. and it works.. ive found that most ppl use some sought of tubing to cover the wires from guage to dash.. i used fly screen :censor: that holds the actual mesh in the frame.. put ur wires in there push it into the gaps and all is hidden
  16. brad


    haha yer i know wat it is and wat it looks like i just cant find it lol ive lookd everywhere it must be hidin sumwhere
  17. it should tell u on the rubber d00d... if it dont i dont know sorry
  18. brad


    this has probly been askd b4 but i just bought a air/fuel autometer guage just wonderin where the 02 sensor is on the 4th gens as i cant see it but it has to be there somewhere if neone has a book and can fotocopy it that would be mad or just a foto or good description thanks
  19. the above questions have been answered many of times :P but yer they fit in dunno bout the trannys but i know the 3sge fits so does the 3sgte
  20. brad


    with ur first and second geasr problem... mine did that... turnd out it was me the cluthc is different to other cars.. i got the same model as u.. the accelarator pedal is real touchy in first and second ... that mightnt be the problem though
  21. could be ur tappets... a belt thats just bout :censor: thats all i can think of
  22. brad

    Fire Wall

    theres a big rubber gromet that runs ur harness through to the ecu... its usualy on the left hand side of the car ... depends wat model u got though.. or wen u buy wiring kits for watever ur puttin in.. they usualy come with a gromet if so drill a hole through a suitable place drill it and put the gromet in
  23. brad


    i dunno if this is thr tire forum but i think most ppl with celicas would only be in here... just wonderin whos from australia... and any ppl from brisbane... lookin for some parts or anything that will lift performance..
  24. kewl ill go the older one rebuild it with some forgies and a bit of boring.. new injectors bigger turbo .. cooler and ill be set for a wile lol
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