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  1. LOL - I wasn't planning a race! The Elise is obviously much quicker, mainly because (1) it's more aerodynamic and (2) even more importantly, it weighs very little because it's made of aluminium and glass fibre, in keeping with the Lotus philosophy of achieving performance by reducing weight. The point I was trying to make is, out of all the engines available Lotus selected the 2ZZ-GE because they considered it the best for the job: http://www.lotusofscottsdale.com/elise_engine.html
  2. Hi all, I've just had my 2004 T Sport for a week and I'm loving it! I was looking up some stuff on the net about the car (as you do). I guess most people here know that the 2ZZ-GE engine also powers the Celica, but it was news to me that it also beats at the heart of the Lotus Series 2 Elise and Exige! Is this common knowledge? It certainly put a smile on my face! :D Check it out here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lotus_Exige and about the engine generally: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyota_ZZ_engine Cheers!
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