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  1. well best of luck Exec6speed I've only been to Morley Toyota with my probs. I've been there about 10 times and am not getting anywhere. Morley Toyota (not Toyota Australia) are the ppl I'm having trouble getting to fix my car, therefore I can't give you any tips. I've been trying to get a few things fixed since august (still nothing fixed yet) and now I'm so tired of it all. I wish I never bought this car - should of spent $5,000 more and got a honda euro (car of the year in japan) 6 speed v6. Anyway morley toyota have a few bright mechanics, so go and see what they have to say. You can call me on 9474 2450 if you want to ask anything else.
  2. I occasionally had problems putting it into gears (it just wouldn't want to go ) but after about 2,000 km I never had this problem again. Considering you have already done nearly 5,000 km, I think you might have a problem. Call your local Toyota dealers and find out who has a demo sportivo and then go take a test drive. Better still, make some local friends and meet up and test it out. I have driven two different sportivos so far, both with about 2,000 km on the odo. I noticed that with mine there's just a little resistance when downshifting from 2nd to 1st at low speeds (<10 km/h) but with the other sportivo, there's heaps of resistance - nearly impossible. Spiz.
  3. Hi guys, onthebrink, check your mailbox 'cause I sent you a personal message. Charles, thanks for your comments. For the 4 days that toyota had my car last week, I had a 1.5 litre echo as a loan car. Appart from these two cars, I haven't driven a manual in more than 10 years. During these 4 days I thought that the echo's gearbox was incrediably smooth, quiet and fun to use. My sportivo on the other hand is not. Even after changing the driveshaft and cv joints (and whatever else they changed) I find it hard to make a smooth shift without concentrating. Is this normal for a sports engine and gearbox combination? I was told by the service people that I shouldn't be expecting the levels of smoothness that the echo's drivetrain gives. Is this true? btw Charles, can I really ask for a new car? Has anybody asked for one before and got it? Best regards, Spiz.
  4. thanks onthebrink, srr and peekay34 for your replies :) I've had a few problems with my car so far, here they are: #1. headlights were not aimed properly from the factory. for the first few nights oncomming traffic was getting blinded :arrgg-matey: #2. leaking windscreen. water comming in into the dashboard. #3. missing 1 (out of 4) retainer clip for driver's side side skirt. #4. missing 6 (out of 8) rubber plugs in side skirts. #5. HUGE FRIGGIN' DRIVELINE PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The entire drive-shaft getting changed today!!!!!!!!!! I had this problem since day one. 'cause I hadn't driven a manual car for ten years - I forgot what normal smoothness was. my sportivo felt very 'jerky' if you know what I mean. anyway, toyota has got my car for 2 days so I got a loan car - a brand new echo. I can't even begin to compare how smooth the gearbox puts the power from the engine to the wheels. makes my sportivo feel like a piece of sh*t. #6. the same dashboard vibration problem that the british built car has. something arround the cd player vibrates at about 4,000rpm. this started after I had done 2,000 km, just like everybody else :( #7. my car's cold startup idle has changed. for the first 8 weeks it used to idle at 1,600rpm when you first start it, and then slowely (and smoothly) slow down to 1,200rpm over 3-4 minutes. eversince last wednesday, when toyota had my car for the whole day, it's incosistant. today it started at 1,200rpm. btw, it's not to do with the ambient temp. #8. ????? who knows. but I'm sure it comming soon. Q. can somebody that knows about the mechanical side of things give me an opinion as to whether or not they think that all the jerking caused by a 'loose' driveshaft would have damaged any other parts of my drivetrain while I've been driving for the last 8 weeks? have a nice day, spiz.
  5. thanks for your replies guys :) I'm very bussssssy at the moment which is why I haven't replied to anyone. but I will when I get 5 minutes to spare. When the sportivo first came out, I went to 4 different dealers and had a close look. I noticed differences in the car back then, which is why I've always thought they are a bit suss. for example some said "built by Toyota Motor Corp. South Africa" and others just "Toyota Motor Corporation - Japan", which is the way toyota usually marks the cars that are made in japan. anyway, accourding to the VIN, they were all made in SA. I'm busy at the moment 'cause I've been making formal complaints about my corolla to toyota, at all levels - local, state and australia wide. I'll give you guys more details later. have a nice weekend. Spiz.
  6. hi guys, I've had a sportivo since 21st june and it hasn't been problem free - like I thought toyota's are supposed to be. I overheard some toyota service ppl complaining today, quote " ......... it's another one from south africa ......", so I spent some time looking at the car very closely. There seems to be some QA problems, and I want to find somebody else in Perth that I can meet to compare our cars. So if you're from Perth, add a reply or send me a personal message. anyway, tomorrow I'm getting my windscreen replaced (because the current one leaks) which is why my flasher relay was short-circuited hence, indicator lights stopped working. best regards, Spiz.
  7. black rat, what mods have you done? 14.150 @ 101.94mph is VERRRRRRYYYYY fast. best regards, Spiz.
  8. Nick, from my experience I wouldn't do it. there's a 90% chance that you wouldn't notice any difference. I changed the headers and exhaust on a nissan pulsar SSS without any noticable gain. A noticable improvement can only be made when the standard parts are crap, and this is NOT the case with the cts. :) which is a good thing. proof: trd makes a kit (US$5,000) which includes a full exhaust system, air filter and pistons that in total makes 15Kw and 20Nm difference. check it out here: http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/u...2zz-engine.html dude, save your money for something else. best regards, spiz.
  9. guys, the corolla sportivo is a "limited supply" model. toyota is allowing australia 100 cars ONLY per month!!!! that's why you have to wait. have a nice day :) spiz.
  10. The hazzard switch works but not the turn signals. Anybody had a similar problem and/or know how to fix it? spiz.
  11. thanks Daniel for your reply, but I'm not talking about the performance here - it's about handling. the corolla sportivo, like all "hot hatches" should be 25% engine, 15% brakes and 60% handling. that's why the sportivo/cts gets only 3 out of 5 stars in MOST motor mags. spiz.
  12. many parts of the world have very different conditions (weather, dust levels, etc) that need to be accounted for in regards to the care of a motor vehicle. that's the main reason why we have variances between toyota's run-in and service recommendations for the corolla in the UK, USA, Finland, Aust, etc. but according to the australian corolla's manual, during the 2000 km break-in period: * drive gently and avoid high speeds * avoid full throttle acceleration when the engine is cold * avoid racing the engine * try to avoid hard stops during the first 300 km * do not drive slowly with the manual transmission in a high gear * do not drive for a long time at any single speed, either fast or slow * do not tow a trailor for the first 800km so far (1850km) I've stuck to all of these conditions and added another from our UK friends' manuals of avoiding doing more than 4000RPM. Gladly I can report that my engine is in excellent condition - just about ripe for that 6200RPM kick. I can't wait :D best regards, spiz.
  13. In my personal opinion the corolla sportivo's suspension needs work. on the dampening side of things, it's an A+, one of the best cars I've ridden in. But the car has serious problems with body roll and general balance through corners. Firstly, the balance part: going arround a corner with only the driver in the car the suspension is pretty good(except for the body-roll) and easy to balance, but when you add another front passenger it all changes. The car rolls more and you need to adjust your cornering technique(speed, steering and accelleration) to make it balance. Now add another passenger in the rear and it all changes again. :( A car's handling shouldn't change depending on the passenger count Secondly, the body roll: this is a serious problem that i just can't understand - any standard family car (commodore, camry, falcon) has much less than this. What I would like to know is the relationship between the springs and the stabiliser bars. Is there any point to change these bars if the car is using soft springs? Also, by changing to the sportivo sports springs I'm worried that the 30mm lowering of the car will effect the shock absorbers performance and therefore spoil the otherwise brillant dampening. I would really appreciate it if somebody that has driven the sportivo arround with the stock suspension setup, and then changed to the sportivo sports springs can let me know what difference it has made to the dampening and body-roll. best regards, spiz.
  14. spiz

    Engine Oil

    In my previous car i tried heaps of oil types. I used mobile 1 and castrol fully synth oils for the first few years, but i couldn't tell any difference between them. then suddenly the oil prices went up 50% so i changed to semi synth oils. I tried heaps but I stuck to Mobil Synth S mostly. the only difference i could notice between the fully and semi synths was that the semi synths made the engine a little quieter ('cause it's thicker i think). but on the downside thicker oil means more friction, more heat, and less power (hotter air under the bonet) i think that any fully synth oil is A+. if you don't want to spend too much money, go for a semi synth like mobile's Synth S. but Vipes brings up an interesting point. i've never heard of this before but i'm very interested to know more about it. i'm going to seach for more info on it. but what i've noticed is that all of the fully synth oils on sale in australia are usually 0W50, 5W50 or 10W50 - but redline sells 20W50 which is a little thicker. i'm planning to use redline oil in my cts. i personally have never used it before, but here in australia there are alot of guys who "really" know about cars that wouldn't use anything else. 5 litres costs about US$90 read more about it here ..... http://www.redlineoil.com anyway, if your going to go for top oil, what about a top filter. check out this one ..... http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/u..._oil-filter.htm best regards, spiz.
  15. 15k rpm heeeheeee. maybe if you spent A$500,000. but ........ TRD Japan makes a kit worth A$8,000 that changes the engine's peak power delivery from 7800rpm to 8200 rpm (or 8350 if it's still spinning). like all TRD Japan stuff, it's &#33;Removed&#33; expensive, but at least then there won't be any disagreements about when to change to the next gear ;) check it out here .... http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/u...2zz-engine.html and here .... http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/u...ine-2zz-ge.html i can't read japanese and the translation is terrible, but some interesting numbers are a 70kg weight reduction and the compression ratio is increased from 11.5 to 13. best regards, Spiz.
  16. another question for peekay34, does the muffler or exhaust pipe tip need to be modified if the rear skirt is fitted? best regards, Spiz.
  17. can anybody give me instructions on aiming the low and high beam headlights? the car manual says to take it to toyota to do it, but I don't have the time. thanks guys. best regards, spiz.
  18. :( you guys are lucky. with all this talk about 21% discounts, i feel like i got ripped off paying $33,400 ..... but GOODLUCK to you guys :D just out of curiosity, what type of job and for how long do you need to work at toyota to be eligable for this discount? Spiz.
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