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  1. AW11hvn

    Aw11 Motor Swaps

    4AGTE all the way! www.sloth.8m.net
  2. AW11hvn

    Engine Buying

    Where is the most reliable site to buy a JDM 4agze? I need it for a 4agte convertion. thx, Cory.
  3. AW11hvn

    Mki Body Kits

    earlier this week i read about being able to make an MKI mr2 into a kit car for more famous sports cars, where can i find this kits? thx, Cory.
  4. your local autoparts store carries kits for about $110 or so. very easy install.
  5. AW11hvn

    Port Size?

    i have a 4age out of an 88 Mr2, is it large port or small, how can you tell? i rebuilt the engine myself, so describe and ill reconize. thx, Cory :D
  6. whats the best way to remove the back window on an MKI MR2? i have a friend who replaced his with plexi-glass with special lock hinges so he could remove and replace it freely(like a sunroof). well, hes out of town needless to say, and i need to know. :P thx, Cory
  7. im Looking for custom body pieces for a MKI MR2. where can i find em? thx, Cory
  8. hey everyone, is there any coilover kits that are made for other cars that will fit an MKI MR2? thx, Cory
  9. AW11hvn

    Mki Leaks

    I checked the seals, and theyre all good. What I think is going on is the drain holes are leaking somewhere into the car. sould i just determine which one and just plug that one?
  10. Glad to help. Good Luck. Just if it doesnt start the first time, thats normal, try, try, try again, itll be worth it. Trust me! Always glad to help, Cory.
  11. AW11hvn

    Mki Leaks

    hey everyone, today it rained rather hard quite quickly. when i got in my Mki to take off, i noticed some water draining into my lap. this is the first time ive ever had this problem. plus even odder the water had collected in the headliner right by the driverside windshield. do you think its the sunroof or windshield? what should i do if its either. thx, Cory :)
  12. hey everyone, im looking for some performance parts for my MKI. i was wondering if anyone had suggestions where i could find a large range of parts with reasonable prices. thx, Cory. :D
  13. i dont think itll make any difference which one you use. just replace all the fluids in the trans. -Cory
  14. axles and gearbox. i have to replace the wheel bearings soon. i would suggest replacing them as soon as possible cuz the originals go bad about 200k-250k ive found. or that might just be because of the way i drive, lol. -Cory
  15. Hey, I have done the same conversion myself, 88 engine and 86 body. I completed it about two weeks ago. The main thing I noticed is that you had to keep the original ECU and harness from the body. Plus the o2 sensor had to be the original. But when it comes to drivetrain, I used all of the parts from the 88.
  16. AW11hvn

    Auto Windows

    thx, that makes sense. cuz i already had to replace the driver side. the only prob is that the spare switch i have is off an 88. its completely different than the 86 with a lock and window switch. so should i just take the lock switch off and make it fit? thx, Cory.
  17. AW11hvn

    Auto Windows

    hey everyone, this is for a MKI, im having window troubles. ive already replaced the window motor on the passenger side, but it wont roll down. it rolled up after installing the motor though. is it maybe just an electrical prob? if so whats the easiest way to fix it? thx, Cory.
  18. Do you guys know where I can find good Body kits?
  19. hey everyone, Ive been looking arround for not so expensive mods for my MKI MR2. i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. (PS: its an 86 body and 88 engine) Thx, Cory.
  20. AW11hvn

    Motor Swap...

    Hello evryone, Ive recently been working on swapping an 88 second generation 4age into an 86 MKI mr2 body. Needless to say, ive had some troubles. First things first, i have fully rebuilt the engine and installed the original wiring harness from the 88 (including 88 ECU). Once it was finally in, it wouldnt even attemp to turn over. So, then i tried making everthing i could manual thinking, ok, this is kinda cool, its like a race car. But my troubles continued. I have fuel pressure, spark, and starter rotation. But Im pretty sure the injectors arent spraying. Finnal summation, tommorrow Im going to take out the 88 harness and swap it with the 86 harness along with several vacume switches to see if she'll start up. Thx, Cory.
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