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  1. I agree, there are lots of 92,93 and 94 Celica i've seen that still don't have them.
  2. Hello guys, I wonder if you could shed some light on this, why do some gen 6 celica have a driver side airbag and others don't.... Are they only fitted on the 1.8, 2.0 or certain imports or was it just an optional extra...
  3. Hi, I'm looking to do the same thing to my celica, are you able to do a video on what you removed and the troubles you came across... I've looked everywhere on you tube and nobody has done anything like it.
  4. Hello all, Just a quickie, just wondering if anybody knows what battery i need for my 1994 Toyota Celica 2.0L st202 gen 6. Somebody before me has stuck a really small battery on their which is not the right one. Just wondered what everyone else's has on their's. Many thanks. Neil.
  5. I am having problems with my celica i was fitting a new stereo and found that when i turned it on the areial does not move anymore. I have now put the old stereo back in and it still does not go up and no matter what i try it just wont extend. does anyone know if this has a fuse somewhere or should i be looking else where !
  6. My aerial wont go up or down, does anyone know where the fuse is for it ???
  7. Hello all i just brought my first celica and am a bit confused why the size are different from what is on the front to what is on the back. Here is as much info as to shat i can give you all Its an st202 L reg import Front tyre size 205 55 R16 91V Rear tyre size 215 55 ZR16 93W The alloy number which i read from the front is 16x 17 and a half JJ (sorry dont have a half button) Does anyone have these alloys and if they do what tyres do they have on them !!! I have enclosed a pic for you all, I hope it works!!!
  8. Hello all hope everyone is well. I have a question im about to buy a 1.8 celica on a N plate and was wondering if a 2.0L st202 gearbox would fit in the 1.8 celica. All advise is welcome !!!
  9. Ill let you know how i get on ! Fingers crossed.
  10. I managed to pic up a new cylinder head for £77.00 with all the valves and cams cus the i think the old one is a bit damaged, i have got pic's but there 2.7mb so its to big to post on here. so do you think all i need to do then is just to do then is just clean the piston crown up there is no damage to the cylinder bore so i should get away with it.
  11. I have taken some pic's tell me what you think ! The other bore is a little worse. also a guy told me at work if i level up the pistons and pour petrol into them right to the top and if any go down faster than the other it means the piston rings are leaking. here are the pic's after 15 mins.
  12. Hello all, I recently purchessed a celica 2.0L sport Gen 6 L reg celica, when driving down the motorway i started to experience a misfire, i checked the spark plugs were working and all firing. i removed the intake manifold cover and found that two bolts that hold one of the butterfly valves on the intake pipe were missing. Is this a common fault ? Somtimes you would hear a really bad knocking but would come and go. After stripping it down and removing the head i found that the cylinder head had signs of damage so im gonna renew the head for peice of mind. A bloke i work with told me that if i get all the pistons lined up and pour petrol right to the top it would tell me wether my piston rings are leaking if one or two would drop faster than the other, Is this true or was he pulling my leg ? Also if i was to renew the pistons rings how hard would this be ?
  13. I have recently come across a problem in which i havd to remove the head due to two very small bolt that went down the inlet manifold and just wanted to know if i could get away with replacing two pistons instead of four. the cylinder bore seems to be ok but the top of two of the piston seems to be a bit damaged,
  14. I know im being really thick here but what are stocks???
  15. Hello all, I am repairing a St202 gen 6 2.0L Sport (L reg) 3sge basicly where you have the throttle butterfly vaves (x4) on top of the engine if many of you have had problems with the screws coming out and falling down the intake manifold thus causing it to misfire. I have stripped down the engine to find damage to the head and am now on ebay trying to find the cheapest one to put on BUT two on the pistons have got light damage on the top. Is this common or have i been just !Removed! unlucky. The damage to the pistons. As far as i can see there is no damage to the piston bore.
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