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  1. Having recently used up all the Toyota green coolant that I had for topping up my beloved 1995 Carina E, 1.8, I have been unable to find another bottle (Toyota say it's no longer available). Can't find green coolant anywhere. Can get blue, red, pink or orange. Am told that you can't mix different ones and my local Toyota dealer suggested booking the car in to have the coolant drained, flushed and refilled with red - seems to be a sledge hammer to crack a nut! Would be grateful for any advice on this. Will it matter if I get blue coolant to top up the green coolant already in the system or will I really have to get it drained, flushed and refilled completely with another colour ?
  2. Afford 4 new injectors - I wish! Thanks anyway for the suggestions - might give pulling off the leads a go over the weekend when the car's hot or get my pal to test with his multi meter to try it cold - you never know I might get a result!!
  3. That's interesting but do you know if it's possible to test the injectors and identify the faulty one(s) without running the engine until it's hot .(see earler my topic below )
  4. Hi - a friend suggested to me that might usually be cylinder 3 because that one gets the least air circulation round it within the engine compartment. Looking forward to reading the next instalment of the Curse of Cylinder 3. Will let you know when I resolve my similar problem!
  5. Hoping someone can give me a quick answer on this. My 1995 Carina E 1.8 GS is misfiring after 15 - 20 miles. From previous posts it seems likely that one of the injectors is faulty. As I'm not able to carry out a check with a multi meter to identify which one is duff, (as has been sugested to others on previous posts), I have booked it into my local dealer next Tuesday for them to look specifically at the injectors. Since the dealer won't be looking to drive it for up to 20 miles so that the injectors can be tested when the engine is hot, is there a way that they can test them when cold ? I don't want to be told it's not a faulty injector and then spend £££s on replacing other things, only to find later that they actually had no way of accurately testing the injectors properly in the workshop. Any help would be much appreciated!
  6. HI - I gather from previous postings that the misfiring problem with my 1995 Carina E is a duff injector. Is replacement easy to diy or best done by a dealer - and where exactly do I look for these injectors?A mate says he can replace one in 10 minutes!! My other half says if its that easy he'll have a go - should I let him loose on my old faithful?
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