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  1. Problem Solved! I still believe it was because of the immobilizer. Regardless I have fixed it for $40 CDN. I bought a generic slave solenoid (an electric switch) and installed it. The slave solenoid takes the power from the ignition and instead of using it for to start the car, only uses it to turn on a switch. The switch connects a wire run from the battery to another one running to the starter. This way you get full battery power running to the starter when the ignition turns on. Normally your power goes from the battery through to an immobilizer (if you have one) to the ignition and then back to the starter. The power from the ignition starts the starter. If there is any substantial power loss across that route you may not have enough to turn the starter (as seems to have been the case with my car). Whether it is old wiring, extra power being sucked through the ignition connection, too much resistance when the starter is hot or whatever it doesn't matter, if you don't have enough by the time it reaches the starter it'll just tick. The power required to turn the switch on the solenoid is significantly less than that required to start the starter. Thus direct power from the battery start the starter and the weaker power from the ignition just flips a switch to allow the power from the battery to the starter. Problem solved... for now.
  2. Well here we go again. Had problems starting. It was just ticking when I turned the key. The only way to get it fixed is to turn the ignition on and off repetitively and eventually it worked (10-15 seconds).
  3. Update: As it was under warranty we took the car and starter to an Electric place in town. They proposed adjusting the plug connection. This apparently in some situations is the problem. By tightening the plug you can solve a bad connection. The second visit to the shop (as the problem continued) finally resulted in a reproduction of the original problem. It was determined that the new starter (a month or two old) was faulty and so we returned it and received another one. Having had much experience now with replacing starters I was able to replace the starter while my wife finished her Dairy Queen Blizzard (Georgia Mud Fudge). After tightening everything up I was relieved to hear it plunge to life with little effort. Hopefuilly this is the final resolution. As an aside as I finished up I dropped a socket and after climbing under the car to get it I noticed I was leaking Tranny Fluid. Oy Vey! So after replacing the contacts twice, getting a new starter, replacing the battery and then replacing the starter (under warranty) I really hope that everything is done. except forthe Transmission that is.
  4. Update: I got the new battery (toyota with a 2 year replacement and then prorated). I took the car to Toyota and they did a free battery test. The battery was only putting out about 345 CCA instead of the rated 550. When it's hot it still has trouble. It usually takes about 5-10 times when the engine is hot to actually get the starter to turn instead of "tick" as it tries to engage. The tapping works as well. My next step will be to return the remanufactured starter in case it is faulty.
  5. Specs: Model: Camry wagon Year: 1989 Engine: 2.5 L V6 Problem: Starter won't turn when hot. You get the usually engaging 'tick', but it won't turn. I've fought with this thing for a while now. I took apart the old starter in the fall/winter and replaced the contacts (and cleaned up any corosion). This worked for a few months and then it started not starting when hot and then eventually sometimes when cold. I took apart the starter again and cleaned up the contacts again (didn't replace) but the problem started a week or two later. I ended up getting a remanufactured started (2 year warranty) and put it in. The next day after I'd parked it and left it for 5 minutes I tried to start it again and it wouldn't go. I waited for a while for it to cool, but eventually pulled out a rock and tapped the starter while my wife turned the key (my usual way of getting the old one started in the same situation) and it worked sure-fire. What's the problem? It should be working!
  6. This will not be a solver for all of those with problems, but if you have your A/C button pressed in (Don't have to be using it) then this can result in irregular idle and lunging. Sometimes fixable other times just a characteristic of the car cooling. I keep a small wrench with me and adjust the idle as it tend to slip and that helps a bunch. When my sitting idle drops below 700 i start to get problems. (89 Camry Wagon v6 at 160k km)
  7. orthotomeo

    Camry V6 1990

    2.5 liter V6 (153hp) Fuel economy: Highway: about 28 or 29 miles per gallon. I have a wagon and it gets worse in town. It's a good car, just make sure you repair the rust early.
  8. Hi everyone, I just bought a Camry wagon (89 LE) and when I start from a stop (intersection etc) the engine hesitates momentarily and then is fine. It feels like the revs are dropping. There's no problem when I'm driving and no shudders or anything just 1 hesitation when I start from a stop. Could it be a low idle? If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated. thanks