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  1. Hi windin. My mates d4d was just like as you described yours playing up under load.he could make it go into limp at will by thrashing it. Hes a forklift engineer and quite a clever bloke.he had read on a forum somewhere about the d4d suffering with turbo problems something to do with the wastegate but the design of the turbo isnt accually a wastegate but some spinning vanes? Cut a long story short he cleaned the turbo vanes and now no faults with it can thrash it all day with no limp and no eml light either. Could be cause of your fault too. Be worth cleaning the turbo and try that.
  2. mr m

    Engine Ecu

    Hi bothwell. Yes its a customers dieel xt3. It originally had the fault tou get when the scv"s pack in.ie.loosing power cutring out.so i ordered some new valves for it and the day the guy was fetching it to me it broke down alltogether and wouldnt start again.so i changed the valves.it started ran for 30secs then went to limp and then stopped and wouldnt start again. To cut a long story short ive changed filters cleand tank filters.blown out fuel lines.checked the injextors wernt leaking back.and then replaced the high presure pump as it transpired the guy was running it On red diesel!. And st
  3. mr m

    Engine Ecu

    Hi does anyone know weather a ecu from a corolla d4d would be the same as one for a rav. Theres a few on ebay. Part numbers are slightly different but they are made in japan like the one fitted to the rav. Could it be that the ecu is essentially the same but has different numbers as they relate to different cars? Any help appreciated.
  4. Yes fuel filter changed.then even bypassed the filter head completely.cleaned the filters in the tank.blown the fuel lines out also.this was all prior to changing the high pressure pump. Had a slight breakthru today tho.on testing the supplys to the scv's found had 12 volt live to both valves with ign on but no negative.so di continuity test on wiring back to ecu.found wiring ok no breaks. So i cut the wire for neg to one of the valves as to not blow ecu.put the neg to earth and it started and was running for approx 2mins till i took the neg off again.it the stopped so thought got to be ecu no
  5. Well the pump was suposed to be a recon and was from a reputable ebay seller. Wouldnt of thought it was faulty but who knows. Posibly it could be a faulty rail pressure swith but dont want to throw one at it as costs are mounting.
  6. Hi there need help desperate. Got a customers 2003 d4d in. It had originaly been hard to start and breaking down. Then week ago it wouldnt start at all. So dragged it in and it had fault code fuel line problem. So orderd new scv's for it changed them it started and ran for a minute and then went into limp and then cut out and wouldnt start again. Put it on diagnostics again and found when cranking over that rail pressure was only 14 mpa.so after speaking to local diesel shop they said that this was to low.and pump would need to be checked. Told customer and he went ahead and bought a recon pum
  7. mr m

    Increase Power

    thanks guys, guess i"ll just have to hold all the traffic up as i travel down the A roads with my caravan! or save up for a landcruiser!!
  8. mr m

    Increase Power

    You should try searching for mods for the engine - its a 2.0 vvti isn't it? I think that engine was used on the Celica and some other cars? I'm not aware of mods that would give you a big boost, but try searching some of the USA sites as well.... the common things you'll find are things like K&N air filters...... hi thanks for that, did think may be it could be chipped,has any member tried that
  9. mr m

    Increase Power

    hi fellow owners, i have a 2003 2.0vvti xt3, i tow a caravan with mine but find it struggles with my large 5 berth van,was wondering is it pos to increase the power partically in the low revs as its slow on hills and find i have to rev high to keep power?
  10. does anyone know is it pos to gas convert my 2.0ltr vvti rav,cos its drinking me out of house an home! i like my truck but in the currant climate with the fuel prices ive thought of getting shot of it,just wondered if it was gassed could be able to keep it.
  11. mr m

    Rav Servicing

    could any one tell me what is carried out on a 60.000mile service to a 2003 vvti,toyota want £340 to service it, they said its a major one, as an engineer i wouldnt mind doin it myself.
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