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  1. At 220,000 you might have a crankshaft/engine block SEAL leak, like me. Be careful to check your oil level often until you have the right diagnosis done. Those drips add up. Me, I top-up the oil level every week, which is the poor mans way round it. But forgetting to religiously top-up can quickly become fatal to your otherwise good engine. Replacing this seal requires removing the engine/transaxel from the car---too expensive for my tastes. But certainly it's the right thing to do if you value your ride for the long term.
  2. My 93 Camry (2.2 Litre 4 cyl 5SFE engine) had 220,000 miles on it when the problem started... stalling at stoplights sometimes sputtering at highway speed. First I replaced the ancient platinum spark plugs (of course!). No effect. Then, before getting into the maze of EGR and manifold vacuum devices and tubes, I took a real close look at the distributor. Turns out the 12 volt supply to the ignition coil (this coil is inside the distributor) was intermittently shorting to ground through the distributor housing insulator (black plastic). The faint white discoloration from arcing was a dead giveaway. I guess the insulator and coil just got over-baked after so many miles and then began shorting to the dist housing. No amount of cleaning of the insulator and housing would help. A NEW DISTRIBUTOR, which included a new coil (purchased online for about $128) solved the problem. I'm now at 261,000 miles, and no recurrance.