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  1. Owner of new Corolla TS 2.0l Excel I am finding about a one second delay to dip on the LED headlight with an Adaptive High-beam System This is causing me to have to check the high beam light on the dash. On dual carriage ways it does not pick up traffic on the opposite carriageway Previously owned Auris with similar system so used to driving with this system . Understand that it is not adjustable ??? Anyone else having this problem on such great car.
  2. Yaris T spirit D4D Nov 06, ( This is the 5door car) Problem occurs at 2800/3000 rpm, in any gear. Mirror has been replaced. Terrible on M Ways, Been back as you for three days of testing, 3months ago, They 've ruled engine vibes, still waiting for an answer. I understand its happens only on the D4D. Been back today people are away on hols will post more when i get answers or RESULT?????. Tripper1