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  1. need a ct-26 turbo for my supra anyone got one lying about
  2. Deano

    Turbo Wanted

    for a mk3 supra
  3. Deano

    1992 Supra

    come on someone bid more need at least 900
  4. Deano

    1/4 Mile

    mid 16. i thought that it would be quicker than that i ran the 1/4 in 17 with my standard 1988 celica gt
  5. i think i will only get one if i get offered one on the cheap :D
  6. well i dont know too much about turbo's thats why i ask. So we've come to the point where it would only be worht while if the car was modded
  7. does it make the dump sound if so i will be interested fo £60
  8. so basically it would be a waste of 150 quid
  9. would there be any point getting one on an automatic
  10. am i right in thinking they give you no extra power
  11. How much would it be for a hks and the fitting kit
  12. Morning.Well i just looked out the window and it doesnt seem such a goog morning for me.Its raining
  13. nah wont be able to make it.i only got my supra two weeks ago and it wasnt planned either.My mate couldnt afford to keep it so swapped for my fiesta
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