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  1. Hi yes it still goes off if the passenger seat is empty and the passenger seat belt is connected - I did check this to see if the switch in the passenger seat was stuck on, so the problem does seem to be at the drivers side.....
  2. Hi My seat belt alarm has started going off as though I'm not wearing a seat belt (which of course I am!). I'm guessing something has gone wrong in the seat belt buckle, but before I replace it does anyone know if there is something obvious I should check first (other than cable connectors under the seat which all seem fine)? Thanks in advance Bryan
  3. Hi I have replaced the tailgate on my t25 estate. However, when it's closed the car still thinks it's open (interior light on and warning light on the dash). It opens and closes fine and locks if I do it manually with the key. but because the car thinks it is open it wont lock from the key fob (and I have to turn the interior light off so the battery doesn't drain). Question: Where is the switch that tell the car its closed properly, I'm guessing its in the lock? Is something adjustable? thanks in advance
  4. Hi Unfortunately picking up the pieces after being hit by an uninsured driver and the insurance unwilling to repair even damage not too bad...grr Question: Is the rear impact bar on the T25 universal? Will a hatchback/saloon impact bar fit my tourer etc..?
  5. Hi Just picked up a new key from Mr T today, they wanted £50 to program it so thought I'd do it myself as its all online. I have followed what I thought was the complete procedure but have had only partial success, the buttons on the new key now work, they lock and unlock the car, however the key will not start the car, it just turns over so am guessing that the new key is not turning the immobiliser off. What more do I need to do to sort that bit out? I can see plenty of posts describing how to pair up for the door locking buttons (which I have already done), but nothing definite for an avensis immobiliser, just suggestions on what _might_ work, does anybody know or can point me to a post I've missed? thanks in advance Bryan
  6. Hi, no after market aerial has been fitted, can Watergate in if the seals around the mounting points for the roof bars have perished?
  7. Hi All I've got water dripping onto the drivers seat from the interior light fitting, has anyone else experience this and found the source? I have a 2004 T25 Tourer. Have had some entertaining electrical problems too but they seem to have stopped.... Coolant temp guage needle stopping working Outside temperature -25 to -30 degrees Battery charge light turning on randomly - battery checked and healthy Rear Window wiper turning itself on despite being off - have checked the motor on this (suggestion from an old post) and its dry inside Aftermarket radio resetting to factory settings Thanks
  8. Hi, have a look at www.aliexpress.com, is your a t250? or earlier model? I'm about to buy an android head unit and they have ones that correctly fit the space (with an 8.8 inch screen!) rather than buying a generic double din unit and adapter plate. They also do lots of LED light ad ons, you might like the ones that produce BMW style halo daytime lights because they come with a remote control to change the colour if you are showing....you'd have to take your headlights apart to fit though but are definitely a bit different...
  9. Hi, when I get these warning lights its usually a blown brake light bulb as others have mentioned, however once it turned out to be a faulty Yaw Rate sensor which needed to be replace, the part cost £220 from Mr T and it is located under the trim between the two front seats - my OBD scanner did not identify this fault, it was only diagnosed at the garage If it is this part I'd try and source from a breakers first as its silly money!
  10. Hi I have a 2004 Avensis T4 estate, the original 'turn by turn' sat nav above the central air vents is faulty and I was wondering if anyone had successfully installed the later sat nav with screen that fits in the same position, it looks like a modular unit that would fit in the space ok and it has a different box that goes under the passenger seat, but does anyone know if the wiring harness behind it all is completely different so would be a waste of time trying? If not I'll upgrade the stereo instead for a gps setup as there are plenty available but having a non working bit of kit in the car would bug me!
  11. Hi All Have been getting an annoying noise from under the dashboard and behind the centre console. On investigation I found that it was coming from a white motorised actuator arm that can be seen if you look up under the dash from the drivers foot rest. I'm guessing that it is involved with controlling the mixture of hot air and cold conditioned air for the climate control as it moves up and down as I increase or decrease the temperature setting. Anyway its going a bit haywire jittering back and forth constantly and making the noise; so what ever controls it isn't working properly. Anybody had this experience or knows how to sort it? thanks
  12. Hi I've just had the same warning lights too. My Maxiscan MS509 OBD2 scanner was not able to read the ABS fault so changed the rear brake bulbs (as I had some spare) and this didnt sort the problem. I then took it to my very trusted garage and it turned out to be a faulty Yaw Rate Sensor, which they had to order from Mr T at £220 plus vat! On my 2004 1.8 tourer the sensor is located under the trim behind the handbrake lever, between the two front seats, and was a pretty easy swap. I imagine mega bucks could be saved sourcing from a breakers and fitting yourself.
  13. Really sorry its been a while since I logged in to the site. The mechanic that sorted my steering column knocking just said that he had tightened a loose bolt higher up the column that wasnt related to the bolts he'd changed as part of the recall and didnt elaborate further. Everything is still excellent and knock free.
  14. Hi I have a 1.8 petrol 2004 Avensis Tourer T4 and think its excellent, with 2 young children (5&7) it has no problem carting around everything we need. The only thing I would say is that they can get through quite a bit of oil so make it a monthly check. I have just renewed my insurance for £300.00 including business use. thanks Bryan