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  1. check out this link: http://toyota.mnc.ru/framno/longindex.html it should help
  2. nice motor mate; i have a similar one 1998 but i just added an ARB bullbar. will upload the latest photo tomorrow PRADO RULES!
  3. Hi all Started my prado this morning and all this water and black carbon like stuff came shooting out! Then, once the engine got warm, no more emission... Now i'm worried!!!!!! Any idea what the problem might be? HELP!
  4. So I am doing a survey on 4x4s, and this is the first poll. what km/lt do u think i should be getting?
  5. I am looking at purchasing either a Corolla or Sprinter, both model AE110. Does anyone know the differences between the two models?
  6. I have a friend who has a new Mitsubishi Pajero V73 which ahd the same problem. In fact, the ECU was reporting that side airbags were faulty, when the car did not have any!!! You may have to replace the ECU here.
  7. Try: http://www.autoecu.com/default.asp
  8. I replaced the player in my car with a sony xplod. For the emplty space below the player, i got a pocket from a second-hand spare shop and had the guys who fitted the stereo put it in for me. They had plates with toyota written on them as an alternative.
  9. hi there there is this great discussion forum to visit regarding detailing, paint chips, etc http://www.autopia.org might get help there
  10. I have a toyota Prado 1998. It came with one of this tiny Japanese jacks. Can a hi-lift jack work with this vehicle? Folks tell me I need jacking ponts fitted, etc... Which is the best type of jack (i.e. least amount of effort on my part) for large 4x4s?
  11. Here in Nairobi, Toyota Kenya reccomend an oil change evry 5000 kms; perhaps beacuse our roads are so bad...
  12. Hi, my Prado has the same button so I am assuming your wheels are automatic. To quote Cal ( a member who helped me with the same query): " PWR is 'Power'. It delays the shifting up timing so you can get more revs out of the engine"
  13. No worries, found out it was indicator that there was water in the fuel filter, and needed to be drained. Got it done in 15 minutes, now no light!!!! Wow, what a panic, I have just goen and ordered one of those owner manauls!
  14. There is a strange indicator next to timing belt indicator on my dashboard that has come on. It is orange in colour and suddenly went on. Looks like a reservoir with a drop at the bottom. Does anyone know what it means? Should I be worried? Prado, 3.0lt turbo diesel, 1998, KZJ95, engine: 1KZ-TE. Or does anyone have a manual for Prado that they can check and advsie what the various indicators on the dashboard mean?
  15. Well, I have a Prado 1998 whose dashboard compass does not light up. However, the other two dials are lighting up (i.e. the temp and pitch/roll indicator). Is this an LCD problem, or can I just replace a bulb to get the thing working again? Anyone experience a similar problem? The compass indicator is the one on the far right.
  16. Wow, what amazing roads we have here! I'm sure your local 4x4 club would have fun just driving through our suburban estates!!!! But, I do need to do something about the dash rattling, and am planning to open the whole thing up and put in rubber dampers and double sided tape (good suggestion) and tighten all the bolts. As for JAe, sorry but am a little far away to attend. Wonder if they ahve a local one here, given the number of 4x4s in Kenya.
  17. Thanx: don't think I will bother installing as I don't drive like a rally driver anyway!! Also, I have a dashboard that rattles a little: anyw ay of opening and adding dampers of some sort to reduce the noise?
  18. New owner of a Land Cruiser Prado, 3.0 lt turbo deisel, 1998. Lots of folks reccomening that I install a turbo timer, helps the turbo come down in temperature before shutting down. Is that what a turbo timer does? If so, do I need one? And why don't Toyota install one as standard if they are so important?
  19. Asante Sana Mzee Any links to Kenya?
  20. Hello, I have recently purchased my first Toyota Prado Automatic, 1998 model, TX, ex Japan. Can anyone help me with explanations as to what the following mean: - What does L stand for on the gearbox? (I know N, D, 2, R, P) - There are 2 buttons next to gearbox, one saying PWR. What does that mean? - The other button says 2nd Start. What deos that mean? Is it the same as 2 on the gearbox? - Sometimes I can shift from D to N without pressing the button on the gearstick. Is that normal? - There is another button saying O/D. It is normally on. What does that do? Sorry for all the questions, but I have driven a manual car forever.
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