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  1. Hi Srd, Yup, the plate in the engine bay only gives two codes: body and trim. The trim code is internal trim colour (which can't be matched by a UK paint specialist anyhow). My local Toyota dealer made enquiries within the UK, and really I got they impression they couldn't be that bothered to go any further. :crutchy: I could try the UK website, but I got the impression that only Toyota Japan keep records of all paint codes used on their models. This does seem reasonable. Oh well, put it all down to experience.... <_< Then there's the mirror switch that the Cobra alarm guy bust, and I'm 9 months down the line trying to get a replacement for it. :censor: Regards, Jamie
  2. LOL Perhaps that's why mine won't play either.... Jamie
  3. Hi everyone :D I need to get the steering wheel off to get at the dashboard electrics (which are faulty of course). I can't get the tool. Most car shops only supply Ford etc. I called my local Toyota garage (again, not at all helpful) and they told me such a beastie doesn't exist. Of course it does, the Haynes manual shows it in operation. So does anyone know of a part I can order that will lift the steering wheel off a Land Cruiser Amazon 4.2TD 1995 import? TIA, Jamie
  4. Hi everyone :P My local UK Toyota garage hasn't been very helpful in trying to identify the paint code for external trim. The external body colour and internal trim colour are identified. Can anyone point me in the right direction to contact Toyota Japan so that I can identify paint codes? :hokus-pokus: TIA, Jamie
  5. I have a 1995 Land Cruiser Amazon Japanese Import. I don't know if the self diagnosis codes are different depending on country of manufacture for the Amazon, but my Haynes manual gives fault codes and the procedure for obtaining them by using a jumper wire onto the diagnostics interface in the engine compartment, then count the number of flashes on the O/D lamp. :) It's highly likely that the Haynes manual for your Colorado will give similar instructions. It's worth a try considering the low cost of these manuals compared to Toyota publications! (Just ordered a Toyota Electrical Manual for £46.30!) Regards, Jamie
  6. I'll probably be moving to a fully synthetic oil in the near future. General opinion seems to be that you can run for twice the mileage, get improved fuel economy as well, which offsets the higher price of the oil. Regards, Jamie
  7. >Dealers are giving conflicting info as to whether an intermediate oil change is needed for the 2003 Amazon 4.2L TD engine (at 4500 miles or 6 months). I have the 1995 Amazon 4.2L TD, and there is conflicting advice: 1 The garage that sold me the car recommended an oil change every 6000 miles. (4WD specialist). 2 My local Toyota garage performs service intervals at 6000,9000,27000 miles. 3 The Haynes diesel manual (92751) recommends an oil and oil filter change every 3 months or 5000km/3100mi whichever comes first. Infrequent oil changes can do a lot of harm to the engine, so erring on the side of caution I've adopted the 3 month interval as my mileage is consistently lower than the threshold. Regards, Jamie
  8. Hi Guys/Gals, Does anyone know where I can get a published parts catalogue for the 1HD-FT engine? The Haynes diesel manual (92751) isn't detailed enough (and doesn't cover the HDJ81 despite coverage to 1998 ) and I'm in the process of identifying all engine components (never seen so sensors...). As all the sender units/relays have clear Toyota parts numbers this seems a good approach. Any help appreciated. Good online catalogues also welcome, but I'd rather have a printed version. :bookworm: TIA, Jamie
  9. Hello Tony, Having worked in software for more years than I care to admit, the first idea that comes to mind is to contact the Japanese company that manufactured the satnav unit. They probably have web and email being that high tech. As it is just a matter of changing the menu system from Japanese to English, they may have an English version. Considering the very nature of satnav, multilingual menus make sense, or at least the ability to upgrade the firmware. It's worth a try. Regards, Jamie
  10. Thanks for reply dosenffner, My point is that the odometer can be wound back legally and there are companies that do this in the London area. The London garage that sold me the car has offered to get a specialist in to wind back the odometer. I was looking for some one locally in Devon and haven't been able to find any. At the moment it is very inconvenient to go all the way back to London to get this fixed. Thanks for ref on dual reading speedo, I'll check it out. Regards, Jamie
  11. Hi guys, Any advice for the Devon UK area... I have a 4.2 TD VX Ltd 1995. The garage I bought it from is in London and they didn't convert it properly: * speedo faceplate changed from KPH to MPH (really wanted dual) * speedo box fitted so that it clocks up in MPH So now, it's 110% pure mongrel mix milometers, and I thought that the clock was going to be wound back when I got it. I know that this can be done legally, but I can only find companies in the M25 area that will do this. Any leads/contacts for the Devon area? (My local Toyota dealer was no help at all.) TIA Jamie
  12. Hi, Just stumbled upon this site, we have a very similar car, although mine is 1995 and I'm in Devon. I've just found quite a few manuals online. Keep in touch if you want. Regards, Jamie
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