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  1. Happy Birthday tccom!

  2. That wont happen. The shock absorber that has failed will be covered, you cannot replace parts in pairs under any warranty, not even new. It might be good engineering practice but you have no rights to force them to do it Kingo your place changed both rears on mine when only one had blown pity they bent the exhaust when they done it.
  3. if the brake pads have not got the anti squeal shims in then thats the problem,common on the corolla according to autodata troubleshooter
  4. just use the search button supercharger oil is on there and a how to guide,i had a charger under warranty and it was dry of oil cost in excess of £2k
  5. ahhh compressor ownership i remember it well! but seriously brakes could be caliper slider pins sized or pads fitted without squeel plates or worn discs,the rubbing prob what you have said hAve a look for markings.DON,T FORGET THAT SUPERCHARGER OIL LEVEL!
  6. i moved out of the compressor in late november and have not missed the noise or the exhaust note from the custom system,the focus is so much more comfortable to drive and better on the fuel! but not by much but i don't do many miles,no moddin on this one not going down that road again.
  7. it comes from the usa so look at ebay usa!the sellers on there
  8. compressor gearboxes seem to be going pop this week so glad i don't have one now.
  9. i would just like to say that my old comp had no problems with the gearbox but had only covered 28,000 miles but had a oil change in the 48 month service as recommended at the service interval.
  10. So you are saying that this gearbox requires rebuilding with a new syncro every so often through out its life and I will just have to live with it? Thats poo! this is why compressors go through many owners in a short amount of time,i was the 4th owner of my last one on a 56 plate and i had it 2.5 years.
  11. compressors are a good car i have had two so owned them in total for 3 years,i now have a focus st and it is the total opposite to the comp low revving and silent on the m way if it's a high revvin performance car you want the comp is for you as you have got it the performance gains are not worth the cash in my oppinion but many would disagree how far do you want to go i stopped at the s/s cat back and they do like the fuel! good luck with the mods
  12. cheapest way have a go yourself with a haynes manual if the jobs a correct it can't be failed,most motor factors make brake pipes to order if you take the old one for them to copy.
  13. this is the joy of owning a compressor you have to be on top of them all the time,don't know were this toyota quality myth comes from!
  14. re set ecu - turn ignition on dont start engine foot hard down on accelerator untill engine light flashes about 40 seconds when it stops flashing foot off pedal turn ignition off then restart as normal and its back on the full power map.think thats the order its been a while,but someone will correct me if its wrong.
  15. also the cheapest place to get the supercharger oil is america off e bay i have the seller stored somewhere its £20 for a bottle and sringe to fill it with.
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