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  1. Very nice car. Where you get the kit, or what make is it? Wheels look savage. car looks very very clean. Dont give it to the missus. Shame to take kit off.
  2. You can use tinypic to upload pics to this site. Very easy. The smaller the file size, the quicker it will upload.
  3. http://www.geocities.com/jvxdriver/eagle_eyes.htm Save a bit o' money, look great.
  4. http://home.onthenet.com.au/~paulp/Blacktop/ :)
  5. Ordered a battery from Bosch for my car, and it's too big! I need one with small terminals, and not as wide. The one I got seems huge. Typical that the guys in place would give me wrong one. How do I find out the proper one? Internet seems useless for batteries. Thanks, Kev.
  6. Seriously impressive. Car looks great, savage wheels. Nice colour. I am biased as I love the shape of that car.
  7. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Trade-Me-Motors/C...915/k-26349.htm trawling thru' sites and found this.
  8. There was a recession in Japan, sales were not that good, . . . . . mores the pity. Yes. Hard to find on net. None on Ebay, . . .EVER!!
  9. Thanks for replies. Just seemed that everyone on that site, even with fairly new cars, was rushing out to fit ground wire kits on their cars.
  10. Stop trying to take our cars, /waves fist. :P www.carzone.ie usually have some, all 1994 models.
  11. Taken from this page: http://www.clubprotege.com/wil/howto/groundwire/ "A newly found modification that works on nearly any car. A groundwire kit typically consists of about 5 wires which you connect to various places under the hood to improve the ground connections. These wires are basically 1400-1700 strand, 99.9% copper car audio power wires with 24k gold-plated ring terminals.Many magazine's have tested these Ground Wire kits on various models, all of which saw some kind of power gain. Anywhere from a 2-15whp peak gain in the recent Import Tuner article. Of these cars, the average gain throughout the powerband was about 2-5 whp. You can expect a 2-6whp peak gain if you own a 1.6-2.2 liter 4 cylinder car and at least a 1hp gain throughout the powerband, and maybe more. On top of that, you will notice increased throttle response due to a better spark, brighter headlights, and your stereo system won't strain your alternator as much as before (ie: less headlight dimming when the bass hits). You should also immediately note a smoother idle when you first start your car" There is a universal set on ebay for US $20. Any thoughts? Kev. PS: here is step by step guide I just found on how to do it DIY on the cheap. http://www.scionlife.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=29261
  12. Talk about digging up an old thread. But are these Nology hotwires any use, especially for a 4AGE 20V???: They are available in UK here: http://www.theracersedge.co.uk/acatalog/On...ystems_416.html
  13. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/JDM-AE111-B...sspagenameZWD2V Thanks, Kev
  14. Anyone have a link to a page with the type of Megasquirt ecu which is suitable for the Corolla FX?? Or are they all the same? Also, what is a performance exhaust? My Rolla has twin boxes but I shouldn't go changing them should I?? Thanks, Kev
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