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  1. Ahh ... tell me more - I'm interested! Well below is the answer google just gave me........ I wonder if this stuff is any better than Waxoil or just a different name for it. So who has used it? Active Thin Fluid Film chemistry penetrates corrosion deposits where it chemically emulsifies and displaces the electrolyte. This isolation process keeps the corrosion cell deactivated
  2. Do you end up giving the car and chassis a wash first and letting it dry thoroughly before doing all of the above??
  3. If you have the early spec car you can upgrade to the later spec brakes. I have done this on my AE92. It was simply a case of changing over the calipers and disks. The only other thing is you will have to bend back the dust shield that the brake disk sits in front of.
  4. I can put you in touch with someone who can supply 4AGZE engines. PM me for details. However I would recommend that you decide what you want to do with your Corolla before purchasing more bits. Like others have already said, if you turbo the 4AGE engine you will not get good power gains compared to the time and effort put in plus you will need to consider uprating the pistons and rods. The 4AGZE can be turbo'd but why go down that route when you have a supercharged engine already??
  5. Good news, so will you be keeping it this time??? Always good to see an old post updated with useful info.
  6. I can testify to that! Belated welcome to the forums my friend.
  7. Its under the exhaust manifold at the front of the engine. Follow the cable from the battery and you will be able to see it.
  8. Yep the calipers are aluminium so quite light. I meant you could save weight on the brake discs by using a floating set up. One of the reasons i asked was as i am looking at this conversion myself and if you struggle to sell the complete set up, would you consider selling the bells seperately possibly with the discs if they could be machined down to fit under 16 inch rims. Just a thought!
  9. With the disks having to be drilled/machined and considering how heavy they are would it not be an option to buy some floating disks and use the existing bells you have? I am looking at this conversion on my AE92, I have got the calipers and disks but was wondering how much weight would be saved using a floating disk set up, no idea of the cost of them though but i know it wouldnt be cheap!
  10. It could just be the 5th gear synchro thats worn, as far as I am aware this was the main problem with these. Not overly difficult to replace as mentioned earlier box doesn't need to be split to replace the synchro or the 5th gear if it turns out it is the gear. synchro is about £20ish from Toyota
  11. how easy is it to refurb the front calipers? - got a pair that needs doing........ the problemi had on the rear ones was the slider welded itself to the caliper - neglect on my part for not greasing them when servicing..... live and learn! i didnt get as far as trying to take the handbrake mech off.......... appreciate why you want to do it yourself I havent done the front ones before myself but they should be relatively easy to do theres not much to them and no handbrake mechanism behind the piston to deal with! I've got a Haynes manual somewhere if you want scans of the relevant pages let me know
  12. When you have a total of four pairs of AE92 calipers it makes sense to save money if you can :D Im not going to go into what i think the benefits are of doing the refurb myself or if its easier to exchange them. The question was regarding the tool to take the circlip out. Anyway I may have come across a solution will post up once im sure it works
  13. Reconditioned calipers cost about £80 each on an exchange basis. Its about half the cost to fully refurb a caliper including changing the piston so makes sense to go the refurb route really :) I will google brakes engineering and see if they can help or offer any advice, thanks.
  14. Hi all, Im in the process of doing a full refurb on my AE92 rear brake calipers. As everyone knows these calipers were one of the worst designed items on the AE92 as they always seize if not tended too. Well I have decided to strip them completely but have come up against a bit of a problem. Once the piston has been removed a special Toyota service tool is required to remove a circlip to release the handbrake mechanism. I have asked at my local Toyota dealer and they are stumped too. Does anyone know what the part number for the toll is or what alternative tool can be used. I have had a good look round and cant find anything that would fit. Oh and if anyone looks in the Haynes manual for the part number of the tool its not correct or no longer available I think as i did ask at Toyota.
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