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  1. Hi, Sorry to hear about the vandalism, that sucks Try ebay for breakers yard listings, you could get lucky there. Also, try Japarts They are pretty good and could probably point you in the right direction. Good Luck
  2. Hello I've been researching wheels for my Hiace too, my current wheels are 15" PCD 5x114 ET35. They are damn near impossible to find anywhere! I was thinking of getting some 17" wheels though. Is the ride quality really that bad?
  3. Hi, What size wheels have you got on it, could you send me some pics?
  4. Hello, I can import a Toyota Hiace - similar to the 1st/2nd pictures but it will be fitted as a minibus. Let me know if you are interested. faz at 4x4xfaz dot co dot uk Faz Faz, I'm very interested, please email me at adamstepcom@hotmail.com to discuss Thanks
  5. Hi All I'm own a 1992 Hiace camper that was imported to the UK from Japan. I absolutely adore it, its without doubt the best car I've owned. We are however thinking of upgrading to a more modern camper but I just don't like any of the models available in the UK and I would really like to get the new Hiace as sold in Japan, Australia and South Africa (and a few other countries I guess) here are a few links to it Pic1 Pic2 As a Camper Spec from Toyota Australia Does anyone know how best to go about sourcing one of these? I have already contacted Toyota UK and am awaiting a reply. Thanks A
  6. Hi Andy. I use these guys Jem They were reccommended to me by someone on this site. I have used them to service my imported Hiace and will shortly be having the timing belt changed by them too. They aren't cheap but are very knowledgeable, have good links to Japan for spares and are very professional, I would reccommend them for sure. Let us know how you get on. Cheers
  7. Hello all, I'm the proud owner of an imported '92 Hiace camper and an Owners club newbie. I would like to have my van fully serviced as I'm not sure exactly when last it was done and I want to be sure she is up to the job when we tour europe next year. Its a 2.8 diesel, 3L engine with and Auto box, I reckon I need a new battery and tyres too. Can anyone recommend me a decent service centre in London, perhaps one that specializes in campers or Toyota imports? I guess I could just take it down to my local kwik fit but I'd rather take it to a specialist? any suggestions welcome :D
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