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  1. in fact, the tiburon almost looks better. >:P
  2. makes it look like a modded Hyundai. a tiburon or something.
  3. mc17

    2005 Supra?

    by the looks of that magazine page, hyundai already used that design.... in their tiburon. it wont surprise me in the least if toyota releases an ugly, underpowered piece of crap and calls it a Supra. after all, not a damn thing they've done recently outside of trucks has been worth a ****. their "fast" car (IE the celica) is 180hp? a 4 banger? come on you !Removed!, get back in the game. your sporty car is considered in the same class as the DODGE NEON SE, the hyundia tiburon, and the nissan sentra. come on. look: Nissan's Z is doing fantastic. Audi's TT, even honda's s2000 (and no, your little **** MR2 is NOT an answer to the roadsters.) how about Mazda's rx8? (which is questionable) whatever. does EVERYONE have to beat you to the punch again? do you always have to be the last to join the party? you suck. we're in a HP contest, and your front runner is behind everyone else. i just might **** go buy a domestic car, just because i'm sick of waiting on your stupidasses. ... i get carried away. >:P
  4. actually, here in the US, that's exactly how they operate, and they're not red painted scorpions. ...sounds to me like YOU, adi, are the one with the after-market system. good luck though, bud. i'd advise NOT installing an aftermarket alarm system unless you want to spend mucho dinero on it. cheap ones cause more problems that it's worth.
  5. this is pretty decent: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAP...item=2423870803 take a look. i'm betting it ends up to 55K USD. that's my guess.
  6. here in the US left swingers work fine... or at least the needles pointing left works, if that's what you're saying.
  7. i'm buying the manuals on CD, and if you give me like 2 bucks for shipping, i'll make you a copy. ...if that's legal..... whatever.
  8. NWS25, you can get them at titanmotorsports.com (http://www.titanmotorsports.com/accessories1.html) 70 USD only problem is that they have the ones that only go up 140mph (or 150) and i want my gauges to be the exact same (160) you can find them on ebay, but they're kinda rare. i'm really starting to wonder how the power works... will it make my dimmer useless? can you just lower the power to indiglo things and have the light intensity differ? or is indiglo something that's all or nothing? hm. hopefully i can figure this one out. :) (and the AC thing is CFC R12, and you can replace it with CFC R134 i think, but you need to retrofit a new system, which is big bucks. good idea taking it to an A/C place instead of a dealership though. thanks.)
  9. i recently met a guy who replaced his stock gauges with "AC Reverse Euro Glow Gauges", and i thought it looked excellent. (is what i'm calling this the right name?) i was just wondering if anyone had done this, or has any words of wisdom, or words of warning, or tips or tricks or thoughts on the matter at all. i'd also like to ask about any information you may have on recharging or retrofitting the A/C (mine, as far as i know, is just uncharged, with no other problems. i could easily be wrong.) How much should i look to spend on getting it to blow cold air? (probably too much.) Oh, and hello everyone. I'm Jeff, and i have a 1989 Supra Turbo, white, solid top, lowered 2" with tokico springs, Apex Super Sequential BOV, HKS Super Mega Flow intake... and other things. nice to meet you. ^_^ (attached is a picture of the gauge thing i'm referring to)
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