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  1. Can locked threads be edited by admin? I know they can be wiped out but I'd like this one to stay as is. My point is, I had a "Flexys Back" thread locked after just one day, please read it because it is an eye opener. I am at last justified with my "paranoia".Unless that or this thread is also "edited for a joke!" or deleted. P.S. Screen shots are a useful tool,I've started using them.
  2. It's hardly joking when it's from someone in a position of "pseudo"-power.(I have nofeasible recourse over.) As soon as I say anything negative about Mods then I am threatened with action. I complained about unjust altering of my text & recieved a warning over it !(Now I've been proven right !) It is pure fascism & dictatorship if you can do something to someone without recourse for your actions. Well at least people won't think I've been ranting about Mods having a go at me, My accusations are now justified. Maybe (Unless you change this !!) people may think in future did he really say that or are mods simply trying to make him appear he did ? Absolutely unacceptable.
  3. Well I wouldn't need to waste bandwidth if the moderating team didn't change my text with absolutely no justification ! They didn't edit to keep it tidy, they simply changed one of my lines for one of theirs!(Which was longer than mine & by their rules insulting!) I'm OK with the mickey taking directed at me, it doesn't bother me! But changing what I've written (When what I've written is within TOC rules) is IMO over the top !
  5. Don't put you're self down, my 4 year old grandaughter almost fell for it!
  6. ....did you know that the word....oh no I've already got you with that one, I'll have to think up a new one ! :lol: Off to see Killing Joke tonight so I'll talk more about Camrys & me another time. Still it doesn't stop you lot talking about Camrys & me, :!Removed!: Fire away, I'm tough & don't report people to management. :P
  7. Random pictures of my Camry.(In front !) :P :o
  8. I'm back ! This thread is about me ! I've got a mega topic coming soon! It'll help everyone, Annoy the usual suspects, be extremely flippant, But should help you become a better person & give you priceless information & advice ! :D :P
  9. Just annoying HOU so much has been worth every minute on here I've never met such a .................. The other delicate ones were just an unexpected bonus.
  10. Flexydevon is my son but who cares whether he really is or ain't , if I was trying to create a secret flexy I'm sure I would have used a different name,(Think about it.) My wife was the original flexy (I'm more of a Laverda man.) But lost interest in this forum, I brought flexy back to life to "entertain" myself during my forced "down time". My posts are extremely popular & when they are blocked or wiped out, I thought it was right & a valid reason to raise a thread to explain/discuss because members may A} Wonder where & why certain thread they were contributing too have gone or B} Did I delete the "get rid of Flexy" thread (Which I didn't) to try & nullify the poll.
  11. Why don't you just block me ,& stay away ! Sad ! :lol: Simple eh !
  12. Lifes far too precious to be taken so seriously all the time, Hopefully when I have my last MRI scan I won't be stuck in front of the computer (For my entertainment.) MRI scan !, now that was a palaver! They sent me to the mobile one at StJohn's in Livingston & my shoulders wouldn't fit in the tube, They gave me a panic button & kept trying but my shoulders kept jamming things. It was even then suggested that I may have to use the MRI at the ZOO ! But luckily they found the largest one in Scotland at the Children's Hospital in Edinburgh ! So excuse me for p**sing off certain delicate people on here, they need to get a reality check on real issues ! At the end of the day it doesn't really matter, it's a web forum. :o
  13. If you checked the facts as to why I don't get out a bit more before spouting out un-informed drivel then you may know the answer to you question. It has been explained.
  14. If you'd read what I'd written, I said it was closed because in their opinion it had basically gone as far as the topic was likely to go! Surely in that case birthdays fall under that criterior aswell ! (lasting for one day!) So why aren't they closed the day after being relevant ?
  15. In that case why hasn't the women drivers parking thread , Or the ever offensive or sexist joke thread been closed then ?To name just a couple.I don't think they should be closed/censored but just wondering why those go on & others don't ? One of my thread was closed because "It had gone as far as it was gonna go in their opinion !", If that's a criterior then when don't birthday threads get closed the day after the members birthday ?
  16. What is the actual colour called ? Is it a particular one for Britain or Europe ? It looks so much like my son's nissan that was made I believe in Sunderland, Do you think they shared paint supplier ? My son's on the look out for some paint because some sod keyed the side of his & the roof!!
  17. I had two extremely popular threads obliterared off the face of the earth today ! :o (Plus another 5 have also been locked recentlyl.) The thing is that I've left my car keys in the "couples" Thread, behind the picture I drew of Hou & I need them back. :( Secondly was the "Get rid of Flexy" thread wiped out because certain greater powers couldn't stand to lose me? :D I don't want a PM please share info with the Forum. On this thread I thought it would be informative & interesting? if people could reveal threads that were closed unjustly in their opinion, Or ones that go on for months or years (breaking almost every rule of being acceptable or interesting etc..) but are left alone.
  18. (STAYING ON TOPIC)..On this day Wednesday 24th September 1986,From my A4 Diary I kept of my first year with Mrs.Flexy.(GENUINE).......Breakfast in bed at 8.00a.m. On this day 2008 M********t wiped out two of my extremely popular threads. (With five already closed ! Ha!,There goes Number 6 (Really !) :lol: Did they object to this last picture I posted ?
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