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  1. Hi. Does anyone know where I can get an original copy of a Gen 7 owners manual/handbook as I didnt get one with my car.
  2. I did actually check the fuse box, and noticed the ABS No.1 fuse was blown. I replaced the fuse, and it blew again straight away, so i assume there is a short somewhere. Could this be because of the blown ABS Pump?
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    From the album: My Gen7

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    From the album: My Gen7

  7. Hi I recently had a problem with the ABS light, which would go away. Toyota diagnosed 2 fault codes C0273/13 and C1241/41. They told me my ABS pump had blown and needs replacing, but on the parts sheet it says it needs a new ABS Actuator with the part number: T44050 20110 at a cost of £650 excl VAT! I have phoned around to loads of places, but they are unable to find the part with that part number. Can anyone tell me whether the ABS actuator is the actual ABS pump and ECU or a totally different part as I have seen some listed on ebay? Thanks in advance
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    J-type Fuses

    Does anyone know where I can pick up the 50A J-type PEC Fuses? Thanks in advance
  9. thanks for the reply..i'll check that out. Well..they said that the ABS pump has blown and the ABS ECU unit needs replacing.
  10. Hi evereyone...i need some serious help! :S I recently got a 2005 gen7 and the ABS light came on causing it to fail MOT. I took it to the local Toyota dealer who said there is probably a problem with the sensors which will cost around £200 to repair. Fair enough. I just got a call from them saying that the ECU unit has blown, and its gona cost me more than £1000 to fix!!!! Can anyone tell me if this is a common problem...or are Toyota trying to get money from me? And if this is the problem....can it be repaired cheaper elsewhere?? I hope someone can help! Thanks!
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