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  1. Thanks, it worked. Obvious really. Too obvious!
  2. 2000X GS VVTi Model Before the car went in for repair, when playing a CD the track number would show for 5 seconds before going into the track time played, ie 0.05 0.06 0.07 etc. Now all I get is the track number. How do I get back the time playing? Nothing in handbook and nothing intuitive from trial and error! Thanks.
  3. myfyr

    Noisy Avensis

    Update 2 Problem has returned. Now going in next week to have the whole steering rack replaced (as advised to dealer by Toyota UK). Just before the warranty expires, which is nice. Dread to think how much that would have cost otherwise. A few hundred at least!! Let's hope that fixes the problem. It's been a problem for the 2 years I have owned this car. The noise is so loud sometimes, it's embarrassing.
  4. myfyr

    Sat Nav

    Yes. I have found odd things too. Mine's a 2000X without traffic avoidance. Following the same route daily: Sometimes takes me along the correct route. Other days will tell me to turn left and do a bizarre manoeuvre of lefts and rights (did out of interest), adding an extra mile, and putting me back on the original route after adding a mile to the journey. Very odd.
  5. <---- How do I put my car picture on here instead of having that bloke with the beard on the left? Any restrictions on picture quality / size?
  6. 1.8GS VVTi 2000X with 30,000 on clock. I generally get 34mpg on average regardless! Though the "current" values range from 10mpg on hard acceleration to 99.9 whilst not pressing the accelerator. I can get 40mpg on a long journey whilst working the engine "hard" ie low gears for as long as possible. Quite the opposite to what I would have expected. Myfyr
  7. myfyr

    Noisy Avensis

    UPDATE: Problem finally solved, since the car did the noise whilst in for a service, so a Toyota dealer was able to witness the problem. It normally refuses to do it when a dealer looks at it! Anyway, the dealer said that he oiled the "steering bush" at the base of the steering wheel and that seems to have solved the problem. Just as well, with only 1 month left of the 3 year warranty. If this problem is finally sorted, I'll keep the car as mileage is under 30,000. If it recurs out of warranty, I'll just trade it in. But probably not for another Avensis. Maybe a Corolla T-Sport! Myfyr
  8. myfyr

    Noisy Avensis

    I said Avensi not Avansi! Avensi Avensises Avensissiseseseses who knows! The noise is annoying, but other than that, the car is excellent. Very poor for the first 5 weeks as it was in and out of a local dealer 5 times with various faults. That was two years ago. Apart from this noise (GGGRRRRRRRROOOOOOOAAAAAAAAANNNNNNN, CCCRRRRRRREEEEEEAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKK), the car drives beautifully. I sometimes get the noise going forwards. However, only happens when car is moving slowly or not moving at all. Maybe the steering wheel needs some WD40 put in somewhere!
  9. I have a Toyota Avensis Hatchback 1.8GS VVTi. When I reverse to the left on full lock and straighten up, the car makes a terrible metalllic groaning noise. It seems to come from the steering wheel, but I could be wrong. I am told its common for Avensi. is anyone else aware of this problem. My local Toyota dealer seems unable to pinpoint the reason for this noise. Thanks
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