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  1. yeah good speakers are the key I too am looking at upgrading the sound... got a friend with an alpine stereo that i'm looking at getting and also looking at the speakers ... Any advice on what speakers to go for ?
  2. looking good like the radio, one of few that blend in well with the layout of the aygo.. where did you get it? Im thinking of getting a new one , is it easy to fit ?
  3. nice... i like those :)
  4. Looking good I particularly like the radio , i like the aygo original but yours looks good and not out of place ... i also love the alloys on the platinum :D the Aygo is such a great little car to both drive and mod , dont ya think?
  5. cos you've got 0 no claims so technically a new driver lol i'm female 21 and 1 years no claims and mine was 622 this year and that was the cheapest i could get !!! lol welcome to the club and hope you enjoy your Aygo :D
  6. Wooohooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Driving !!! You're gonna love it !!!
  7. I've just had my discs skimmed under warranty as they were lippped and had to pay £83 for the pads as they were 75% worn ( i admit i brake late and hard at times.. my own fault ) Car is nearly 3 and i've owned it for a year ( previous owner was the ex so i know how it was driven lol )
  8. Elephant - 21 - 14000 miles on the car ( i do about 3,000 a year , had 10k or so when i bought it ) - no points - no mods - 1 year no claims - residential carpark - female - car is 3 £622.40 :D Well chuffed with that renewal lol
  9. Am i the only one that doesn't really like the white aygo ...? lol
  10. I've been doing this a while now and my mpg gets better and better ... my last was 42 .. not great but my best ... on this tank , my 1st blob dispeared at 120miles , which is a personal best ... not sure if it's to do with the fact i'm now driving to work which means more A roads (granted they're 40-50 ones but hey ) but i'm hoping to have the nerve to take it as low as i can . Now most places around here are 1.13-1.15 (with news that supermarkets will drop again ) per litre , i'm more than happy to fill up I love my Aygo hehe
  11. Does it cover the clutch, mine has failed today They want over £500 for the job. i think that they cover it if it fails due to a mechancial fault but if its due to wear and tear then no ... im not sure though so don't quote me lol
  12. Great pics you've got there ! Must go and take some decent ones of mine .. i always feel i have to rush them as i get funny looks from the neighbours ... as for the reg isssue ... i usually forget and leave it on .. i dont know why people do it ... surely seeing your car reg on the road is that same as online ? .. i dunno lol
  13. I think that the red would look quite nice against the silver personally , just something different like ... As Badboy said , could you not get them in silver ?
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