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  1. Hi Nick Thanks for running those tests. Not too big a problem really; once vol is set where required (for phone calls), it generally stays there. Dave
  2. Hi Nick Unfortunately changing that setting has made no difference. I must still use the buttons on the bluetooth interface to change volume. Dave
  3. dash

    Battery charge problem

    Another thought... If, when your iQ had been kept in a garage, it was left unlocked, then there would have been no battery drain.
  4. dash

    Battery charge problem

    The iQ battery is small capacity compared with most cars and is susceptible to drainage if the car is left for unused for some time (the keyless ignition transceiver is constantly 'looking' for the key and consequently slowly drains the battery). I find I need to trickle charge ours every couple of weeks (mainly in winter when the engine oil is thicker) if we haven't done a 15 minute (5 mile) journey in the interim to 'top up' the battery (this is a second car and it does less than 2000 miles per year). 6 years ago the battery failed when one of the anodes collapsed (possibly a consequence of all those short journeys of 2 miles). New battery has been ok since we've been more careful with maintaining its charge.
  5. Hi and welcome to the forum. I've also got the factory fitted bluetooth kit. I don't recall ever being able to adjust volume with the steering wheel button. I use the up/down buttons on the bluetooth interface. Let me know if you find a setting.
  6. dash

    Fitting Light To Boot Area Of Car

    Hi Mark Looks good. Do you have to push hard to operate or just a touch? Dave
  7. dash

    Vibration at 2000rpm - again and again

    If it's a wheel bearing, it won't be affected by engine revs. Wheel bearing vibration will be related to road speed (mph). Also, if you press the clutch pedal while the vibration is present does it stop? If it's a wheel bearing the vibration will still be there.
  8. dash

    iQ Undertray Fixings

    Mine's the same, so I would suggest this is normal.
  9. dash

    Car mat clips!

    I bought a pack of 4 of these a while back. Part No. on the pack is PZ410-I0350-02 (the character after the first dash looks like a capital 'i' not the number 1; all the '0's look like zeros)
  10. dash

    IQ3 1.33 Coolant

    The green coolant temperature light comes on and stays lit until the engine has warmed up. This is normal and it will stay on for the first couple of miles.
  11. dash

    Some kind of box/tray for the back seat?

    Have a look here... Luggage area
  12. dash

    noob says hi - plus a couple of questions

    Guilty !! Luckily I managed to contact my wife on her mobile and got her to come back before she'd had a chance to stop the engine
  13. dash


    Has the cooling system been overfilled? There's a mark on the plastic expansion chamber which shows recommended max level (about 2/3 up that plastic vessel).
  14. dash

    New springs n shoes

    Very nice
  15. dash

    AUX input socket problem

    I wouldn't expect the AUX to be powered, it's an input for sound from an external device. Have you tried pushing the plug harder into the iPhone? The iPhone speakers shouldn't produce sound if the cable is properly inserted. Good luck !!