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  1. dash

    Spare wheel

    Other people have wedged a spare behind the front seats.
  2. Hi and welcome to the forum. 30mpg sounds about right if you spend a lot of time in traffic. I find that the 'average mpg' display is pretty accurate over a few journeys. I've seen as low as average 30mpg showing on our 1.0 after a few short journeys. With a mix of longer journeys (10 miles plus) and short ones (2 miles) I can get it up to 43mpg over a tankful, but these are on roads with fairly light traffic. To be honest, I think what you're experiencing in heavy traffic, at slow speed, is quite normal for this engine.
  3. Hi Zsolt You have posted in the 'iQ Club' section of the forum (not the Verso), but you might get useful replies from owners of TNS510 equipped iQ's. I would recommend you also post your question in the Verso section.
  4. dash


    Hi Peter and welcome to the forum Have a look here for some ideas... iQ towbar As the iQ is very low powered, you might find it is not permitted to tow a trailer (but you could attach a bike rack or a box)
  5. dash

    Thanks Guys!

    Hi Jason and sorry to hear the news. Hope you find a worthy replacement. All the best...
  6. dash

    Flashing fuel light

    Be very careful. The fuel gauge on ours doesn't drop from full for the first 100 miles after a fill, then drops like a stone. I get 25 litres in when 2 bars are still showing, so consequently never let the gauge drop below 2 bars.
  7. dash

    Egr Valve

    Hi Andi This is the Toyota iQ forum. You need to raise your question in the Yaris forum here https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/forum/49-yaris-club/ to be sure you get an answer from someone who knows.
  8. dash

    Air Horns?

    Parallel (or each will only get 6V if wired in series)
  9. Hi Louise and welcome to the forum. From what I've read you have to access this from underneath the car. A previous poster attached 3 inches of garden hose to the plastic overflow spout to resolve the issue. I can't say exactly where the spout is located, but it should hopefully become obvious when you look from under the car (it will be protruding through the bulkhead).
  10. dash

    Which Model IQ?

    Stay away from Pearl White. Lots of issues with peeling paint on this particular colour.
  11. Are you sure about €720? That seems excessive. The UK dealer price is €110 maximum.
  12. dash

    Key fob not working

    Does the fob unlock/lock the car using the buttons? Is the fob next to a mobile phone in your pocket?
  13. Hi Nick Thanks for running those tests. Not too big a problem really; once vol is set where required (for phone calls), it generally stays there. Dave
  14. Hi Nick Unfortunately changing that setting has made no difference. I must still use the buttons on the bluetooth interface to change volume. Dave