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  1. I assume you mean the airbags which deploy from the hatchback roof area (behind the rear seats). No, these cannot be deactivated. Only the airbag forward of the front passenger seat can be deactivated.
  2. 23000 miles on our iQ2. Only been used around town and for local travel these last 11 years. The 'big' car does the longer journeys !!
  3. They are for the air-con check points under the bonnet. I know at least one is on the bulkhead. Other one probably on the line from the air-con pump.
  4. I believe the root cause of the vibration is one or more cracked clutch springs (that's why a replacement clutch resolves the problem)
  5. Sounds like you got a good price for the time spent by the guys at the garage. Hopefully now resolved. Fingers crossed ... 🤞
  6. No, I don't mean the drainage plugs, I mean plastic flaps which are probably around 150mm wide x 30mm and which pivot from their top edge. They pivot open to allow airflow from the cabin to outside. If either is jammed open, or missing, they could let water into the cavity beneath the storage box. I think they are located in the panel in front of the rear bumper (but have never looked for them myself).
  7. Interesting. Looking forward to your feedback. I think there are a couple of rubber flaps behind the rear bumper which allow for airflow through the car. If one/both of these is jammed open (or missing), perhaps water is getting in that way.
  8. My iQ 1.0 has not required topping up between annual services in 10 years of ownership. However, as this is a second car, it only covers 2500 miles per year !!
  9. I take it that it's not the seatbelt warning. Do you drive alone? Do you have anything heavy on the passenger seat (that might be fooling the electronics into thinking someone is sat on the seat)? Try fastening the passenger seatbelt.
  10. dash

    smart start button

    Maybe the switch under the clutch pedal is short circuited. Normally the clutch pedal must be fully depressed to start the car.
  11. Go back to your local Toyota dealership and complain about the price. I did and got the price reduced from £460 to £190 (just last month). Toyota head office had to approve the discount.
  12. Hi Nélson Very interesting that you are seeing the same as me after the recharge. I look forward to the result of the investigation by Toyota.
  13. Thanks Mooly That's what I thought in regard to a regass. I am currently investigating. Aircon has been off for a few days and the carpet is drying out. Rain is forecast tonight; another test 😉
  14. @Mooly You seem to have some knowledge of aircon systems and I'm wondering if you might be able to help. About a week after mine was regassed a month ago (due to the system not generating cool air), I've noticed water leaking into the driver's footwell (from the 'tunnel' just to the left of the clutch pedal). Not sure if the two are directly linked or not. Do you think the water leak is somehow related to the regass? And if so, where could it be coming from? I've extended the condensate pipe in case water was wicking back through the bulkhead, but that hasn't helped. Thanks
  15. I'm seeing the dreaded water in the driver's footwell. It's appearing from a seam on the centre tunnel (just to the left of the clutch pedal) as others have observed. Now here's the thing. Around a month ago I had the aircon recharged (it had stopped blowing cold air). Could that recharge have somehow damaged the housing of the aircon/heater unit to cause condensate to flow into the car? Overpressurised? I assume it's condensate and not refrigerant that's appearing in the footwell. How would I know if it was refrigerant? There's plenty of water appearing beneath the car wh
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