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  1. The fuel gauge plummets from 4 bars down-over, so when the last segment is flashing you'll be lucky to have 20 miles remaining. I never allow it to drop below 2 bars.
  2. If it's had a full service history you'll get away with oil and filter change (and perhaps the cabin filter). If no history, and to be on the safe side, get brake fluid changed. Otherwise these cars are pretty bullet proof 😉
  3. dash

    Very interested

    Not the white pearlescent. Many owners have had issues with the paint peeling from roof and bonnet with this colour.
  4. Had one in ours for 10 years. Would definitely miss it. Good for holding insurance docs, maps, permits etc which would otherwise end up on the floor.
  5. dash

    Lighting upgrade

    Excellent. Please let us know how easy/difficult they are to fit, and how much better they are than the standard bulbs.
  6. @tarquin Hi David Good to see you here again. Do you still have your iQ?
  7. I'm with Steve on this one. Have you tried what he suggested?
  8. Have you seen this thread... bonnet protector
  9. Did you leave the keys inside the car? This would cause a beep-beep when you try to lock the doors and would explain why the car cannot be locked.
  10. Hi Mike Yes. This is exactly what I do on my iQ to get the mirrors to unfold automatically when starting the car
  11. You will likely lose radio station presets. The clock, trip mileage and mpg displays will reset, bluetooth might need setting up from scratch (if you have it) and the ECU will reset meaning it will go through a learning curve as it remaps to your driving style for first few days after reconnection. If you can keep power on the terminals (with another battery and jump leads perhaps), then you can protect against any possible effects (just be careful of shorting against each other and the bodywork!!). No big deal if you disconnect power, so long as you are happy to reset a couple of things.
  12. Hi Mike There are 2 engine sizes available; 1.0 and 1.33. The 1.0 with a manual gearbox has CO2 emissions of 99g/km which (currently) is free of a tax charge (the 1.33 has emissions of 113g/km and will be charged at £20 per year). What happens in future years is anyone's guess. Good luck !!
  13. Many iQ's came supplied with a stretch cover which fitted using press-studs (these are probably what you are seeing at both sides of the load space). You might find one if you search eBay etc. before resorting to making your own
  14. Have you a link to these spray nozzles? Thanks
  15. iQ2 gets climate control, slightly darker silver wheels, fog lights and some silver trim in the rear light clusters. Check for judder at around 1500/2000 rpm in 1.0 manual engines (clutch springs will have failed and require some work to repair the clutch). Hope you find a good one. They're a well-built car with, generally, bullet proof engines.
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