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  1. Sold it for £2,500 which is the same as that Network Q / Glass evaluation. Quick sale, no tax, 11 months MOT
  2. Solved it! Air filter had come unclipped. Clipped it back on, noise has gone!
  3. Mk2 aswell (aerials at the back, not a mk3 as the lights are the wrong shape)
  4. Only under acceleration. If you get up to 30mph in 2nd, take your foot off the accelerator - noise is gone. Stick your foot down, big horrible rasping noise that wasn't there before. Had a quick look under the bonnet and found an air intake pipe had come off the filter so put that back on, but the noise is still there and seems to be comming from the engine. Could the VVT-i be stuck in advance mode? Or is this something to do with the exhaust? First problem Ive actually had with the car =\
  5. Nothing in writing, it was a verbal understanding :( Checked all through the warranty, purchase agreements, receipts etc etc - no mention of anything to do with MOTs
  6. Stupid as it sounds, it could well be the solenoid - or relay on the headlights causing the problem If the coil is shorting, it's leaking voltage causing a short on the batter reducing voltage, meaning the central locking wouldn't work properly. Saying this, I wouldn't expect the car to start with that sort of fault First point of call would be to replace that solenoid, see if it solves the problem
  7. When I bought my Yaris from Mr T Wolverhampton, I was sold it with "free MOTs for life" This was fine - I had my first MOT done for free. Phoned up today to book it in for another free one and they wanna charge me 40 quid So I said "when I bought the car I was told free MOTs for life" They say "due to a takeover, that offer's now expired, but we can do it for you for half price - £27" What take over? Why wasn't I informed? Isn't this against the sale of goods act, as surely free MOTs for life should mean life - not one year!
  8. Standard 1.5 is what? 105bhp A turbo will probably see 120bhp easily. Super charger on top likely 125~130bhp At a guess of course. But I highly doubt a standard engine would take the strain. Toyota or not, you're gunna need to uprate the engine components before you even attempt it. Id love a Yaris 1.5 TSI with 130bhp+. It's a poor comparison, but a Fiat Grande Punto 1.4 16V Turbo (sporting) is 120bhp. Some have seen 190bhp out their 1.4s. With the right displacement and the correct tuning, 200bhp wouldn't seem out the question for a Yaris. The question is, how far will it go before something goes horribly wrong?! Next issue - handling. After 150bhp on FWD you're guarnteed to get torque steer. 200bhp and you will have a right game keeping it just in a straight line The Yaris is also top heavy and that amount of torque entering corners in a high car can only spell wheels off the ground and the increased chance of rolling it. It'd be fun to do and you'de have a truly original hot hatch. But at what cost?
  9. Aye, only effected approx 3,000 cars. Basically they used the wrong glue as you said
  10. Got a letter through the post saying my windscreen would need replacing free of charge due to a last safety check not being carried out. The result is - in a low speed crash, the windscreen can fall inside the passenger cabin. Had the car almost 2 years and they finally send me a letter?! I was shocked it took this long for em to realise
  11. Woman at Sainsbury's shed some light on it and basically said don't put the nozzle too far into the car It's a safety thing to stop you overfiling the car. There's some sort of monitor on back pressure from the tank
  12. I've seen 107 on the speedo in my 1.3
  13. Im interested - mine are currently a warning. If Im keeping the car after September Ill almost definitely want a set - as said - if the price is right. My current set won't have even lasted 2 years if they're replaced in September 2009. Any ideas what makes em go quicker? Too fast round bends? Speed bumps too fast? Harsh braking / acceleration?
  14. I know about Parkers but didn't think they were accurate. Saying that, Ive seen a 52 exact same spec on Pistonheads for £5,000 - average mileage too. So £4,000 sounds right in my eyes =\
  15. This isn't a sale thread, just intrigued over what'd be a good price atm if I did come to sell my car. 2001/51 1.3 Toyota Yaris GLS [AC] 57,000 miles Bump strips, official cd player, 5 doors, brilliant condition, alloy wheels, FSH, recently had 2 new front tyres, metallic carribean blue £4,000 seem reasonable?
  16. Sounds to me like the Yaris isn't for you. My dad's got an Octavia estate which drives nice but is big and boomy and way excessive over something Id personally need size wise. I had a ride in my mates 06 1.2 Corsa twinport and when he was doing 30~40 even in 3rd / 4th you can't talk over the interior noise. Just road noise. Tin-can-Yaris isn't as bad to me. The rides excellent over bumps, it corners predictably unless you're over aggressive (though the light steering takes some getting used to) and it'll never get broken into unless you want it to be. To me, you've been driving luxury Saloons and then decided to switch to a hatch back, bought a Yaris, drove it like a Saloon and then you've been disappointed by it. But that's speculation. To get anywhere near the speed and handling of what you're asking, you probably want a hot hatch. Low, attention grabbing, quick and it'll behave how you want. The Yaris isn't this and the drivers know it and typically love it because of it. Personally, if I wanted to draw attention to myself, Id drive a proper sports car. Not an Impreza or Evo either (which let's face it are 4WD family car's with big engines.) Im talking about something sleek, ideally no roof and only 2 seats. And certainly not a hot hatch. Nothing against hot hatches, I just never see the point. For the same price as a NEW Corsa VXR for example, you can buy a used S2000. Both do about the same to the gallon, but one's a hatchback with a big engine, and one's a soft top sportscar. Replace S2000 with RX8, MR2, Celica - you get the idea. Oh and I love my Yaris but I might have to see the transexual car go (yes sometimes I refer to mine as a he and other times as a she) as Im off to Uni and might not be able to get a space...
  17. Sold the Clarion on eBay - £100 Well chuffed at that, didn't think Id see the back of it :D Old one's back in atm. Ive just got into Uni but it looks like I should be able to keep the car! May have to buy this headunit afterall!
  18. Sorry to bump an old topic but no one answered me on the gala. Clarions now for sale at £100, Ill put it up on ebay if anyone's interested (not sure on the rules of the forum regarding selling / advertising) Im getting one of these http://caraudiosecurity.com/shop/product/p...ts_id/7958.html
  19. JVC: KD-PDR51 seems to have all those features
  20. On the 2008 MOT they were green. 6 months on it's an advisory on the Vehicle safety check I ain't replacing em until it's an MOT failure
  21. Not too fused about price or branding (my current Clarion HU was £160 and sounds no better than a £50 unit) Here's what I want - iPod control (iPod classic 6G) - Aux in - can be front mini jack or rear input phono - CD player - Phono pre out for subwoofer - Removable fascia obviously Quite easy to find one with 3 or maybe 4 of the features, but not all 5
  22. Toyota customer service to the rescue! They fitted a new battery in my remote which didn't need doing as Id had a new key replaced under warranty not less than 12 months ago. Called Toyota about it, they said the guy doing the service wouldn't have known and that it's just part of the service. He then offered to give me a new battery for free. Not really what I was hoping for, but you can't really ask for a lot else (consumables are non refundable by law) On the service sheet it's got brake fluid replaced N/A, but on the invoice I've been charged for the fluid - spoke to them about this. They've offered to pick the car up from where I work, take it Mr. T themselves. They said they'de check if it's been replaced and take action accordingly and then reimburse me for the fuel used. Again, can't really ask for a lot more. I know these are 'petty' things, but Im a paying customer and from a main dealer, I expect to be treated fairly, things done properly and treated with respect. If they keep their word, then top marks all round.
  23. Bought the car Sept 2007 - MOT'd and it had done approx 57K. It's a 2001 1.3 GLS [AC] Roll bar brushes/bushes had been replaced on the cars first MOT - September 2007 (by first I mean first under my possession) MOT Sept 2008 - car's done about 59K Warning on rear tyre wear - no mention on bushes Service March 2009 - car's done about 61K Anti roll bar brushes are splitting, 2 back tyres are on the 1.6mm limit on the outer edge To summarize, the anti roll bar brushes have lasted 18 months ish / 4,500 miles - that don't seem right to me Service came to £235
  24. Yaris boxes can go 1st --> 5th but it's probably not clever Rape the little !Removed! up to 30 in first, drop it straight to 5th. 2nd is notchy at high revs, 3rd feels a bit notchy, 4th seems to be fine. Oh and I cruise at 30 ALL the time. If it's a 1.3 you can rocket up to 70 in 3rd, engine makes this lovely wooshing noise. With cold tyres you can wheelspin in second if you catch the revs right. Brilliant little car, if I don't get into uni this / next year though Ill be swapping it for a 1.9tdi Ibiza SE.
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