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  1. i cant c how taking the battery out is gonna help, as there is a coolant container in the way and on the other side its the windscreen fluid container, any other idea's?
  2. how do you do it ive managed to get the side light out but i cant see how to change the main bulb??? can anyone help?? its a L reg ssrx
  3. just another quickie on the side of the gear stick theres a button thats marked o/d does anyone know what this mean?? plus if i had to jump someone how would i go about it as ive got two batteries?? thanks peeps
  4. nice 1 dude muchos helpos :D
  5. ive recently bought an hilux surf ssrx 3.0 litre diesel automatic it's an import and theres a couple of things that have baffled me can anyone help?? 1st theres a red button by gear stick with some japanese writing next to it what does thihs do?? and theres also an ect button witch say normal and power any idea's please???