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  1. I did mention that. But if one's windows have failed, it would be wise to get to the front of the queue.
  2. Totally agree. My Lexus needed new fuel pumps under a recall and due to embarking on a long trip soon after the recall was issued; I called Lexus dealer who ordered the parts for me and booked me in, so the work could be done ASAP. I never did receive a letter, maybe it was cancelled due to being done but I'm not aware of anyone else with same car ever receiving a letter either. If the recall is on the site - which it is - you can have the parts ordered and they call you to fit them once they have arrived into stock. I would suggest you check Toyota Recall checker, confirm your car needs doing, call Toyota or go to the dealer and get them to order the parts. Without seeing the Technical Service Bulletin it's hard to know what the criteria for getting new parts is. ANYWAY.......from the recall checker (Toyota themselves) they tell you, you can make an appointment to get it sorted. Not having parts to carry out the work is a separate issue and no amount of anger will make the parts magically appear, but if you get there early and register you need service, you will get the parts as they arrive into stock. ------------------------------- We have identified that yourToyota is subject to a voluntary customer service campaign or outstanding safety recall. This can be rectified at no cost. If you require any further information or wish to make an appointment, please contact your local Toyota Dealer. We like to ensure your records are always accurate, but you can help us by updating your details in My Toyota.
  3. Just received notifications about this thread. It's great news this has finally been given the attention it deserves. I'm really happy people are going to get their windows sorted for free. :)
  4. So, it turns out the lady who sorted my case was there temporarily and normally works the Lexus stuff. Now she's gone back to Lexus, no joy for people with this issue who ask now. The small window of opportunity has closed - unlike Aygo back windows (I write my own material) I take my previous compliment to Toyota back.
  5. I assume you're talking about the dealer? Not surprised. Dealers are not Toyota though, you need to speak to Toyota UK. Go to Toyota uk facebook page and make a post your windows are falling out. They will ask you to send details via private message and then arrange someone to call you. I was told Toyota had an internal investigation about speeding up serious problems raised via customer contact - so you can see if that's true or not!
  6. No worries, I'm glad this post is able to help people. That's what forums are for :)
  7. Yes - do get in touch with them. Be aware they not know about this so you might need to explain there is a precedent. Toyota UK wanted to change mine even though I told them I had repaired myself. If you get knocked back let me know and I will help you. You should get 2 new windows which would otherwise cost you £400 inc labour.
  8. Toyota replaced both rear windows free of charge on Tuesday - the design doesn't look any different, same surface area of glue. Have to assume process or glue has changed if what I was told about sorting a problem at the factory was identified and fixed, as I was told. Anyway, have to say; credit where it's due. If Toyota are prepared to take safety matters seriously even on cheap 11 year old cars it does instil confidence in the brand. Mistakes happen, things are unforeseen, it's hard to test for 11 years in the future. It did take a long time to get the windows, so if it's your only car and you can't fix your own window; you would need a solution to keep on the road for a while.
  9. That's true about the Aston Cygnet. Certainly wasn't done for profit. They appear to have sold................. about 150 even with the draw of the Aston Martin badge. Regards a Lex version................ "Good afternoon, Sir. May I interest you in our new luxurious city car? It has a luxurious lack of space, power and handling!" FIAT 500 Riva exists for those looking to go very slowly while enjoying wood panelling. And a Fiat 500 is a much better car than the Aygo to start with.
  10. Get yourself a cheap ODB tool / scanner and see if there are any codes. The google the code - might lead you to a better idea of what could be wrong. Could be a throttle position sensor just as an example. Mass airflow sensor. Basically there are various sensors on cars and if a sensor fails an ECU might not be able to tell between a failed sensor or a problem signal. It might be the ECU knows and want to tell you via a code. I've no idea where the beep is coming from. This is generic advice rather than aygo specific. Sorry, just noticed it's the Argo you have. You should be protected by the Goddess Hera ;)
  11. Maximum acceleration occurs at peak power - peak power on the Aygo is at 6000rpm (from memory bit feel free to check) just before the redline. This may sound like I am being childish, but seriously, if entering a fast road you need to get up to speed quickly & safely. It's so annoying when people pull out as though in hurry........ and then don't push the throttle enough. You can work out the speed at 6000rpm in each gear and mark it on your speedo. You will need the rolling circumference of a tyre and the gear ratios from the spec sheet. Then simply do the maths for each gear and mark it on the speedo - although your speedo will be 10% out it will give you an idea. There are gearing calculators online to help you. I think it can do 60 in second and near 80 in third - again from memory - it sounds horrendous when you do, but it's fine -honest. As long as you don't enter any "pull the skin off this giant rice pudding" competitions ............ you should be ok.
  12. Sounds like they agree as pursuing it further for now. Although if Toyota claim they were aware and have fixed it, then it may be thrown out. I will update if any change or updates given to me by DVSA.
  13. Hi Planemo, No problem. I approached this from the angle of a pedestrian or cyclist being hurt, I had no real interest in a warranty claim or having Toyota fix the car (as I explained in the other thread; I just use it as a run-a-bout to save fuel and the roads I come to work on - you're either going down a pot hole or over a turnip). I wanted it inspecting before a repair, that's all. As a result of my complaint and they way it was ignored for 2 weeks, an internal investigation has been launched to establish why it was not escalated quickly, the lady I spoke with described the pictures as "graphic and worrying". Maybe she was playing to the crowd but I really got the impression she was determined to resolve it rather than shut me up. As someone who runs a business I would say I'd have to call your window tints inconsequential loss. Unless it was a Toyota fitted option. You might have to swallow that part of it, but worth a polite try to 'make up for any inconvenience'. What triggered this lady getting involved was I contacted facebook team and told them not to bother having anyone call me now as I had filed a report to the DVSA - that report is obviously still in, but the lady I spoke to seemed to think the DVSA were already aware. Maybe Toyota/Cit/Pug already met with them? Because it was decided years ago that this would NOT be a safety recall and I imagine DVSA must have a say in that - but I don't know for sure. I will PM you some details Planemo. Let us know how you get on.
  14. So, even though I flounced off in a bit of a tantrum after (in my opinion) unnecessarily strong moderation; I have an important update for those concerned. I have had a call from Toyota who now tell me they were aware of this fault and they made in production modifications to stop it happening. They say it should not and should never happen - that the windows should never fall out. And they don't want their cars driving around with windows falling out and she understood the potential for what could happen "did not bear thinking about". They have insisted on replacing the window at their expense, even though I said I was happy with my repair and did not want it; they could not insist I had it done but she was very kind and polite in requesting that I do let them from a moral and legal perspective. This is being done as goodwill accepting no liability off course. So - don't accept things that are clearly not right or acceptable. Stand your ground and finally you will get to speak to someone with the common sense and power to resolve the matter. Anyway, this thread has now officially run it's course. If you have had this window failure and are running your own repair please speak to Toyota, who will replace it for you. It's not been widely publicised so hopefully now here, the word will spread and if you see other similar failures you can point people to this thread.
  15. Apparently you're not allowed to disagree with management here. Politely and within the rules. They like to have the final word even if that means defending a brand over your safety. Posts are locked because a person with power to lock topics doesn't like being disagreed with, even with something they have no clue about. I'm not coming back to this forum after this post and will be contacting admin for my stuff to be deleted. I just wanted to post in the original thread that the DVSA Report form states: I'll be unable to let you all know how this ends now. Good luck people and hope nothing bad happens to you if your window falls out. If you have any complaints about not finding out the end to this story - then you know who to contact.
  16. I'm not sure why you think warranty is relevant; I'm not making a warranty claim. What was the design life of the airbags that are all being changed? Some cars going in are 2008 or older for new airbags. Not under warranty. As eygo mentions he expects it to be the lifetime of the car - and I think that is a reasonable assumption to make and I would guess one the manufacturer expected when they chose the glue. A structural bond should have the expected life of the whole assembly (in this case the window assembly). You simply can't deny this. It's not only basic engineering it is common sense. Like I said earlier - I just wanted to make people aware so they can check their windows for security, if you hear a whistling like a window is partly open - check the bonds. I'm not sure how invisibly reporting to DVSA would get the info where it needs to be quickly enough. This forum post has cost nothing and brought attention to a POTENTIAL problem. Anyway - getting a bit bored of arguing over design life theory - the fact of the matter is windows are falling out, for whatever reason. If you are a person who thinks this SHOULDN'T be happening please check your car or speak to your dealer. If you're totally ok with it, like frosty, then please simply ignore my post. No-one here knows who/what/why the factory chose that glue or how long it's supposed to last (that's why I asked them) - evidence is that it is not lasting CONSISTENTLY across the board - so check. At least now if someone is hurt they can't say they did not know about it.
  17. What do you do for a living Mike? Any engineering background? See here where I wrote (and you chose to snip) What does that tell you about my thoughts on the lifetime bond claim? You're not aware (how could you be) that I have contacted the manufacturer to ask them for clarification. That's what people who think, do, they look at something and query it, learn from it. Think about it. They don't go around stating things they have no idea are true such as "all parts have a designed life" - that my friend, is utter nonsense. Here is some random info I found about adhesive bonds for you though: http://www.permabond.com/2011/08/30/long-adhesive-bond/ and if you can't be bothered to go through it all dear readers: But let's assume it's true for now. These amazing car designers have selected a glue with a projected specific (your word) life. Perhaps you can explain to us why windows started falling out in 2012 and now. So we have 3 facts we know so far: Some windows fell out in 2012 - max possible age of car about 7 years 2 People here had windows fall out of 2006 Aygo's after 11 years Now, have a look here: https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk/?utf8=✓&q=toyota+aygo&commit=Search this is just Aygo but you need to do the other 2 as well. We have to assume either some have not reported or none of those others have fallen out yet. So tell me Mike, with the numbers info I just gave you: 1. Is the glue failing at it's design specific (your word) life? 2: If you're correct, why did they choose pick a 'design life' of 7-11 years? They used this deliberately instead of lifetime stuff? Shocking. 3: Are they now waiting for hundreds of thousands of windows to fall out and hope none hit a person? 4: Its specific design life (again, your words) maybe is much longer than 7-11 years (perhaps it was a lifetime bond product) - therefore these have failed early, what should they do? It's quite possible failure is down to human factors - someone not de-greasing properly or the glue not fully curing due to a mixing error. Without investigating it can never be known. Personally, I think it's a poor design; to rely on only adhesive at that location.
  18. I used a glue I use at work. The bond seems very good and it has a statement in the literature claiming "lifetime bond - uv and weather proof" I'll be happy to share the info with you by PM so you can buy some on the understanding I haven't put many miles on it yet. Also heard silkaflex is good, be interested to hear how you get on with it for comparison if you use it. I do not agree with your fist sentence based on my knowledge. If you're an engineer working in this field then I am happy to be educated. I don't claim to know. A forum is a place to share information and help others, that's all I wanted to do (within the published rules of the forum). Thanks for the DVSA link.
  19. At 60mph the window isn't hanging down by the way, that's after stopping, where it falls and scratches the door. At 60 it is out at 45 degrees being battered by the wind due to it being the leading edge that fails.
  20. Thanks, very helpful. I'll see what comes from the Facebook team first.
  21. Yes - very dangerous. Not sure I disagreed with you, I just said one can press the brakes to help the situation, and flying windows do not have brakes. Do you disagree with this? Your logic seems to be 'it's ok that this is dangerous because that other thing is also dangerous' and it confuses me. I don't own a clio and never will, but I will be ready when driving behind one. Thanks for the heads up :)
  22. I've since found some info on that, thank you for confirming. Regards glue life - I am ex aircraft engineer. They should have specified a better glue or bonding system, if you fly on holiday your aircraft may be partially held together by glues and sealants that are 20-30 years old. This could be due to glue life or application processes or human failure. It's the lack of interest in finding out I find concerning. My initial worry was not for the safety of the driver - if that glass comes off at speed then it has the potential to do serious damage. A bonnet coming open......risky I agree but one can apply the brakes etc. If the window flies off it's down to pure chance what it does at impact. I've since repaired it myself, I am unconcerned about the money, it's my daily driver as I keep my other car for weekends. Toyota told me it was the first instance so I wanted to make people aware (do they really not know or ...............?). If it's old news feel free to ignore/delete as appropriate.
  23. Hi, I have brought this to attention of Toyota and there is no interest in it from a safety angle, so I am sharing info as a warning. 5 door Aygos - your rear rear window may fall out if the bonding fails. I raised it to Toyota to avoid someone being seriously hurt - they are not in the slightest interested. I have posted it to Toyota facebook too Mine came out at 60 and was saved by the plastic latch and I was able to slow down in time before it snapped off. It has damaged the door. I'd be interested to hear if anyone else's falls out; Toyota claim they've never heard of it before. Bear in mind I use this as a daily driver for work, I am a mechanic. I never use the back of the car. I am not doing this to try and screw Toyota for a £130 part. I genuinely feel this could seriously hurt someone in the right combination of circumstances.
  24. My first car, a D reg Fiat Uno had them. Not a new idea.
  25. rgvsean


    Hmmmm, one that tells you what to look for with regards to buying advice and prices etc. The integrale one is here: http://www.whalley-integrale.uk.com/index2.html Something similar, does it exist? Thing is I wouldn't want a cheap import or a project. I'd want a mint top spec UK car. Need to know my onions :)