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  1. some toyota cars are being recalled due to seat rail pins snapping. erm why aint our corolla one of them ? ive lost count of how many have snapped on here
  2. well ive been keeping an aye on the mazda mps forum for a while, now and checking on pistonheads/auto trader for a mazda 3 mps, need 5 doors now as with 2 kids is a bit of a nightmare getting them in and out of the car. aint got one yet but wont be too far away, just waiting for a nice example to come along then it will be bye bye tsport
  3. the garage checked everything and all they said all they could find was play in the steering rack ends and a shock that has a little leak, im guessing he has missed one of the above that you mention
  4. took car into garage because got a knocking coming from wheel area, they said my steering rack ends are worn, so i got them to replace them £140 it cost and the knocking is still there ffs money down the drain anyone any ideas ? when i go over bumps in the road i can hear/feel something knocking down at my wheel area
  5. well took my maf sensor off and gave it a blow inside incase there was any muck on it, looked clean. plugged it back in and aint had lights come up yet worry over lol not that anybody was interested of course lol
  6. wondering if i can purchase a dongle to use with my phone/laptop to read codes/ecu stats etc?
  7. The description further down states they are 275mm
  8. well had my engine/tsc/vsc lights appear, taken it to garage and code says its running lean the garage said, anybody have any idea why it would run lean ? car is due a service, could it be my air filter ? my typhoon filter was red when i purchased but now it is black , dont know if this is normal and it just needs a clean but could it be causing my car to think its running lean ?
  9. anyone know if these brakes are right for our car ? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Corolla-T-Sport-Front-Drilled-Grooved-Brake-Discs-Pads-/170567095666?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&fits=Car%20Make%3AToyota%7CModel%3ACorolla&hash=item27b6975572&_uhb=1#ht_2018wt_906
  10. cant help as i dont know but this problem with our seats is a joke, both my seat pins have gone on mine, just wondered, how did you get it repaired ?
  11. what parts are they saying need to be replaced ?
  12. can you record the noise ? aint it just the heat shield that needs tightening ?
  13. all our tsports scratch easy due to the thin layer of paint they used. all the scratches on my car is going to affect my sale value which is a bit of a bummer, stupid car wash, im hoping to get 2.5 - 3k for mine early next year
  14. ive noticed the brakes to be pretty poor on the tsport , ive tried standard toyota disks and pads to ebc grooved and part drilled disks with ebc pads and still ive been disapointed, maybe get some braided brake lines will be the solution
  15. ive had my cams replaced due to excessive wear on the lobes and you could here the folowers tapping on the lobes , i posted a thread with a video of the noise a while ago. doesnt sound anything like you describe though, just thought id mention it as someone mentioned cams above. hope you get it sorted and it aint too serious. there seems to be someone selling nearly every part possible for our tsport on ebay , looks like hes broke down the whole car lol might save you a bit of cash.
  16. nice how much that set ya back if ya dont mind me asking ? going to be selling mine early next year , mine has 48k on the clock but bodywork aint perfect due to car wash scratching it and a couple of scrapes lol
  17. what yas think of these ? im tempted as i need new disks and pads up front and last time i got grooved and part drilled ebc disks and ebc pads, although they where brand new didnt realy make much difference to the braking. will these make a big difference with new disks and pads ? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Corolla-1-8-T-Sport-2001-HOSE-TECHNIK-Brake-Lines-SBH-TOY-4-061-/280889012228?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item41664a3004&_uhb=1#ht_1829wt_952 also need tyres up front and service, just like buses, all come at once.
  18. looks like hks are well on the way with tuning parts for the brz, im guessing the parts should match both brz and gt86 ?
  19. right ive just sat at my car with bonnet open and started my car from cold, here is how it went..... car starts at 1500 revs. drops to 1200 revs after 2 mins and temp rises to first mark. revs at 1000 revs after 4 mins and temp nearly at 2nd mark. temp just passes 2nd mark at 6mins. air filter sounds like it is gulping for air every so often ranging from 5-10 seconds, not too loud but can hear it if you stick your head at the air filter (typhoon had fitted since baught the car 5 years back covered approx 30k miles). temp at 3rd mark after 9 mins and revs at 900. car at running temp after 12 mins and revs at 800, fan hasnt kicked in yet, air filter sounds normal with no gulping. fan still not kicked in yet at 14 mins, revs seem to be fluctuating but by a little amount just enough to see the needle move slightly. the above may not sound wrong, but im certain it is half of the above time to reach its running temp when out driving the car (and driving it slow) no air con and no lights where on when conducting this test, also no animals hurt haha
  20. well im not sure if you's remember that in october/november time i had to replace my cams as they where worn. well now i have another problem and it is that my car seems to be getting up to temp a lot quicker than normal, my engine management tc and vsc lights lit up but car drove normal and when i got home and had a look in the engine and reset my ecu they aint lit up since. now i have checked my oil , had an oil change just after i had my cams replaced. there is oil in my engine but its always hard to read on our dipsticks and just looks normal to how it always looks. has anybody got any ideas ? could my fan/radiator not be working ( but then would my engine not overheat ). my temp sits at the same point as it always has its just getting there a lot quicker cant hear anything bad around the engine, would my heatshield be causing it ? i have the common tinny rattle at certain revs that people say is the heat shield loose but after that point in the rev range the noise goes.
  21. Well panic over, woke this morning and went to look at car, 2 wires have snapped /broke away from my maf sensor on my typhoon, now these wires weren't stretched like the one wire at the end that is "stretched" when u fit a typhoon, so somehow these wires have came away, one was a clean brake and the other had just fell out. Car back to normal now, those with a typhoon keep an eye on your wires on the maf sensor :)
  22. Got in car all started fine, driving along in second and as I reach 2000rpm the car would judder, select 3rd gear and car was fine through 2000rpm. Come to a stop select first and try to set off, car has a fit jumping/jerking and stalls, manage to restart car but warning lights are all on and limped home. Any ideas ? Hope this ain't serious after recently spending 800+ on replacement cam
  23. My damper was picked up on my mot , slightly worn they put as an advisory, 43k miles
  24. Well garage have phoned and my car is ready to be picked up so that means the tapping was a result of a worn cam and rocker, I've missed lift , will I have to take it easy and wear the cam in or should the car be good to go into lift ? 690 in total , new cam and rockers, oil flush + new oil and oil filter , so wasn't too bad in the end although my wallet ain't looking as good and that money could have sorted Xmas pressies , cars eh ? Ha
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