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  1. Hiya im looking for a rear bumper lip for my compressor part no 76085-yw501 but can't get one direct from Toyota any ideas? thanks Tony
  2. Hiya I have assumed that removing the plug you have disconnected the clutch to the supercharger ? I have had mine corolla from new it is a bit rattley to this area. I had the oil changed at 20 thousand by toyota i had to get the oil myself it was a klubersynth product. I had to purchase a litre but only used a cup full. Did you know some of the supercharger from new were not filled with enough oil that lead to warranty claims? Tony
  3. Hiya I'm looking for a single CD player and associated wiring that were fitted to the corolla behind the gear leaver on mainly sr models and special editions like the visa. The corolla at the moment is fitted wot a cassette player. I would like to keep the original head unit and keep the car standard. I've searched ebay and numerous scrap yard etc Thanks tony
  4. bek

    Cd For 2001 Corolla

    An original on if possible with the original head unit that is part of the dash. Unless you know of any better way Tony
  5. James I've just bought a 51 plate corolla would your stereo / CD player fit mine and if so how much would you want for it Cheers Tony
  6. I've just purchased a 2001 corolla and its fitted with a head unit in the dash and a cassette player in the front console. Firstly does any one have a CD player fitted to their car could you tell me the number on the front of the separate CD player. Is the cassette player a straight swap for the CD player ? Any help will be appreciated
  7. Hope the bilsteins fit looking forward to your reply. That would be one in the eye fo mr toyota
  8. Hiya I changed the oil after 20,000 and it was black and will do the same at 40,000 taking into account a supercharger costs over £2500 Beks
  9. Hiya Just put my compressor back on the road after the winter and noticed rear Eibach shock absorber leaking. I noted earlier they were lots of faults with the shock absorbers. What should i do pay Mr toyota approx £600 for one and then wait for the others to go to? Or should i go for a coil over kit. Thoughts appreciated. Has anyone else sourced any other shock absorbers for their car if so were did you get them cheers Beks
  10. Does any one know were you can get arch trims and side skirts from For a corolla Gt front wheel drive AE82? I Know toyota do not stock these items anymore. Many Thanks Tony
  11. Hiya mate i need a rear hatch for my corolla could you tell me where the scrapyard is with the white corolla
  12. Hiya Does onyone know how to get the clock out of the centre console on a Corolla Compressor? While mines been dry stored over the winter the plastic cover over the clock has misted up . Many Thanks
  13. Can you get 98 Ron petrol for the compressor in Ireland