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    Iq Discontinued

    It was news to me :( Surprised to read that my 1.3 engine is the same as in the Yaris and Auris as I find my daughter 1litre Aygo to have more power. Do love the IQ thou so it wont be going anywhere for a while.
  2. MccLtd

    Iq Discontinued

    Just noticed on the toyota UK site that the IQ's been discontinued. Are there any unusual parts on an IQ that would make sense to sell it now? The iQ has been discontinued. To find out about a used iQ click here, or contact your local Toyota Centre. The iQ has been discontinued. To find out about a used iQ click here, or contact your local Toyota Centre.
  3. what wheels have you got now Soeley, any pictures?
  4. glad i aked this question, thanks for all your replies. Would appear then nankang's are the cheapiest (wonder why?) without changing the wheels is there a more popular size tyre that would fit the standard rims.
  5. Wow just been getting some quotes for my IQ3 tyres 175/60-16 and looking at £110 per tyre. Cant believe the prices. Has anybody had theirs repalced at a better price or can another more popular size be fitted to the rims? Cheers DAve.
  6. Well sell the Novus Blackvue, sits lovely just below my IQ mirror you would never know its there. We have tried a few in car cams and so far we find this to be the most reliable. My daughters just passed her test and we got her a Aygo blue, guess whats behind the mirror? So far a couple of customers have saved their excess with the video proof from these little devices so they do work and can quite easily pay for themselves should an accident arive thats not your fault. We created put a video demo on you tube here from one of our older car cams: http://youtu.be/zxU3bR9JzzA If your interested in one let me know and I wil sort out fellow IQ drivers a good price. Dave
  7. Hi, does this device fade the light out or just go off straight away after its delay? thanks.
  8. hi, Yes I'm looking at hooking up a intelli-light kit that turns the lights on automatically when it starts to get dark or in tunnels. I used to work for clifford electronics and have an intellilight kit still.
  9. Just went and had a look at the car and found the blue dash surround is a lighter colour but they don't know the paint code of it
  10. I used a grey plastic primer on mine, then 8m6 lagoon blue paint of which another garage has just confirmed the paint I had made up is correct. Why has mine come out so dark. ( not yet lacquered)
  11. Hi, Unfortunately I haven't got the car yet as I pick it up this Saturday. Surprise for my daughter Here are some quick pictures I took of it, sorry that there not that good but I only took them quickly. Now I'm presuming the light hasn't effected the colour that much in the Sun but when you look at the last picture that is Blue lagoon, not yet lacquered but I cant see it making it much difference lacquering it. Being this is to match the dash surround I think their going to be a bit different.
  12. The paint code toyota have told me is 8m6 and I have just taken the paint round to a body shop near me and they checked the colour and said it is 8m6 but looking at my photo of the interior of the car and the blue dash surround my colour is a lot darker.
  13. Well I just tried this and used a grey platic primer but the lagoon blue after spraying it has come out really dark. I just try spraying some onto a white bit of paper and thecolour difference is huge. So I presume Im going to have to rub it down and use a white primer and try again.
  14. Hi, I bought a rev counter of ebay and the plastic surround is greyish/black. I have bought my daughter an Aygo blue so have taken the surround off and used a grey plastic primer on it. Now I have sprayed it with Lagoon Blue 8M6 Paint and done two coats. Not having the car yet I have looked at the pictures of the interior and what I have sprayed is way darker blue than that of the car. Now I have either got the wrong colur made up or should I have used a white primer?
  15. Hi, Well finally the time is coming to pick up my daughters birthday present. I used to be a vehicle technician years ago and want to add some electrical items to the car but does anyone know whether its standard wiring or based on the cambus? Thanks, DAve.
  16. Hi, I have just bought an Aygo Blue 2008 for my daughters birthday. I'm picking it up in two weeks but just wandered if anybody has the paint code for it as I want to spray a rev counter I have got to match the blue dash. Anyone help?
  17. Well I have tried every route I can think off now but it appears physically impossible to Buy a Car from a reputable dealer for someones birthday and get it home to get it ready for a Surprise before their 17th Birthday if you put it in their name. They cant tax it without my daughter insurance certificate of which has to be dated from her birthday as she is not 17 yet, meaning the car isnt insured before her birthday. I can get it insured but again cant be taxed as the cars registered in her name. Makes you laugh when you hear about some many cars on the road not tax or insured, HOW? Ohwell, just going to be a mad rush on her birthday now.
  18. Looks as thou I'm going to have to. Wanted to fit reversing sensors and a few other bits to it before her birthday but looks as thou she will have to wait. I understand why they do it but you would think there would be an option for me to obtain it earlier by paying something.
  19. I asked my insurance company if they could insure me for a month on the car but they said no as I was not the vehicle owner. Maybe I should try someone else then?
  20. thanks for the replies. I shall go hunting and see what if I can find a aygo with fogs in a breakers yard.
  21. thanks for the reply. The only way the garage can recommend to do it is to register it in my name then transfer it over. They said it wont effect the resale having the extra owner. Never does effect ittill you go to them to do a part ex then you get less for the amount of owners.
  22. What a pain this appears to be. I have bought an Aygo for my daughters 17th (24th september) and want to pick the car up on the 10th september. Trouble is as I have bought the car and put it in her name I cannot get it insured because she is under 17 at the moment. So I asked if I can insure it but I cant as i'm not the registered owner. Toyota can bring the car to me on trade plates, but now I am being told I have to declare it as sorn and send back the tax disk. The stupid thing is its going to be picked up 14 days before its her birthday are there any ways around this? Otherwise I will then have to undeclare it as sorn, get it insured and then get the tax disk again.
  23. Thanks for the replies. Its a 57 plate Aygo Blue. Does anyone know if their are push outs for the fog lights or do I have to get a new bumper?
  24. hi, what please pm me the price for your rev counter. Also maybe able to swap the surround from our Aygo. dave. doh just read the post date.
  25. Hi, I have just purchased a 57 plate Blue 5 door Aygo for my daughters 17th Birthday. She knows nothing about it and I have 3 weeks before her birthday. Now its coming from a Toyota dealer and is in vgc but I would like to make it that bit more special. Is there anything you guys can recommend to do to it? ( I am an ex vehicle technician so electrics and panel removals are easy ) Firstly I am putting parking sensors on it but what other mods are available. I would like to put some front fogs on but cant find any info on this. Can anyone help. thanks, Dave
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