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  1. Hi, ALong with what mr.mike said about the plugs, dist. cap and rotor, do a complete tune up and oil change, try runnig a higher temp plug and wired I recommend Bosch platunims and bosch wires, Make a move to a synthetic oil, and a god air filter, depending on how much money you are looking to spend, I up graded my 88 22r efi with a k&n air induction. $240. More hp and less air reduction. Take a look at vaccum leaks also, My yota ran crappy <_< when I first got it. I t is easy to find a leak, with the engine runnig spray starting fluid over the vaccum lines, it your engines revs up fast theres a leak. Change out your fuel fitler and run a higher octane fuel.. a good tune up will only cost you abotu $100. Hope this helps you Copedawg
  2. c0ma, I agree with 57Borgward, getting a service manual is your best option. The manuals have diagrams in full detail of the parts on your truck. Your '83 looks nothing like the front suspensions of a 1986. In 1985 Toyota transformed into the more modern suspensions. 85 was the last year of the solid front axle, Now they use the independent front end. T hey made a mistake I feel. The solid front axles were much stronger and reliable.......... I hope this helps you out.. Travis
  3. I need some help on finding information on superching my rig. I have a 1988 Toy with 22r 4cyl. I currently have about 3" of lift and 33" superswampers. My truck lacks the needed power to turn the tires when driving on the highway, it is a killer taking large hills!!!!! I want more hp and torque, but don't have the time to modify with a v-6 or small block v-8. I feel a supercharger will be easier and quicker to install.... Need all the information on easiest installations and best brand..
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